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The Abottabad Heist! – by Peter Hoss: Wars never end smoothly. Peace that follows takes years to stabilize. The only war the US was able to end smoothly was when choppers airlifted stranded Americans from the US embassy rooftop. After the death of Osama, many folks
Osama Bin Ladan and our performance -by Shoaib Adil:
Mr. Panetta: “They are both” – by Waseem Altaf: ISPR has gone into hibernation. Understandably, thekedar (contractor) Noor Mohammd, who built the house where Osama lived, was taken into custody. A corps commanders’ conference has also been summoned which would conduct an ex-post facto analysis of the US
Writers needed for “Friends, Not Masters II”: Related article: Fake criticism of Pakistan army by FCS proxies A reputed inter-services public relations firm is looking for senior writers to author a book titled as “Friends not Masters Part II” Background The Pakistan army has a long
Caught Red Handed -by Arshad Mahmood: This article was originally published in the ‘Daily AajKal’
For some Pakistani media, Bin Laden a ‘Martyr’ -by Bashir Ahmad Gwakh: Osama bin Laden was living in a compound just a few hundred meters from Pakistan’s leading military academy for years before U.S. forces killed him. But despite the massive evidence suggesting Pakistani complicity in his hiding, much of the
ISI assets begin their act to ensure “supremacy” of their masters: Related post: ISI Assets in action – II We have been talking about the various assets of the ISI in our media. Whether they do everything at the orders of theirs masters cannot be confirmed, however, they do feel
Pakistan: ISI rigged elections -by Inam R Sehri: On 2nd May 2011 evening, PPP ultimately joined hands with PML(Q) and offered them 18 slots in executive allocating them different assignments, mostly carrying ministreal perks. The young generation knows them little from days of Gen Musharraf when they
Osama Bin Laden and Pakistan in Perspective from the U.S. – by Rusty Walker: Related Articles: Why did ISI dispose of Osama Bin Laden? – by Mahvish Afridi Bin Laden Killed in a joint operation?? Take a Bow Mr President Bin Laden’s death, Pakistan’s counterpunch to the United States – by Shiraz Paracha
Take a Bow Mr President: Where President Zardari said to Americans he wanted the big fish *. He was right on money. He knows better than anyone else that his Military is more independent than the post war German army in Weimar Republic. He
Thank you Raymond Davis – by Mahvish Afridi: Thank you, Raymond Davis! The honour (ghairat) brigade in Pakistani media (sponsored by Aabpara) had presented CIA Operative Raymond Davis as an insult to Pakistan’s national honour and security. However, yesterday’s (May 1, 2011) surgical operation by the US
Bin Laden’s death, Pakistan’s counterpunch to the United States – by Shiraz Paracha: After losing the 2004 presidential elections, US Senator John Kerry said that one video message of Osama bin Laden cost him the presidency. Days before the 2004 elections, bin Laden in a video message urged the US public not
Pakistan: ISI ousted Bhutto? – by Inam R. Sehri: Now a days much proclaimed news in the media from Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yusaf raza Gilani that ‘we are with our ISI; their functions and operations have government backing’ (Ref: media news of 28th April 2011). Till the recent past
How to identify (fake) liberal proxies of Pakistan army in mainstream and social media?: Preamble Commenting on the state of pro-establishment journalism in Pakistan, Ayesha Siddiqa once said: Today, we face a state of military hegemony: political, economic and intellectual control. Today, there is not a single university in Pakistan or a young
Utter shame PM Gilani and Rehman Malik: It is utter shame how Prime Minister Gilani and Rehman Malik have been behaving like a ‘Devil’s Advocate’. More than two hundred young men from Parachinar have been camping outside the National Press Club in Islamabad for the past
People of Parachinar can not believe Rehman Malik any more: رحمان ملک کے ٹل پاراچنار روڈ کھولنے کے جھوٹے وعدوں پر یقین نہیں کیا جا سکتا، یوتھ آف پاراچنار اسلام آباد:اسلام ٹائمز۔ پاراچنار کرم ایجنسی کے عوام رحمان ملک کے مزید جھوٹے وعدوں اور بیانات سے دھوکے میں نہیں
Ex-ISI men likely behind 26/11 attacks, says Athar: ISLAMABAD: Military spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas has hinted at involvement of retired ISI officials in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, but categorically denied any role of serving spies. The ISPR chief, in his interaction with the visiting delegation of Indian
Choking off Pakistan-U.S. relations? – By Arif Jamal: As U.S.-Pakistan relations continue to deteriorate, Pakistan is in the process of redefining its relationship with the United States. The official statement from Pakistan’s foreign ministry on Wednesday in response to a drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal areas, just
Fake criticism of military establishment: Related posts: Fake criticism of Pakistan army by a budding writer Fake critical letter to ISI chief by Ejaz Haider We have seen a new trend in the past few months that some people or forums known for supporting
Love You George:ISI Chief – by Anas Abbas: Dearest George Washington: I am writing this letter to personally congratulate you on your heroic efforts for working towards the independence of the country that has vastly benefited us over the past 60 years. By the way, your country
Shah Mahmood Qureshi Shaheed, Nishan-e-Haider – by Hakim Hazik: Source: Justice Denied Note: This post was written in February long before Raymond Davis’ release after a settlement between CIA and ISI facilitated through Saudi Arabia and PML-N. Our history if full of martyrs who have made the ultimate
