A dream come true: A tribute to Dr. Salam -by Ammad Khan

He was one and only, who won the noble prize for his country. But he also was the one whose country did not recognize him. He was the one on whose death, whole world of science mourned on this great loss. But he was also a man whose grave was defaced in the most barbaric and shameful way in his own country. He was the man for listening to whom, the students would wait for nights outside the lecture hall. He was also the man who was denied (They said, we will break his bones if this Kafir will deliver lecture in our University) to deliver a single lecture to students of his own country. He was the man who was known as Professor Dr. Abdus Salam, the Einstein of Asia, the noble laureate, the man of peace and the mystic in the world. But he was also the man who was only and
only known as a Qadyani, in his own country.

The video below is a tribute to the passion, commitment and struggle of Dr. Salam to build ICTP, International Center of Theoretical Physics, where scientists of the third word can come and conduct research of highest level. Making of ICTP is centainly one of the greatest miracle in the history of science. Let us pay our heartiest tribute to Salam on his 86th birthday.




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