Shaitan is smiling in Balochistan – by Peter Chamberlin

Here is a special contribution to the LUBP by our friend Peter Chamberlin of the No Sunglasses blog.

It is nearly impossible for the outside world to really know what is going on in Pakistan, which probably explains why the most closed-off part of Pakistan’s tribal regions, Balochistan, has been chosen for the final act of the terror war/drama (SEE: ‘Final Solution’ Frenzy – Part Four: Final Solution for Pakistan).

If news from the Baloch National Movement (BNM) website can be believed, then major military operations involving “80 trucks carrying soldiers, 40 armoured vehicles, artillery, 8 gunship helicopters, and 20 water supplying tankers” are well underway there.

Those of us who write about the convoluted situation in Pakistan, like to believe that we can sometimes move governments with our keyboards.  That is probably a false belief, in most cases, but the operation in Balochistan appears to be a reaction to the work of the investigative journalists of Turkestan’s News Central Asia (NCA).

Since the areas involved  in this operation match the triangular zone delineated by NCA, it is logical to assume that the report and the military reaction are related.  What remains undetermined at the beginning of the op is whether it is Pakistan trying to prevent a planned incursion by American Special Forces or the Pak Army clearing the way for an American incursion.

Are Army troops really eliminating American-backed Baloch terrorists or they simply creating a situation that will justify the full-scale removal of witnesses and the complete militarization of western Balochistan?  (See NCA report:  The Stunning Investigative Story on the Birth of Balochistan Liberation Army )   The following report from the source of the military assault report screams the answer for us, U.S. urged to intervene: Pakistan military operation in Mekran! Staying faithful to the psyop pattern set by the United States long before the terror war began, every so-called “Islamist uprising” creates the conditions for American intervention.  This war will be no different.

“The American Friends of Balochistan has condemned the Pakistan military offensive against the hapless people of Mekran and urged the U.S. authorities to intervene in the matter.

In a letter sent to U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Her Excellency Anne W. Patterson, the A.F.B. regretted that U.S. gunship helicopters were being used against the people of Balochistan.

The Pakistan military is killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand it is clandestinely supporting the Taliban and al Qaeda and on the other hand it is crushing the secular movement in Balochistan to attain its long-term objective of defeat of the U.S. and N.A.T.O. troops in Afghanistan.”

The so-called “friends,” the leaders of the Baloch separatist movement, want to invite the puppet-masters to invade Pakistan in order to save Balochs from America’s puppets.  Neither Pakistan nor the province of Balochistan need friends like these.

The clock is ticking for Pakistan, just as it is in every targeted nation.  The deadly machinations against humankind, which normally play-out in secret have burst into the open in that beleaguered state.

Freedom loving people everywhere, and those who choose to serve the will of the living God, should say a prayer for the people of war-battered Balochistan.  As if they haven’t had it rough enough already, now they have emerged as the main arena of conflict in this sick charade/tragic comedy, known as the “global war on terror.”  (This has never been a war on terror, because it has always been a war fought using terrorism.   All sides have employed state terrorism as their primary weapon.)  The reason for the dire situation now unfolding in Balochistan is that the two principle sources of contemporary state terrorism, the United States and Pakistan and their proxy terrorist armies are being brought together in a decisive conflict to determine the fate of Pakistan itself.

Balochistan and Pakistan have only one chance for survival–that is, for all the honest moral citizens of all Pakistan to see this thing clearly and come to a common understanding about the dangers they face.   Through this common understanding and the shedding of former delusions about the state, national unity of purpose will arise.   That is the one thing that is vital in defeating the divide and conquer tactics that are being deployed against you.

The Baloch people have so far been bound by tribal delusions and violent state reprisals.  Your leaders have been working against you, misleading you with visions of “Greater Balochistan,” using your history as a weapon, to keep you bound to the past, even while your vision is clearly set upon achieving future freedom from the evil of the state.  You have been fighting to free yourselves from the police state, as all freedom-loving Pakistanis should have been doing since the beginning.  If only Pakistanis of all faiths, or no faiths, had simply stood together as you all once did in India, to resist the evil of the state (the remnant of the enforcement/control mechanism erected by the British Crown), then none of these strategic mind games would now be possible.

As it is now, all of you, must think of Pakistan, the beautiful life-giving country–NOT seeing the divisions erected between you by Pakistan, the police state.  You are all good people, despite everything that you hear which denies this fact.  Balochistan, “Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa” and the rest are simply the seven or eight states of Pakistan (like America’s 50 states).

Ideas of “greater” Balochistan or Pakhtunkhwa are just manufactured delusions, brought to you by the master plotters of the CIA. This American war will not produce either of these elusive phantoms (which will require the destruction of Pakistan and Iran), unless you hand victory to the very state terrorists who have been the driving force behind your recent sufferings.

Calls for American intervention in any of these manufactured conflicts, that are now raging in Pakistan, are asking the puppet-masters to save you from its bad puppets.

Calls for American intervention are music to Shaitan’s ears.



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