Pakistan: Carousel of horrific incidents forever on play

My thoughts on yet another blast in Pakistan.


See as the pages turn, the story remains the same.Relentless.The one word that consumes and devours,though not substantial or sufficient yet ┬áhas a capacity of containing to an extent; misery,grief and pain.Life seems to be weaving intricate pattern after pattern of pain.Nightfall hasn’t just absorbed the the sun, it’s swallowed one more day of hope. Each exhale hasn’t just shortened ┬álife spans, it ‘s elevated misery too.

And those that were the champions of change have morphed into beasts defending murderers .Rivulets of hope slide down anguished faces;the dust of expectations,desires and optimism fall in folds to the floor.

Clearer than before.Exactly what you thought.Exactly what you saw.