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اداریہ: عمارتوں ،سڑکوں کے نام اقلیتی مہان شخصیات سے منسوب کرنے سے تکفیری دہشت گردی کے خلاف فتح حاصل نہیں ہوگی: جماعت احمدیہ پاکستان کے مرکزی دفتر واقع ربوہ (چناب نگر) ضلع چینوٹ میں انسداد دہشت گردی پولیس ڈیپارٹمنٹ نے انٹیلی جنس ایجنسیوں اور ایلیٹ فورس کے اہلکاروں کے ساتھ چھاپہ مارا-دفتر میں موجود لٹریچر، لیپ ٹاپ،کیمرے اور دیگر دفتری
Hollow and token gestures are meaningless in the struggle against Takfiri Terrorism:   So Pakistan’s Saudi stooge prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is enjoying another bout of biased media adoration for simply naming a wing of the Quaid e Azam University after the country’s leading physicist and sole Nobel prize winner, the
Muslims in the world of Modern Science – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: Thousands of years ago, it was a golden era of Muslims in terms of science and education. 800 AD to 1100 AD was a time when Baghdad was well-known for its scientific knowledge and inventions. A large number of
Happy birthday Dr Salam – Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Did you know that in 1940, when the 14 year old Abdus Salam cycled back to his home from Lahore, after receiving the highest marks ever recorded in the matriculation examination, his entire hometown of Dawood Nagar, Jhang tehsil,
In her own country, Deobandi extremists mourn the Nobel Prize to Malala Yousafzai:   “Today, Ludhyanvi, Ashrafi, Mufti Naeem, Taqi Usmani, Fazloo Deobandi and Fazlullah are mourning while Pakistan celebrates. ‪Malala Yousafzai‬” Where are the Conspiracy Theorists? Is Malala winning the Nobel Prize also part of ‪”The Script”‬? (Read London Plan Conspiracy
Maybe Pakistan did not deserve him at all – by Mohammad Jibran Nasir: Maybe Pakistan did not deserve him at all. “”It is funny how we keep on talking about the potential of Pakistan. How we imagine Pakistan to become a developing country and spearhead the world in terms of research and
ایک عظیم سائنسدان کے ساتھ ہم نے کیا کیا – از وسیم الطاف: یہ تحریر وسیم الطاف صاحب نے انگریزی میں لکھی تھی اور ویو پوائنٹ آن لائن کی ویب سائٹ پر شائع ہوئی۔ ۔ ہم اس کا ترجمہ یہاں پیش کر رہے ہیں کیوں کہ ہمارا خیال ہے کہ یہ اہم
Remembering Dr. Abdus Salam -by H. A. Khan: Editors note: We received the following information from social network and would like to publish this. The information is about a documentary project on the great Pakistani muslim scientist, the late Professor Abdus Salam. We encourage all our readers
Thwarting Religious Cleansing in the Muslim World -by Farahnaz Ispahani & Nina Shea: Physicist Mohammad Abdus Salam was the first Pakistani and the first Muslim to win a Nobel prize in science. His discoveries continue to dazzle the world as demonstrated by the verification last summer of a theory to which Salam
A dream come true: A tribute to Dr. Salam -by Ammad Khan: He was one and only, who won the noble prize for his country. But he also was the one whose country did not recognize him. He was the one on whose death, whole world of science mourned on this
In memory of Dr. Abdus Salam – by Zeeba Hashmi:     The sea breeze. waving over a land called Trieste, yet tidings of home, made less known to us. for a man who marked his footsteps there, as the world salutes his legacy. Dr. Abdus Salam, Dr. Abdus
The UN General Assembly confers the prestigious UN Human Rights Award on the late Benazir Bhutto: Our heroes and heroines ON Wednesday, the UN General Assembly conferred the prestigious UN Human Rights Award on the late Benazir Bhutto. Her son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, received the award from the UN Assembly chief Miguel D’Escoto Brockman. Benazir
The genius of Jhang: Dr Abdus Salam: …….The genius of Jhang: Dr Abdus SalamBy Ahmad Faruqui (Daily Dawn) EVERY October, the Nobel Academy announces the names of individuals whose genius has earned them its coveted prize. The winners are awarded the prize by the King of