In support of LUBP – by Dost Manjotha

I congratulate the team of ‘Let us build Pakistan’ for thinking and writing on the right lines. Keep on the good work.
A bunch of right-wing TV anchorpersons aided by some of their right-of-the-centre and some broiler chicken (types of Kashif Abbasi and Moeed Pirzada) colleagues have made Pakistan hostage of their pro-taliban and eventually anti-peace agenda. They are operating like a mafia who wants every government in the country to dance on their tune. They want to dictate internal and external policies of the country irrespective of whatever tunnel vision they have of the world.They can level all kinds of founded or unfounded allegations against anybody whom they don’t like owing to their personal and political prejudices. To extend their personal and ideological agendas, they want to spit unchecked firepower. But, they are so fragile that their glasshouse breaks into pieces if someone like this blog braves to throw a pebble of criticism onto them.

The gang of anchorpersons I am referring to are a pirated version of America’s Fox News. Fox News represents America’s right wing while our col-anchors (regards to Naji sahib for coining the term) represent Pakistan’s far right. But one thing they cannot comprehend is, because of their absolute ignorance about development of new media, the power of blogging and citizen journalism.

However, they have started feeling the heat of scrutiny by the blogsphere as their ringleader Hamid Mir was seen agitating against “Let us build Pakistan” in his show Capital Talk.

Adding to what is said in this blog about col-anchors, I would say people like Hamid Mir, Dr Shahid Masood and Shaheen Sehbai seem double agents, working both for national and international intelligence networks. While Hamid Mir’s embedding with the country’s intelligence network isn’t a secret, I would quote one episode of his journalism from where I started suspecting him of having international links as well.

After 9/11, the United States of America pounced into Afghanistan with all of its technological military might to fight the ill-equipped force of Taliban and other resistance groups. But, back home the Bush Administration was facing severe public criticism for using unproportional military firepower in Afghanistan.

To justify the scale of warfare being used against Taliban, the Bush administration was desperate to paint the enemy well equipped with weapons of mass destruction. And none other than Hamid Mir came to its rescue with Osama Bin Laden’s interview in which the Al-Qaeda chief was reported to be claiming possession of nuke arms.

Hamid Mir was working for little known Urdu daily Ausaf but the interview was carried in full by English daily Dawn on its front-page. Haroons’ (of Dawn Group) links with American establishment are very well know and in the past when American officials weren’t involved in micro managing Pakistan, Yousaf Haroon was used to bring American orders on difficult junctures.

Hamid Mir’s handy work published in a paper regarded in the west as the most credible of Pakistani newspapers silenced the critics of American invasion in Afghanistan because they were now made to believe that the enemy wasn’t just carrying sub-machineguns, they also had briefcase nuke arms to inflict maximum damage to American people and their interest.

Since then Taliban and Al-Qaeda have gone to the extent of even using ‘human bombs’ in the form of suicide bombers but there has so far been no incident of using nukes or even chemical weapons on their part.

Bravo … I congratulate the team of ‘Let us build Pakistan’ for thinking and writing on the right lines. Keep on the good work.



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