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Lies and half-truths on Balochistan – by Ejaz Haider: The situation in Balochistan is throwing up lies and half-truths. While partisans can’t be trusted with truth, what about some so-called libs whose favourite pastime is to find fault with the state without offering viable policy solutions? Let me put
There cannot be justice without freedom – by Dr. Zafar Baloch: Dr. Zaffar Baloch, the president of Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada  delivered his speech in a conference called “Mining (in)justice: at home and abroad” organized by Community Solidarity Response Toronto (CSRT), it was held in Toronto-Canada from May
In response to Declan Walsh’s article on Karachi’s deadly divide – by Shaista Aazar: Sheen Alif is as an avid LUBP reader who has written this piece exclusively for LUBP. He maintains his own blog titled “Backbenches”. I am writing this post after reading a recent article by Declan Walsh, the Guardian correspondent
Murder of Mir Nooruddin Mengal, central leader of BNP-Mengal: After the tragic murder of Habib Jalib Baloch, the Baloch nation, BNP (Mengal) in particular, have lost another of their proud sons. Mir Nooruddin Mengal, a central leader of the Balochistan National Party-Mengal, was gunned down in Kalat town,
On Pakistani Navy’s forced Impounding of Baloch’s Land in Turbat – By Aamir Hussaini: Source: Daily Aajkal
Baloch columnist and lawyer Ali Sher Kurd martyred: It has become a trend in Balochistan that weekends arrive with the news of a death of a big figure in Baloch movement by the intelligence agencies and Pakistan army. Although in weekdays Balochs of any status are disappeared
Objectives of Pakistani Conspiracy Theorists – by Anas Abbas: Objective 1. To denigrate Baluchistan’s resistance movements and to present a picture where the blame of all Baluch sufferings go to foreign elements even though the real culprits are the Punjabi elite and the Pakistan army for their military
The shocking neglect of Baloch flood victims – by Jumma Marri: The unprecedented monsoon clouds which seemed to have become static over Balochistan created unparalleled havoc with lives, properties and livestock. Oddly the droughts here are equally severe but they certainly are not because of the US program HAARP with
Rehman Malik, who do you represent? – by Imtiaz Baloch: While Rehman Malik statements regarding the peace process in Balochistan of threatening aggrieved Baloch elements of using more force was responded by the sensible Baloch political leadership as Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal and Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo,  Newspaper
Wronged souls don’t vanish: an obituary of Zaman Khan Marri – By Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur: Zaman Khan Chalgari Marri, a practicing lawyer, was kidnapped on August 19, along with another lawyer Munir Ahmed Mirwani from Quetta. On September 6, his mutilated body was found in Mastung. He leaves behind an inconsolable wife, seven daughters,
Flood Devastations: “No Federal Assistance for Balochistan”: QUETTA: Focal Person for Flood Relief Operation in Balochistan, Provincial Minister Prosecution Ms Rahila Durrani, has said Federal Government did not provide adequate assistance to flood affected people of Balochistan and all the relief and rescue efforts are being
The international Day of Disappeared and the missing Balochs – by Imtiaz Baloch: The International Day of the Disappeared on August 30 is an annual commemoration day created to draw attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned at places and under poor conditions unknown to their relatives or legal representatives. In Balochistan,
26th August: Remembering Nawab Akbar Bugti: No single date left such a lasting impression on the society and politics of Balochistan like August 26th, 2006. It was, no doubt, “Balochistan’s 9/11”  when the province’s former governor and elected chief minister Nawab Mohammad Akbar Khan Bugti
The great Baloch martyr – By Sanaullah Baloch: The world watched incredulously as Pervez Musharraf declared war on Balochistan, and particularly, on Nawab Bugti. Tanks rolled into Dera Bugti and other parts in January 2005, prior to the so-called attack on Musharraf in December 2005 in Kohlu
Looking beyond the calamity – by Imtiaz Alam: Indeed the natural and no less man-made calamity of the floods is still continuing across Pakistan. The scale of devastation is so horrendously huge and still so incalculable that no government or agency of any capacity could cope with
Importance of a robust peoples’ movement in Punjab against the Punjabi Ruling Elite – by Asim Jaan: I wrote this in response to the recent heinous killings of Punjabis travelling on a bus near Sibbi in particular and the general racial hatred being carried out in Pakistan. I strongly condemn the killing, not only this incident but all
Review Zakir Majeed Baloch’s abduction and illegal detention- by Ali Baloch: When on 8th of June, 2009 Mr. Zakir Majeed, Visce Chairman BSO(Azad) were accompanied along with his friends Mr. Waheed And Mr. Basit were on way proceeding from Parangabad market to his friend Mr. Abdul Waheed house situated at
Floods and the Existential Threat – by Adnan Sayed: The existential threat comes from disowning the democratic structure, giving up on it and looking yet again for another instant messiah in face of tremendous adversity and hopelessness. We were wrong in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s when
The Dominoes of Balochistan- by Peter Chamberlin: The day must come when sanity prevails in Balochistan, no matter which side proves to be acting in a rational manner. Pakistan is in a very bad way.  By most standards of measurement, it is a failed state, or
After Habib Jalib – by Alia Amirali: Published in The Baloch Hal By Alia Amirali When I was asked to do a write-up on ‘Balochistan after Habib Jalib’s assassination’, I found cynicism bubbling up inside of me. Balochistan appears in the media only after death and
Uncoverings Of The Flood : Balochistan Govt’s Inaction : Are We Nurturing The Deprivation In Balochis?- by Hafsa Khawaja: “Balochistan has a history of bearing the brunt of feudalism, the chameleionic political scenario and  the extreme natural calamities of flooding and drought, both which blow the remaing normalcy of life there into smithereens. Latterly, Southern Pakistan has been hit
Reconciliation between Pakistani nationalities – by Shahid Ilyas: This article is exclusively written for the LUBP by our valued reader and member of the Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum (PPF) Shahid Ilyas. We are thankful to him for sharing his thoughts with us on this very important issue. (aliarqam)
Balochistan after Habib Jalib’s murder – by Jan Assakzai: Increased militant activities mean renewed conflict with the army, even marginal could lead to defensive measures by the BLA and an escalation of violence in Balochistan.