ISI and PML-N’s role in Raymond Davis’ release – by Javed Chaudhry and Ahmad Noorani: Related article: Aapas Ki Baat: ISI plays a major role in the Raymond Davis release Army, ISI, Punjab CM played the main role – by Ahmad Noorani Source: The News The Chief of the Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez
Aapas Ki Baat: ISI plays a major role in the Raymond Davis release: It’s not a secret anymore that the Pakistani security and intelligence establishment facilitated Raymond Davis release after the spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) succeeded in working out new terms of engagement with the CIA for operating in
Raymond Davis Affair: A Sorry Saga: By now we all know where this would led to, Davis is somewhere in US, enjoying his new found freedom. Cue the Ghairat brigade to make some more noises, hyperboles and such. Eventually because it was all done by
Raymond Davis release: “All is well” when it comes to Saudi Arabia: ’رہائی میں سعودی عرب نے کردار ادا کیا‘ صوبہ پنجاب کے دارالحکومت لاہور میں دو پاکستانیوں کو ہلاک کرنے والے سی آئی اے کے اہلکار ریمنڈ ڈیوس کی رہائی پر پاکستان کی سیاسی و مذہبی جماعتوں کی جانب سے
Raymond Davis Saga: Everybody was Looking For The Happy Ending – by Shaista Aazar: In Pakistan, Hamid Mir and Javed Chaudhary have been conferred with the title of “Moderate” by none other than Mufti Hanif Qureshi, the man who incited lunatic Qadri, (the lone wolf as per the  anti-American lobby) to take law
Raymond-Diyat: Raymond Davis, Blood Money and ISI’s Shariat – by Ali Sher Mussali: Related articles: Dare you not oppose the sharia law in Raymond Davis case – by Fawad Manzoor LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis Now it is very obvious for all people of Pakistan that Raymond Davis’s case was actually a
Another extension for the ISI chief – By Ayesha Siddiqa: Related article: ISI Chief’s extension: Another bad decision in offing? Another general gets an extension and most of the media scrambles to justify the move. It was comical listening to alleged experts argue on the basis of their scant
License to kill US nationals in Pakistan: Jang Group takes the lead in inciting hatred: In which country names, passport numbers, visa type and validity of visas of people are accessible to “journalists”? It happens only in Pakistan. Our very dearest, Ansar Abbasi, is one such journalist who has access to all sort of information
ISI Chief’s extension: Another bad decision in offing?: Related articles: General Kayani’s extension as army chief: A bad decision Mohsin Baig’s Online-International News Network: A news ‘agency’ you can trust! A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable According
ISI leaks to their media team: “Running short of Patsies; need more Raymond Davises” – by Azaad Mir: Related article: On the so called ISI-CIA rift on the Raymond Davis issue It seems that Aabpara and its media division (Geo, ARY, AAj etc) have realized that breaking the news of Raymond Davis being a CIA operative can
On the so called ISI-CIA rift on the Raymond Davis issue: Related articles: General Kayani allowed US special forces to secretly operate in Pakistan WikiLeaks unmasks who are our real puppet-masters? On Declan Walsh’s latest scoop: ‘Raymond Davis is a CIA spy’ LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis The Raymond Davis
Diplomatic duplicity on the Raymond Davis saga – by C. Christine Fair: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Raymond Davis The following article by C. Christine Fair differs from the typical, one-sided,”ghairat-obsessed” analysis that have appeared in the local press and seeks to go beyond the conspiracy-theory laden clichés that are so generously provided
On Declan Walsh’s latest scoop: ‘Raymond Davis is a CIA spy’: Related articles: LUBP archive on Declan Walsh On the so called ISI-CIA rift on the Raymond Davis issue Foreign journalists in Pakistan: Embedded in the narratives of military establishment Yesterday, Declan Walsh published two stories in the Guardian (20
Clarity in the Raymond Davis Incident – by Rusty Walker: On the face of it, the Raymond Allen Davis incident would appear to be a simple homicide investigation of a double murder, or double shooting, by an American clandestine operative in Pakistan. There would be additional investigation into two
Aabpara phobia: An unedited conversation with Riaz Toori: Related post: Abdul Khaliq Hazara and other ISI’s touts within Shia Muslims Editor’s note: The purpose of this post is to highlight our independence as a blog. While we do not conceal our support for the Pakistan Peoples Party,
Defeating the “Forces of Paganism”: Former ISI Chief Hamid Gul blends Pakistani nationalism and Islamic revolution – by Andrew McGregor: The retired former chief of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI), Lieutenant General Hamid Gul, is one of the most controversial political figures in Pakistan. Despite his once extremely close ties with the American Central Intelligence Agency during the Soviet
Lahore shooting by Raymond Davis and “the legal issues to settle”: Some questions for Ejaz Haider: Once again, Ejaz Haider’s choice of topic and narrative is strikingly similar to the topic and narrative chosen by Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir etc, something which has forced me to write this post. First of all, I must thank
Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and human rights: An interview with Asma Jahangir: Q. Intelligence agencies in Pakistan are functioning without any law supporting their creation and functioning. Do you think that this a major reason for the involvement of intelligence agencies in human rights violations? A.Well, yes, this is one of the
General Kayani explains his position on WikiLeaks via Haroon-ur-Rashid: Related article: Kayani dictates talking points to “free media” A number of key writers in Pakistan’s Urdu and English press have been recently ‘tasked’ to repair the image of the GHQ and General Kayani. The notable amongst them are: