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Manaqabat “Ali ke Saath Hay Zahra ki Shaadi” exploited by Mubashir Luqman: agenda promote blasphemy law & war with Geo: Editor’s note: This is a timely article. Sunni and Shia lovers of Ali a.s. and Fatimeh a.s. should ask themselves a simple question before becoming a tool for Mubashir Luqman’s war against Geo and his deputization by Mullah Lidhanvi to promote wider
Rebuttal to views expressed by Ahmed Versi in the programme “Behind the Headlines” broadcast on Friday the 31st: The importance of being historically correct should only matter when the voice is a voice of reason; not that of an apologist. Political differences can be appreciated however, not at the cost of insulting our martyrs.Words have the ability
AWAZ UTHE GI : Join The Largest Anti-Terrorism Campaign: Awaz Uthe Gi is a collaborative campaign by the youth of Pakistan to demand an end to the rampant terrorism in the country. The terrorists are well known;and so are those aiding and abetting them; whether they hold political
Freedom Not Free People: We are in a war we refuse to own. At whomsoever’s behest,whatever temporary gain lured us; we entered the war-enter we did.A reluctance to shrug it off as ‘coercion’,the excuse that it is the burden of past dictatorships/democracies will
Wreckage: One day I will find that vacuum that can contain the fury of my tears. The space that will not corrode with bitter truths I cannot yell. Of all the helpless voices rising above the clattering clamoring din- and
I seek the wounds that make me whole: We are all seekers of a Truth. Some of us are weary, some for lone, some enthusiastic, some energetic. Some truths are like an addictive poison, the more you drink the more you desire, all the while it’s murdering
Conversations: No Place for Words: We are a nation whose emotions are at the helm of our skin,not deep beneath the surface. Pain paints it’s strokes just as visibly as the hues of hope-eyes are truly windows to the soul, but most often what
A humble request: ‘Unmask these men’: I’m writing an interview that I did way back in 2009 of a young girl who suffered terrible injuries from the International Islamic University blast on the 20th of October at 3:09 pm. Her words are pertinent even today.
Karabala: A Love Story: It is not possible God,for broken hearts to break more. Yet it breaks and shatters leaving me thinking its million pieces are now finer than grains of sand and yet there is a way even those unbreakable pieces break
Drones: Never has naivety been so becoming upon a nation.: When sovereignty is understood in it’s most limited definition & the narrowest interpretation possible,policy mimics that of other nations sacrificing benefits of it’s own people.Validation and justification of such policy is based on starry eyed conviction that if the
Domestic Violence: take a stand against this oppression too.: He struck her with the bat. She falls to the floor in a heap. “Stand up.I SAID STAND UP.” Another series of blows. “Stand up! I said STAND! I wasn’t even the height of the bat when I got
20 legtimate reasons to kill the Shia.: There are 2 types of people in the world, brother. Those who are rightly guided. Those who are astray. The First kind of people are few in the world.But they can be found in droves in Pakistan.How you ask?
A candle’s tears: like pearls on a petal.: The breath taking beauty can silence one’s pain,filling you with awe & stunned peace .Majestic, mighty rolling mountains with snow capped peaks that glisten in their royal glory. Some thick with trees & some bare to the wisp of
Buried Alive.: Perhaps this is the anguish the families feel doing their best to “survive” after ASWJ,LEJ and the Taliban have left them in a colorless world.Perhaps after reading this, we can empathize with such survivors.It is based on what I
A quiet resilience in my heart.: Yesterday was a day of solidarity of the Peshawar church blasts. Islamabad did me proud as the youth of all faiths and backgrounds were represented.We formed a human shield outside the Church, we showed the true picture of Pakistan.We
Pakistan: Carousel of horrific incidents forever on play: My thoughts on yet another blast in Pakistan. See as the pages turn, the story remains the same.Relentless.The one word that consumes and devours,though not substantial or sufficient yet  has a capacity of containing to an extent; misery,grief and
Taliban: How dare you brandish human flesh with demonic beliefs and call it religion?:     I  initially wrote these few lines for the christian man Boota Masih that was slaughtered  in the name of “blasphemy” and people watched but did nothing. Spectators like the time of the gladiators; they waited with bated breath and