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شام : مغرب و آل سعود کے حامی دہشت گرد شامی مسیحیوں کی نسل کشی میں ملوث ہیں ۔ یاسمین: انٹرویو : سارہ عبید ترتیب و ترجمہ : مستجاب حیدر سارہ عبید شامی نژاد امریکی صحافی اور سوشل ایکٹوسٹ ہیں،وہ گلوبل ریسرچ،منٹ پریس نیوز سمیت درجنوں نیوز ویب سائٹ پہ لکھتی ہیں۔حال ہی میں ان کی شام میں آرتھوڈوکس
IT IS MY TURN – by Agha Shaukat Jafri: This past Sunday, March 5th, corresponding with the Islamic date of the 6th of Rabi Al-Thani, an event to celebrate the birth of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was organized by a New Jersey based organization, “Muslims For Peace”;
Rep Gabbard stands apart in her informed and sympathetic views on Syria:   Over the weekend, Muslims for Peace, an interfaith organisation with a proven track record of sectarian and intrafaith inclusiveness, held the 10th Annual Prophet Muhammad Day in NJ. One of the main speakers was Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).
Mehdi Hasan: A conscience for hire:   Mehdi Hasan’s rise to prominence has been welcome in Shia circles. However, his association with the Qataris has come at a price. When Mehdi Hasan first rose to prominence around a decade ago, many in our community cheered.
مہدی حسن : جھوٹے روپ کے درشن – عامر حسینی: مہدی حسن قطری حکومت کا ملازم ہے اور یہ قطر کی حکومت کے پروپیگنڈا ساز ہونے کا ساتھ اس حقیقت کے باوجود دے رہا ہے کہ قطر شام کے اندر سلفی – اخوانی – دیوبندی تکفیری دھشت گردوں کی
A facebook discussion over Mehdi Hasan’s false Sunni-Shia binary: Ale Natiq :  served him well. populisat rhetoric seeking relevance. Sayyed Nakvisson : I had liked a similar post by him but that did not include any reference to Pakistan and there was no mentioning of “two wrongs make
Mehdi Hasan, an Uncle Tom Shia whitewashes ISIS crimes against Humanity: Credibility is the one word that is farthest from the mind when looking at the statements of Mehdi Hasan. He has build a budding career as a Taliban/Al Qaeda/ISIS apologist with the typical mixture of false binaries, deliberate obfuscations,
British Secular Muslims appreciate Nick Griffin’s distinction between Wahhabi Deobandi terrorists and moderate Muslims: Source: BSM Mr. Nick Griffin, head of British National Party and Member of European Parliament, is correct in his assessment of the threat of terrorism that Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorists pose not only to Christians, Jews, Hindus and
An Unnecessary Debate: Mehdi Hasan Obfuscates the Terrorist Problem both sides Danced Around – by Rusty Walker: These are the sites to observe an Oxford Union debate on: “Is Islam a Peaceful Religion, or a Non-Peaceful Religion?” Anne-Marie Waters | Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Mehdi Hasan | Islam Is A Peaceful
British Secular Muslims reject Mehdi Hasan’s obfuscation of Wahhabi Deobandi terrorism: Source: BSM British Secular Muslims reject apologist and obfuscating stance of British journalist Mehdi Hasan on global terrorism by Wahhabi Deobandi Islamists. Mehdi Hasan is a presenter of Al Jazeera Television and a political editor of UK version of