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An open letter to LUBP – by Samad Khurram: Mr Samad Khurram has sent a critical note lamenting what he describes as the dropping standards of the LUBP blog, and also suggesting that the LUBP be renamed as “the desperate jiyala portal as the agenda clearly is that
Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Children’s Hospital and Education Project, D.G.Khan – A welfare project by the LUBP Trust: Photo created by: Maliha Javed Ali. It is to inform all our visitors that Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) has taken an initiative towards helping poor masses. This is the very first project of the Team LUBP named as
LUBP Visitors Survey: Which political party do you support?: <br /> <a href=””>LUBP Visitors Survey: Which political party do you support?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;”><a href=””>polling</a></span><br />
PPP Leadership, Workers and the LUBP – Guest post by Naseer Ahmed (Destiny): PPP has a long history of a long lasting beautiful relationship with its workers. Its leadership did not forget, for a moment that its workers and people have primary importance. This is the reason behind slogans “Long Live Bhutto” and
LUBP needs you: We at “Let Us Build Pakistan” (LUBP) are currently expanding and restructuring our team of writers and editors. If you are interested in Pakistani politics, if you happen to fully or partially agree with the aims and policies of
The myths, the madness, and the media – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Among other things, Nadeem Paracha also mentions Hamid Mir’s onslaught against Let Us Build Pakistan in the following article: After talking of the dangerously concocted narratives peddled by the state, government, and religious parties of Pakistan that I mentioned
An email from Mr Zahir Ebrahim: 1 December 2009 To: Let us build Pakistan “We welcome your contributions to this blog whether in the shape of a letter, article or column. Please send your piece to: Please note that we will accept and publish a well-written
Irfan Siddiqi writes in defence of Dr Shahid Masood and against LUBP: Why is a key member of the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ) unhappy with LUBP (Let us build Pakistan). Did we steal his cow? Or perhaps he is unhappy since we have written against
The Plus All Formula: Let us build Pakistan: Hasan Nisar rejects the minus-one (i.e. minus President Zardari) formula, and instead suggests that all patriotic Pakistanis should support the democratic government
Zahir Ebrahim’s analysis of Hamid Mir’s attack on LUBP:     By Zahir Ebrahim Project Humanbeingsfirst.orgNovember 10, 2009To: letusbuildpakistan Ref: Let me first state up front that I have no affiliation with any political party of Pakistan, its military, its intelligence apparatus, or any intelligence apparatus in
In Defense of LUBP: Protect Freedom of Expression of Pakistani Bloggers – by Shaheryar Ali:   Shaheryar Ali Source: Sherryx’s weblog It’s a very sorry state of affairs. For more than 2 years now I have been writing about the dangers of “intellectual hegemony”, “selective radicalism” and “double discourse on Rights” being prevalent in
GEO TV: Selective Freedom of Expression – by Aamir Mughal: Guest Blog by Aamir Mughal Source:   Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, and there shall be freedom of the press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest
In support of LUBP – by Dost Manjotha: I congratulate the team of ‘Let us build Pakistan’ for thinking and writing on the right lines. Keep on the good work. A bunch of right-wing TV anchorpersons aided by some of their right-of-the-centre and some broiler chicken (types
Pakistani bloggers are united in support of LUBP – by Umair Wasi and ‘Pakistan Media Watch’: “Let us build Pakistan” has approached the “Committee to Protect Bloggers” in order to report the systematic and coordinated bullying of our blog by Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi (and other pro-Taliban anchors and journalists) in Pakistan’s capitalist media (i.e.,
Hamid Mir criticizes LUBP in Geo TV’s Capital Talk: In his popular talk show ‘Capital Talk’ (Geo TV) on 5 November 2009, Hamid Mir dedicated almost entire program to criticize the ‘Let us build Pakistan’ (LUBP) blog as well as the group ‘Critical Supporters of Pakistan Peoples Party’.
The Project IJI – Second Edition: Compiled by: Abdul Nishapuri Note: This post was bitterly criticized by Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi in an episode of Capital Talk in November 2009. Title: The Project IJI (Islami Jamhoori Ittehad – Second Edition) Alias:Mullah Military Alliance Aim:
Contribute: We welcome your contributions to this blog whether in the shape of a letter, article or column. Please send your piece to: Please note that we will accept and publish a well-written and well-argued piece even if you
LUBP supports the "Preventing Violent Extremism" program: No matter which way we turn in these troubled times it seems there is always somebody pointing an accusatory finger at us. Today it is the turn of the British, the country with which we have perhaps the closest
Iranian blogger Omidreza Mirsayafi dies in prison: Time to support Iranian bloggers: Our friend Hamid Tehrani has told us that Omid Reza Misayafi has died in prison in Iran. Omid was sentenced in December to three years in prison for “insulting” Iranian religious leaders. “(T)he reason for his death,” says Hamid,
Pakistani bloggers’ blackout on Shia killings: While Pakistani media, politicians, civil society and most of the bloggers remain focused on the Long March, NRO, political battlefield in Punjab and perhaps on certain other regions such as Gaza and Kashmir, the plight of Shias of Pakistan
Abdul Nishapuri’s Interview with The Pakistani Spectator: تعميرپاکستان The following interview was conducted by Ghazala Khan of “The Pakistani Spectator” regarding my journey as a blogger on “Let us build Pakistan”. Source: Interview with Blogger Abdul of ‘Let us build Pakistan’ Abdul, Sarah and Ahmer
An overview of Pakistani blogs: —work in progress— Here is a candid overview of Pakistani blogs. If you would like to add your blog to the list or offer a perspective on your or other blogs, or if you wish to post a list