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17 responses to “LUBP needs you”

  1. now time has to come to unite against antii democratic forces and evil right we have to defeat geo and its comparors.In pakistan there are other tv channels which offering both pictures of politics not like geo pro talban and laweyer,anti govt.I request to all democratic lover to encourage ARY, TV NEWS ONE chaneel,aaj channel talat hussein , dr.mubashir other comparer their program.we hv to sent praising emails to their best programs which competing geo propaganda and we hv to try give more ads from govt. and private institutions pro democratic companies to give more ads to these programe chaanels inshallah geo channel automatic die

  2. Taliban journalist association has corrupted some of Pakistani national songs.
    Let us see how they are singing songs of praise for
    Hamid gul and munnawwer hussain; yeh tera Taliban hai, yeh mera Taliban hai,
    Harun Rashid; maan ki dua puri hui ham ko Taliban mila.
    Hamid mir; jivay, jivay Taliban, jivay Taliban.
    Abdul qader Hassan.
    Roshan o rukhshan, nayyor o taaban, Taliban rahay.
    Imran khan; dil dil Taliban, jaan jaan talibaan
    Ansar abbassi;
    Taliban ke payare logo talibaan se payar karo.
    From these songs you can guess their love for our dear country.their hatred for people of Pakistan is
    Really deep seated.

  3. Nawaz Zardari Political Marriage
    Both partners complain about broken promises.
    Nawaz Sharif has been forced by family and family allies to dissolve this marriage but he, being a good businessperson, wants another guaranteed spouse before dissolution of this marriage.
    Both partners want to dominate decision
    making process.
    Like every traditional marriage, nobody wants to take the blame of divorce. This fact keeps them betrothed so far.
    Nawaz Sharif is longing for extra- marital relations but nobody wants to love him on his terms.
    Nawaz Sharif may end this marriage but he is looking for another spouse from same family.
    Zardari breaks the vows on regular basis but insists on keeping marriage intact for the unity of house.
    Match- making group (geo-army) believes that
    Dissolution of this marriage may speed up rape of every social contract.
    Imran Khan and Hamid Gul do not validate the marriage. They want every member of household to be raped by their favourite
    Pig-man Taliban.
    Q – League does not approve this marriage. They are missing their AVOWL spouse Musharref badly.

  4. Thanx God..after all,i found a blog where one could face and compete the double standards of the todays so called media anchors and professional dishonesty of bogus intelligentia.This also gives a golden opportunity to popularize the good policies of the sitting government and to criticize the bad ones.
    plz,,,extend and elaborate its range as much as u could.
    always remain in touch.
    awaiting ur reply most eagerly.

    Thankx & regards.
    Shahad Bhutto
    (Doha-State of Qatar)

  5. Comment by email:

    Kaleem Butt said:

    Some of the tv anchor persons and columnists from print and electronic media are spearheading a very nasty and sordid campaign against PPP led coalition Government. In both the above mentioned media, there is a tiny population which has opted for openly defending the democratic forces.Still others have adopted a toung-in-cheeck approach.All these factions should be available to direct feedback of unhappiness (to use a mild word) or encouragement according to PPP’s perspective of their presentations / writings.Most of the viewers / readers do not have access to these persons e-mail addresses or cell numbers.

    Sympathisers of PPP’s cause should be encouraged to write / call these media personalities to express their feelings of outrage / encouragement (depending on the case) and your outfit should make available requisite email addresses & cell phones of major players of the field in your blog (I hope it is not illegal). Of course no body would like to write / call Dr.Shahid Masood.This man is too far gone in his madness.

  6. mr. nishapuri or any viewer/reader having knows jamhoriat dushman shahid masood,ansar abbasi,shaheen sebhai,kamran khan,etc emails and mobile numbers,pls publish their mobile and email so we can ask these peoples why they did not respecting people mandate or votes.if suppose as per these tvanchors graph of govt down then why bultistan gilgit provinse election won by govt. inshallah azad kashmir election will also win by ppp u see this channel not gave good coverage of election also.

  7. ppp has won bye election in bultistan today still geo and online jang not publish this news only aaj tv give onlly written slides

  8. @fahad
    aoa, really nice and lucrative argument is tht v want the continuation of democracy, who dont want tht in pak,but it would be great for ppp to get rid of atleast ministers affected bt nro.
    Secondly, ppp sh really do sumthing abt the cordination amond the ministers………….as an ordinary pakistani i just want sum actual alerteness.
    Thirdly, if ppp can brg a good spokesman it would be great as fozia wahab general knowledge is same as mine although she has a good smile but it cant anwser everything, in addition if ppp would do sumthing good people will not believe in any anchor person but its strange situation whn ppp gov. Is nt doing anything solid activity to resolve basic issues n still demand the respect.
    May Allaha keep all of us safe and sound.

  9. I am so glad to find a blog/website that consists of people like Qais Anwar and Khalid Wasti. I was wondering which website actually represent pro democratic ppl of Pakistan where as where-ever I go I find ppl. that have bad blood against PPP and AAZ is a soft target for them and I see PPP guys not confronting them with the logic that I have KW and QA on

  10. I want to join you guys as I am partially agree with your agenda. I am with you guys for promoting democracy, political tolerance, peace and principal of coexistence.

  11. @ tahir Mehmood sahib

    Qais Anwar and Khalid Wasti sahib are important member of this platform . thanks for liking their work.

  12. Media has huge responsibilities, but then so do you and I. We must all try to promote secular ideas in the country so that we can live as a peaceful nation.

  13. All concerned citizens must come forwards and support tolerance and affection in the country so that would be a slap on the face of the Taliban.

  14. Media should try to playa neutral role as let us not add to the gloomy clouds that are already still above the soil of Pakistan.