Army and Baloch separatists are responsible for violence in Balochistan: ’ٹارگٹ کلنگ‘ کے واقعات میں تیزی کیوں اعجاز مہر بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد پاکستان کے شورش زدہ صوبے بلوچستان میں قومپرست سیاسی رہنماؤں اور کارکنوں کی ’ٹارگٹ کلنگ‘ کے واقعات میں حالیہ دنوں تیزی نظر
All Baloch shouldn’t be tarred with same brush – by Cyril Almeida: ISLAMABAD: A week ago, a war of words between the National Party and BNP-M on the one side and insurgent groups demanding independence for Balochistan on the other erupted out in the open. According to the Baloch Hal, an
‘1,101 Baloch missing since 1992’ – report of the Baloch Unity Conference in Karachi: Around 1,101 Baloch have gone missing since 1992, a leader of the Baloch Unity Conference (BUC) Majeed Baloch said at a seminar on the Case of Missing Persons of Balochistan held at the Karachi Press Club on Tuesday. “This
Baloch separatists’ views on BNP and other pro-democracy Baloch parties: Source: BUC
BNP leader Liaqat Mengal shot dead. Culprit? ISI or Baloch separatists?: KALAT: Liaqat Mengal, a senior BNP Leader and former District President was shot dead in Kalat on Tuesday. Police sources said three unidentified armed bike riders attacked him when he was on his way to Kalat city. Mengal died
Silencing the Moderate Voice: with thanks: THEBALOCHHAL By Rashed Rahman The assassination of the moderate nationalist, secretary general of the Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M), Habib Jalib Baloch, in broad daylight in Quetta reflects what may be an emerging pattern in the conflict-ridden, largest
Baloch Nationalists Leaders mourned in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A condolence reference was held in Peshawar Press Club for the Baloch leaders Habib Jalib Baloch Secretary General BNP and Maula Bakhsh Dashti of Natinal Party who were mercilessly assassinated in Balochistan few days ago.  The reference was arranged
I cried for Jalib – by Malik Siraj Akbar: Published in The Baloch Hal Finally, I have no option but to delete 03003823908 from my cell phone. This was the phone number I often used to dial or get calls from. “late” Habib Jalib, secretary general of the
بلوچستان میں سیاسی ہلاکتیں: ٹائم لائن: Source BBC Urdu یوں تو صوبہ بلوچستان میں گزشتہ چند برسوں میں اہم سیاسی و سماجی شخصیات کے علاوہ سکیورٹی فورسز، اساتذہ اور اقلیتوں کے بےشمار لوگ مارے گئے ہیں لیکن سیاسی شخصیات کی تفصیل کچھ یوں ہے۔ دو
Senator Habib Jalib Baloch gunned down- by aliarqam: QUETTA: Central Secretary General of the Balochistan National Party (BNP) and former senator Habib Jalib Baloch has been killed in the provincial capital on Wednesday. Moscow-educated Jalib was a prominent Baloch intellectual and a former chairman of the Baloch
LUBP condemns assassination of BNP-M leader Habib Jalib Baloch: Former senator and Baluchistan National Party Mengal (BNP) leader Habib Jalib was shot dead on Saryab Road in Quetta. Habib Jalib was ambushed by unidentified gunmen on Saryab Road. He was taken to the Civil Hospital Quetta where he
Fashionable dreams in turbulent Balochistan: with thanks : Dawn QUETTA: Mehtab Kanwal embroiders a women’s tunic, dreaming of a prosperous future as a fashion designer with a boutique – albeit in one of the most turbulent and forgotten parts of Pakistan. Kanwal’s dream just
Balochistan: a ticking bomb – by Salman Latif: If today I endeavored to draw a parallel between East Pakistan and modern-day Balochistan, I’m sure it’d be a well-founded one. With the way the central governments have been playing denial to the rightful plights of the Baluchis and
Mullah Omar won, Khawja Sharif lost – by Imran Waseem: Lahore High Court in an amazing decision yesterday ordered to ban what is called internet these days, citing the presence of sacrilegious material on websites. As long as specific sites containing sacrilegious material are banned, the decision would be
Now Pakhtuns’ targeted killings in Balochistan – by Jan Assakzai: Source: Pakistan Press google group First published in: The Frontier Post, 20 June 2010 As it were not enough for the problems of Balochistan, Pakhtuns’ targeted killings have started in Baloch-dominated areas of the province. This menace has the
Abdel Malik Rigi’s execution: Does it call for protests from BNF? – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: We at LUBP have discussed the implications of not sentencing terrorists thoroughly in the recent past. Abdel Malik Rigi – the now  executed leader of Jundullah, was arrested in a daring, high altitude operation by the Iranian forces and
Shaitan is smiling in Balochistan – by Peter Chamberlin: Here is a special contribution to the LUBP by our friend Peter Chamberlin of the No Sunglasses blog. It is nearly impossible for the outside world to really know what is going on in Pakistan, which probably explains why