Unfair uproar against Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline: Shame on Saudi lobby in Washington D.C.

Saudi Arabia is key sponsor of Takfiri terrorism in Pakistan and other countries

According to diplomatic sources, Saudi Arabia is currently pushing Islamabad to abandon its plan for importing natural gas from Iran. Riyadh is also believed to be concerned over a recent move by Tehran offering crude oil to Pakistan on long-term deferred payments.

Previously Saudi King urged US strike on Iran and failed in that attempt. King Abdullah repeatedly asked America to attack Iran to stop its nuclear programme. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/150519

Saudi lobbyists in Washington D.C. are currently trying to drag the United States into this affair in order to help the country build the global Salafist-Wahabbi hegemony in Pakistan as it is currently trying to establish in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Indonesia, Afghanistan and other countries.

Tehran is reaching out to Islamabad in an effort to neutralize international isolation in the wake of US economic sanctions over its nuclear program. Once again, the international hype about Tehran’s nuclear program has been created by Saudi lobbyists in Washington, London and other Western capitals, who want to spark an Iran-Israel war in order to get millions of Jews and Shia Muslims killed by each other. Saudi Takfiri Salafists and Deobandis are vehemently against Sunni Sufi (Barelvi) Muslims, Shia Muslims, Jews and other groups.

Iran has not only offered to fund the Pakistani side of the pipeline but is also willing to support a number of other projects to help the country meet its energy requirements. Pakistan, however, is under tremendous pressure from Saudi Arabia and Saudi lobbyists in the U.S. Recently, President Asif Ali Zardari delayed a scheduled trip to Iran.

We reject this type of anti-Pakistan, anti-Iran approach by Saudi Arabia and those Americans who are blinded by the Saudi lobby, which shows, proves and represents Saudis’ biased, sectarian and short-sighted approach. If this is so then why Saudi Arabia always has been saying this from a long time that Pakistan is our brother Islamic country whereas this is or has been unaffordable for Saudi Arabia to see Pakistan a sovereign, real independent and self-reliant country. Bear in mind that it is not Saudi Arabia that is speaking the USA’ language, it is the other way round, i.e. USA talking to Pakistan in Saudi’s language.

On a not so unrelated not, Pakistan has been bleeding from Saudi blessings for decades. It would be wise to cut its dependence on Saudis and balance energy and security needs. Instead of bowing to the Saudi pressure, Pakistan must Saudi King to find the sources that are sending money to the extremists (Takfiri Deobandi-Salafist) ideology in Pakistan and abolish them.

Pakistan must ask for Saudi help in reversing the radicalization it initiated and funded for Afghan-Soviet war in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It must initiate the clean-up and try hard to stop the support of any Pakistan Islamic parties, groups, persons or institution sof any kind who’s activities result in violence or disturbance of peace. Saudi Arabia has total power over Taliban and Sipah Sahaba and their agendas and ambitions. Pakistan can not allow any more for its land to be used to promote Saudi global hegemony in AfPak and Kashmir. We have our own tolerant Sufi traditions of Islam in the subcontinent in which Sunni and Shia, Muslim and Hindu live together in peace. Saudis must be told we have paid more than our share of foreign battles on ours and neighbour’s grounds with our blood and heavy social cost. That our generations will remain hostage for the decisions Pakistan has made.

Saudi kingdom is a country with no principle on one hand they will support Bahrain to suppress an uprising supported by more than 80% of Bahrainians on the other hand it will fund the Syrian Al Qaeda to overthrow the Government. It is a kingdom which is both anti-Semitic and anti-Palestine. The Saudi Kingdom should not be listened to. As Islam says have good relations with your neighbours. Iran is a neighbour we need to have good relations with for our own prosperity, growth and peace.

The dilemma is all Pakistan parties, PML-N, Sipah Sahaba, Jamaat Islami, Jamaatu-ud-Dawan, Taliban in particular, get funding from Saudis one way or another. Who is going to stand-up to them? PPP is too incompetent and scared, army is hand in glove with Deobandi militants. Not much hope in the land of the pure!

Source: Adapted from facebook, ET comments



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