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Iranian FM Javed Zarif’s interview by Hamid Mir highlighted economic opportunities that must be capitalised: In FM Zarif’s interview to Hamid Mir (himself a vicious sectarian bigots whose anti Ahmadi prejudice is a matter of record), Pakistan got a glimpse of the economic possibilities that could result with a non-aligned policy. Standing in the
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif’s detailed interview with Hamid Mir was a study in contrasts:   One cannot imagine a similar narrative of reconciliation from a Saudi prince with poor academic qualifications. In comparison to the sectarian drivel of Saudi despots and their clerics, Iranian FM Zarif’s interview was an appeal to reason and
PML-N govt diverts IP pipeline funds to cover fiscal deficit: The previous government had imposed the GIDC on gas consumers to generate the $1 billion needed to finance the construction of the IP gas pipeline. CREATIVE COMMONS ISLAMABAD: The PML-N government has seemingly put the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project
پاک ایران تعلقات اور نواز حکومت – از انور عباس: پاکستان کے انتخابی نتائج کو ہمارے ہمسایہ ممالک میں بڑی باریک بینی سے دیکھا جا رہا ہے۔خاص طور پر برادر اسلامی ملک ایران میں بڑی تشویش کا اظہار کیا جا رہا ہے۔ایران کی قیادت پاک ایران گیس پائپ لائن
درست قدم اٹھا یں – از منیر احمد بلوچ:   Source:
PML-N’s opposition to Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is a perfect example of sectarian bigotry and anti-people pro-Saudi agenda: Pakistan’s ruling party PML-N has issued a policy statement on its facebook page indicating their intention to scuttle the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project and also showing their Saudi-inspire sectarian colours. Thanks to the Saudi-Nawaz anti-people agenda, they want us
Signs of things to come: Nawaz Sharif begins his journey with a half truth – by Mahpara Qalandar: Nawaz Sharif will not be third time lucky, you can rest assured. Forget about the arrogance which dripped from his semi-prosthetic head down to his peacock-like walking legs. Forget about the inanities of resolving public issues he has been
First step towards implementing Saudi agenda: Nawaz Sharif decides to abolish the Pakistan-Iran pipeline project: Saudi Arabia and its lobbyists in Washington D.C. made plenty of unfair uproar against the Pakistan-Iran pipeline agreement. Now it is evident that Saudi-backed pro-Taliban PM Nawaz Sharif has decided to annul the pipeline project and is crafting
Iran-Pakistan pipeline: A significant step forward – by AZ: This Monday, Iranian and Pakistani presidents inaugurated the construction of a much-delayed section of a $7.5bn gas pipeline linking the two neighbours. The two leaders unveiled a plaque before shaking hands and offering prayers for the successful conclusion of
Unfair uproar against Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline: Shame on Saudi lobby in Washington D.C.: According to diplomatic sources, Saudi Arabia is currently pushing Islamabad to abandon its plan for importing natural gas from Iran. Riyadh is also believed to be concerned over a recent move by Tehran offering crude oil to Pakistan on
Regional Strategy against Terrorism – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
How Irani Muslims celebrated the birthday of Imam Hussain (a.s.), grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: Two suicide bombings at a mosque in southeast Iran killed more than 20 people Thursday, including worshippers and members of the Revolutionary Guards, state media reported.The attack came as people celebrated the birthday of Imam Hussain (A.s), grandson of
Interview: Dr Gulfraz Ahmad, Former Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas: Source Newsline Magazine (May 2010): The Iran-Pakistan pipeline agreement, inked in March, is the latest step Islamabad has made in the long-running negotiations with its neighbour over the trans-boundary flow of compressed natural gas to this energy-stressed nation. By