The Devil quotes from the Scripture: So does Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry

By Ikhtiar Hussain

It was what his toadies proudly call him “Chief Sahib” who gave the ruling last year that no judge would sit in for a case where there was even a suspicion of a conflict of interest. But when shove came to push, “Chief Sahib” proved that he is yet another corrupt, shameless Pakistani judge. In the past, he has shown his shamelessness and contempt for the laws of his own making. He gave a ruling that no retirees should be reemployed. He chided the PPP government for trying to do so, but in the same breath he ordered that his fellow corrupt accomplice Justice Ramday (who got plots in Islamabad in violation of law) should be reemployed. He forced the PPP government to do so. And later he forced the government so reemploy the Registrar of the Supreme Court. So much for the “Chief Sahib,” the so-called ‘Man of Principle’!

But he is so insecure, because he has a lot to hide, that he decided to hear the corruption case who only accused is Dr Arsalan, son of “Chief Sahib”. When a few human rights activists protested, “Chief Sahib” did what Iblis/Lucifer is best at doing: “Chief Sahib” brought a copy of the Koran to the court and said that, “Now everything will be done in the light of the Koranic injunctions!” He also said that he would hear the case of his own son’s alleged corruption with his hand on the Koran. What a shame! Even a most incompetent student of law will know that law is blind to emotional arguments. In law, it is the evidence which matters and not shouting and sloganeering of a Bollywood-style villain who has raped a woman, but swears in the court that he has done nothing.

But the Islamo fascist media of Pakistan went crazy with joy. Some of the voices said:

“The Koran has won again!”

“Chief Sahib is an Allah-fearing Muslim!”

“Justice Chaudhry has proved how pious he is!”

“He will give justice to his son with his hand on the Koran!”

By making emotional appeal to the people of Pakistan (and promoted by the partisan media), our “Chief Sahib” has been able to convince only those who have always been convinced by him. He has yet to respond to the allegations of corruption leveled against him by the advocate Naeem Bokhari.

And now, “Chief Sahib” is scored another point with the people: He has withdrawn from the case. He must have realized that his fraudulent swearing on the Koran id not wash with the people. But it is a clever move indeed. He will be pulling the strings of his subordinate judges while hiding in the wings. These judges have amply proven their puppet-poodle credentials, and now they will obey their master like faithful dogs. ‘Justice’ will certainly be served to Dr Arsalan and “Chief Sahib” will once again come out the winner.

“Chief Sahib” must resign if a fair trial of Dr Arsalan is possible. But he will not. He is not only shameless, he has an agenda of his own. If he resigns, who will take unqualified care of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi? Who will set free the likes of Mallik Ishaq? Who will get Nawaz the Brain Dead Sharif the prime ministerial slot? And finally: Where will we find another Dr Evil of Pakistan?

(Ikhtiar Hussain is a human rights activist who lives in Bronx in New York. He can be contacted at:



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