Baloch Nationalists Leaders mourned in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A condolence reference was held in Peshawar Press Club for the Baloch leaders Habib Jalib Baloch Secretary General BNP and Maula Bakhsh Dashti of Natinal Party who were mercilessly assassinated in Balochistan few days ago.  The reference was arranged by the National Party Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province which is led by Said Mukhtar Bacha Advocate. Rahat Malik a well known political figure from Balochistan and a central leader of National party was the chief guest on this occasion. The reference was also participated by the leaders and workers of different political parties and representatives of the civil society organizations.

Rahat Malik was thankful to all the participants for organizing such a reference and showed their solidarity and sympathies with Baloch nation. The assassination of Baloch leaders Habib Jalib, Secretary General of Balochsitan National party, former Senator, and Supreme Court lawyer, and Maula Bakhsh Dashi National Party central leader and former Nazim reflect the genocidal mindset of State authorities in Pakistan. This brutal act is clearly pushing Baloch moderates and progressives voices to the wall, and endorsed the claims of Baloch militant organizations that Islamabad doesn’t recognize the Baloch rights on their soil. If Pakistani Sate or other has not spared the Leader like Habib Jalib how they would be treating rest of the population. This act is highly cowardice and condemnable but it can’t stop Baloch people from seeking their rights. Violence always begets violence. If it is done by the forces within Baloch it is also condemnable. It is also condemnable that Baloch Sepratest are killing innocet Pakhtuns and Settlers in Baloch area.

Dr. Said Alam Mehsud, a Pashtun nationalist and a central leader of Amn Tehrik said that killing of political leaders and activists is the worst of crimes and such negative step and we all political people should come together to foil such conspiracies. The Pakistani establishment is very cruel and its negative and anti human tactics can never be successful. Such killings will create a new spirit among the workers who will start the national work with greater enthusiasm. The movements can not be eliminated with either killing or frightening.

Said Mukhtar Bacha Advocate eulogized the services of the Habib Jalib and Dashti. He said that they laid down their lives for protecting the national cause of Baloch nation. He also demanded for the arrest of the killers and an exemplary punishment as per law of the land. He also said that Pakistani establishment is very strong and its force is used against its people. This establishment has also teased the entire world. We do not understand the philosophy behind it if there is any. All political forces should get united to protect them and their people interests. He also said that people like Habib Jalib and Dashti are born once in centuries.

Arbab Muhammad Tahir of ANP said: we strongly condemn the assassination of the political leaders of Baloch National Movement. Killing and assassination can not be used to solve a problem. Pashtun are also facing menace of terrorism and our leaders Arbab Sikandar Khan Khalil and Dr. Khan Sahib were also killed.

Shamim Shahid President Peshawar Press Club said that those who had killed Dr. Najibullah Khan, Abdul Ahad Karzai. Khan Abdul samad Khan Achakzai, Sardar Nauroz Khan, Nawab Akbar Bugti and other Pashtun leaders they also killed the Baloch leadrs.Only in Waziristan several hundreds Pashtun Mashran were ruthlessly killed. Faridullah Khan, Mirza Alam Khan, Malik Khandad etc were the prominent among them who were killed by the terrorists in target killing. FATA is being burnt and terrorists have taken its control. The ongoing war is for capturing the resources and it has no relation with the religion.

Arbab Mujeeb of PMAP on this occasion said that they strongly condemn the killing of Baloch by the cruel hands of Pakistani cruel and ruthless establishment. We are with Baloch nation in their hour of the trial and tribulation.

Ameer Khan General Secretary Pakhtun Democratic Council condemned the killing of Baloch political leadership saying that killing of political leadership is a custom in Pakistan but establishment should not do it as without political people whom they would talk to. This is inhuman and a negative act which Pakistani establishment has been doing. He also urged upon the people to force the establishment to stop meddling in affairs of the others countries like Afghanistan and India. Afghanistan is home of the Pakhtun and Pakhtun are not ready to see it unstable and weak. We love to see a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. The establishment of Pakistan will have to change its foreign policy against Afghanistan.

Idrees Kamal of National Party said that we strongly condemns this brutal act of barbarism and demand arrest of the killers. He said that all Political parties and forces should get united to wage a war against the wrong doings of this country. We need to get together and create an atmosphere of love, tolerance and patience. He also lauded the services of the assassinated Baloch leaders.

Ijaz  Durrani a representative of the civil society organizations and a close friend of the slain Baloch leaders said that those who work for the promotion of peace in region and support the national cause then they are killed which is astonishing for us all.

Engineer Haider Zaman a progressive political worker said all democratic, progressive and nationalist people and parties should get united on one plate form and to save the rights of our people.

On this occasion Asad Afridi Advocate said that assassination of political people is condemnable and Baloch and Pashtun can foil the conspiracy of anti people and anti democratic forces. We condemn the killing of  baloch leadership.

Courtesy: Amn Tehreek (Peace Movement)



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