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LUBP condemns bullying of Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa by pro-establishment media persons and thinktanks: LUBP condemns systematic bullying of Pakistan’s prominent anti-establishment scholar Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa by pro-ISI journalists and thinktanks via social and mainstream media. On Twitter, facebook and other forums, various pro-establishment persons including Ejaz Haider, Mosharraf Zaidi, Adil Najam, Huma
We condemn attack on Christian community in Lahore by PMLN-backed ASWJ militants: LAHORE: An enraged mob comprising hundreds of Takfiri Deobandi militants of Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) torched dozens of houses located in a Christian-dominated neighbourhood of Lahore on Saturday, 9 March 2013. The ASWJ-LeJ mob was led by local leaders of PML-N,
Nasim Zehra’s resignation, a proper class act: Related posts: LUBP archive on Nasim Zehra Context June 14, 2012: The upheaval at Dunya TV continued Thursday as Nasim Zehra, the channel’s Director Current Affairs resigned over a leaked video of behind the scene conversations of a special
This is the scum of Pakistan who call themselves liberals – by Imran Khan: Editor’s note: Here is an interesting excerpt from Imran Khan’s recent interview with India’s NDTV. Three noteworthy things in this excerpts are: (1) Imran Khan’s utter contempt for those who disagree with his world-view and politics, (2) his distinction
They used a haka to murder Salmaan Taseer: Do you know about the ‘haka’ or ‘hanka’ technique used in colonial India to hunt tigers? That’s exactly how the Punjab Governor and PPP’s central leader Salmaan Taseer was killed by the right wing and pseudo-liberal proxies and affiliates
Reality check: How many in Imran Khan’s PTI rally in Lahore?: “Imran Khan’s Lahore rally was the biggest-ever show of political power in decades.” The above and similar discourse is currently being injected in Pakistani and international media in the aftermath of a PTI rally in Lahore (30 October 2011)
Imran Khan’s Lahore rally offers no hope to Pakistan’s religious and ethnic minority groups: Related posts: Imran Khan takes over Lahore – by Riaz Malik Imran Khan ke naam khula khat – by Laibaah First of all, we congratulate Imran Khan and his PTI on attracting a sizeable crowd in their public rally (jalsa)
Marvi Sirmed takes apart Zaid Hamid and his hypocrisy in Shahid Nama: Marvi boldly confronts  Zaid Hamid and his double standards and lies on the genocide of the Baloch, Hazara, Turis and the mistreatment of Hindus in Pakistan on  Shahid Nama (talk show by Dr. Shahid Masood, 25 August 2011, Express News TV). Zaid
The Kufi Shia sellouts of the military establishment – by Laibaah: Syed Mushahid Hussain, Nasim Zehra, Ejaz Haider, Mosharraf Zaidi, Syed Talat Hussain, Shireen Mazari, Meher Bokhari and Abbas brothers: Take a bow in front of your Yazid Masters! While the massacre of Shias in Pakistan continues unabated, these establishment apologists
A rebuttal to Mosharraf Zaidi and other apologists of the military state of Pakistan – by Sumantra Maitra: Related post: Fake criticism of Pakistan army by FCS proxies First published in: The Washington Examiner (My reply to two articles of Mosharraf Zaidi in Times of India and Foreign Policy Magazine.) The dust settled.  The answer is known.  Pakistan had
Ijaz-ul-Haq Bhutto and the Real PPP: Reflections of a Jiyala – by Maula Bux Thadani: Last week, Pakistan’s Fake Civil Society (FCS) who are actually the real PPP supporters, were using Ijaz-ul-Haq (son of Pakistan’s Islamofascist military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq) to diss Babar Awan. Many of them were  inflamed that Babar Awan was representing the Government
“The blaming the victim brigade” and Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder: Related posts: Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative An open letter to President Zardari — by Shahid Saeed “Civil” Society must stop blaming the PPP: A rebuttal to Naveen Naqvi and the ‘Twitter Opportunists Club’ Here
Pakistan’s Top 5 Liberal Fascists – by Razzak Memon: Editor’s Note: Our contributer, Razzak Memon, has provided us a list of 5 whom he defines as “liberal fascist”. Please bear in mind that while we support his right to express his views, we do not agree with the
Where Ansar Abbasi and Mosharraf Zaidi converge: “PPP killed Sherry Rehman’s bill”: Related articles: Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative A plan well executed Charter of irresponsible journalism in Pakistan in 2011 It is always entertaining to witness the little asset talk of the FCS eleven on Twitter
Javed Chauhdry, a moderate and Mosharraf Zaidi, a liberal?: Governor Salmaan Taseer’s assassination by a “religious fanatic robot” and varying stances regarding this barbaric act have resulted in a new debate. Now those who are asking for Qadri’s execution via judicial process are titled as “Liberal Fascists”. Those
Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative: Related posts: The blaming the victim brigade and Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder An open letter to President Zardari — by Shahid Saeed “Civil” Society must stop blaming the PPP: A rebuttal to Naveen Naqvi and the ‘Twitter Opportunists Club’ The
To fake sympathizers of the PPP, thanks but no thanks – by Shahid Khan Khakwani: “We are sympathizers of the PPP. The party has compromised with the establishment and abandoned its workers. It abandoned shaheed Salman Taseer. Where are ‘korray khanay walay’ today?” Have you heard what urban middle class activists of Fake Civil
The Winter Establishment Tournament: Final results pending – by Brandon Wallace: So MQM finally quits the PPP-lead Coalition Government. It’s not a surprise and neither would be the role of the military establishment in nudging one of its favorite offspring to do so. As sure as night brings darkness,, the
Charter of irresponsible journalism in Pakistan in 2011: “Responsible optimism” is the catchy title of an article that I read today in my ‘favourite’ newspaper, The News (of Jang Group!). According to the byline, Mr Mosharraf Zaidi, the author of the article, “advises governments, donors and NGOs
In rejection of fake liberals of Pakistan – by Sarah Khan: The pseudo-liberal is essentially a bigot who parades under the illusion of being a liberal while pursuing a non-liberal agenda. Pseudo-liberals of Pakistan are no less dangerous than terrorists, activists and supporters of the Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Jamaat-e-Islami and Hizbut