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Media blacks out Shia suffering in its Eid coverage: Ikhtiar Hussain One of the rituals Pakistani media does on every Eid is to give coverage to those who for some reason cannot celebrate the festival of Eid like other Pakistanis. This year too, the media showed a few
Has Arab-sponsored Salafism infiltrated Baloch struggle?: Ikhtiar Hussain If you look at it: the rise of the UAE, especially Dubai, is proportionate to the fall of Karachi. You may not believe it today, but the fact is that Karachi used to be as significant a
Zardari performs hajj and umras around anti-Shia Islamofascists at OIC meeting in Makkah: Ikhtiar Hussain Related posts: Comparing Imran Khan’s and President Zardari’s statements on Shia massacre at Babusar Pass President Zardari must break his silence on Shia genocide In Makkah, President Zardari set new records of his love and verbal opulence
Ignore this ISI dork!: Ikhtiar Hussain I think the people at LUBP have gone overboard condemning Sheikh Rasheed for calling upon the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhy to “Kill the Bastard,” i.e., President Zarrdari..  As if Chaudhry Iftikhar, the bootlicker of the generals, has
Amnesty International: An Instrument of War Propaganda?: By Felicity Arbuthnot Global Research, August 8, 2012 Source  Amnesty International has released satellite pictures of “craters” in Syria, citing : “an increased use of heavy weaponry, including near residential areas”. The BBC reports, quoting Amnesty: “Images from Anadan
Zardari’s complicity and hypocrisy will bring him the fate of his hypocritical, heartless father-in-law: Ikhtiar Hussain When in my previous article ( I called Zaradari “Yazidi,” every liberal blogger of note went mad denouncing me for saying so. I would not have cared despite the countless abusive e-mails that I got. I live
Shia genocide and the Urdu media: by Ikhtiar Hussain If you read newspapers or watch TV, the good news is that over thirteen hundred years of sectarianism in the Islamic world have come to a marvelous conclusion. No Shias are being killed anymore. Do not
Asif Zardari and the Shia genocide: Related posts: Pakistan’s Shia Muslims reject President Zardari’s false assurances Extremists using Shia Genocide to defame and destroy Government and Pakistan – by Farhad Jarral By Ikhtiar Hussain The contemporary wave of Shia pogroms in Pakistan started with the
Injustices Iftikhar et al, the Rottweilers of Aabpara, take a big bite off the PPP: By Ikhtiar Hussain Injustice Iftikhar might have been barking when he read the verdict against the Gillani who as prime minister represented 180 million people of Pakistan. His arrogance and sense of victory over Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was
Did Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Shia killer, die of AIDS?: Prince Nayef who won great notoriety by killing thousands of innocent Saudi Shias, has mysteriously died. No serious illness was reported. In fact, he was shown only 3 days ago greeting his guests in Geneva where he had been
Suo motu galore: Iftikhar Chaudhry’s paranoid insanity: Ikhtiar Hussain Yet another suo motu! This time, it is against Mallik Riaz. Yes, “Chief Sahib” has issued suo motu warrants against Riaz Mallik for posing three questions which are indeed three allegations about his complicity in the corruption/extortion
The Devil quotes from the Scripture: So does Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry: By Ikhtiar Hussain It was what his toadies proudly call him “Chief Sahib” who gave the ruling last year that no judge would sit in for a case where there was even a suspicion of a conflict of interest.
CJ Gate: The Rs 400 sage: This is what happened – by Ikhtiar Hussain: LUBP exclusive The efforts to make peace with Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry started in the very beginning of January 2009. According to a source, some PPP troubleshooters were of the opinion that Justice Chaudhry’s track record as a hopeless