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Drone attack on a terrorist camp in Kurram agency kills at least 30: Why do not our own intelligence agencies / ISI / Army/ Air Force / Police route out such terrorist / jihadi/ sectarian camps? Thank you Obama for cleaning the dirt of the ISI/Taliban duo in Pakistan.
A review of Khaled Ahmed’s “Sectarian War: Pakistan’s Sunni-Shia Violence and its links to the Middle East” – by Khalid Hasan: Sectarian conflict looms over Pakistan, says study By Khalid Hasan Source: Daily Times, May 14, 2007 WASHINGTON: Sectarian violence marked by the Shia-Sunni conflict threatens to engulf Pakistan as the current century gets underway, predicts a new study released
Pakistan’s Shia Muslims remain subject to attacks by Al Qaeda, Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba: Terrorists of Taliban cum Sipah-e-Sahabah kill one Shia, injure another and kidnap three
Almost one million people of Parachinar remain stranded for more than a year by the criminals of Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba & Al-Qaeda: Appeal for help to the international community PESHAWAR: Delay in reopening road delays return of peace to Kurram By Zulfiqar Ali PESHAWAR, Oct 23: Delay in reopening of Thall-Parachinar Road despite an agreement, reached between the warring tribes of
Sectarian Strife Paralyzes Life in Pakistan’s Kurram Tribal Agency:: By Imtiaz Ali Pakistan’s Kurram Tribal Agency has been at the center of sectarian Shiite-Sunni conflict for decades. The area witnessed bloody clashes between the two rival sects of Islam long before the arrival of the Taliban phenomenon and
New peace agreement in Kurram Agency and Parachinar: The Jirgah is silent about the presence of terrorists belonging to Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba: Agreement kindles hope of peace in Kurram By Bakhtawar Mian ISLAMABAD, Oct 16: A grand jirga of Kurram Agency has brokered a peace deal between warring sectarian groups in the region. Under the agreement, the two sides agreed to
Parachinar Massacre of Innocent Shias and Sunnis: Designed and Implemented by Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba: Parachinar Massacre Warning: Graphic Images By: Ali Imran (July 2008) So I was waiting for months (considering this has been going on for months now) to see if someone will start a thread on this issue or not as
In Pakistan, a Shia-Sunni war to oust Taliban: Nirupama Subramanian, The Hindu, Sep 03, 2008 According to Shia leaders and independent analysts, the Taliban control the Sunni tribes in Kurram and want to battle the Shias until they have control of the region. Kurram is not the
Sectarian war in Parachinar: A Sunni-Shia clash has killed 30 and wounded 130 in Parachinar, the major city of the Kurram Agency on the border with Afghanistan. The Sunnis accused the Shia of having hurled a hand-grenade at their central mosque in Parachinar
Taliban-backed Bangash tribesmen attack Toori tribe in Parachinar: 95 killed in Kurram Agency clashes * More than 200 injured as Taliban-backed Bangash tribesmen attack Toori tribe * Tooris retaliate with support of local tribal militia, capture opponent headquarters in Bugzai * Taliban launch suicide attacks on tribal
Parachinar and Kurram Agency: A human disaster: A human disaster As the electronic media intensely debates issues like probable candidates for the presidency and restoration of judges, the people of Kurram agency continue to be besieged by Taliban and Al Qaeda militants who want nothing short
Who is supporting the Taliban’s imposed blockade of the innocent people of Parachinar.: Please watch the following two programs on Parachinar and Kurram Agency. The people in Parachinar are desperately begging the Pakistan Government to send its security forces to save them from the genocide they face at the hands of Taliban
Taliban Besiege Pakistani Shiites in Parachinar: The New York Times Report PESHAWAR, Pakistan — It was once known as the Parrot’s Beak, a strategic jut of Pakistan that the American-backed mujahedeen used to carry out raids on the Russians just over the border into Afghanistan.
State supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the siege of Parachinar: There is ample evidence that certain pro-Taliban elements in the State of Pakistan are supporting the siege of innocent people of Parachinar by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists. The Shia and Sunni population of Parachinar is being punished because
Genocide of indigenous people of Parachinar, Kurram Agency in Pakistan by Taliban: Source: ZEEST Development Organisation 2008/5/11 18:19 code:108632 Currently, over half a million of people residing in Kurram Agency of tribal areas of Pakistan are facing a catastrophic genocide due to the complicity or ineffectiveness of the Government of Pakistan