State supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the siege of Parachinar

There is ample evidence that certain pro-Taliban elements in the State of Pakistan are supporting the siege of innocent people of Parachinar by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists. The Shia and Sunni population of Parachinar is being punished because they have refused to provide safe havens to the operatives of ITaliban/Al-Qaeda to conduct their terrorist activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Just look at situation in Parachinar, where jihadis are coming in from other tribal agencies to massacre the people (mostly shias). Pakistan Army has refused to intervene to diffuse this situation because of its obviously pro-Taliban tendencies.

Militants enter Kurram from North Waziristan;

By Our Correspondent (Dawn)

PARACHINAR, Aug 16: At least 36 people were killed and 39 others were injured in daylong clashes between two warring groups in different parts of the Kurram Agency on Saturday.

There were reports that a large number of militants had entered the agency from North Waziristan spreading the fight to more areas.

The two groups have been using missiles, mortar shells, machineguns and rockets against each other as intense fighting continues in Jelamy, Bagzai, Sadda, Balish Khel, Khwar Kiley Sangina, Para Chamkani and Pewar areas.

Despite a 72-hour deadline given by Prime Minister’s Adviser on Interior Rehman Malik clashes were continuing on full scale.

The 18-month old conflict between the two groups has destroyed peace in the agency.

The Parachinar-Peshawar road is closed for 11 months, cutting off some 500,000 residents from the rest of the country.

In addition to food items, Parachinar town is also facing a shortage of medicines. At least two children died as they could not be administered required medicines.

A former MNA from Kurrum, Munir Said Mian, called upon the government to provide food items to displaced and affected people.

According to reports, the militants who entered the agency from North Waziristan set two villages on fire.

Addressing a news conference, a community leader Allama Nawaz warned of dire consequences if the outsiders were not stopped from killing people.

He said the deadline set by Rehman Malik to stop fighting was a mockery of the rule of law. He demanded that the government should take action against militants coming from Sadda, Qayyum Pir, Bagzai, Shasho and Bagan areas.

Some comments:

diamondcut Says:

I belong to that area and unfortunately majority of the people are illiterate.Both shia and sunni are jahil and the wording they use against sahaba (nauzubillah).Shia cursing Umar (rta)and sunni cursing ali (rta).I remember 10 years ago,the fighting started because two students in a school(shia & sunni) had an islamic argument.The prinicipal intervene and he scolde both of them.The sunni guy went home and told his parents that shia prinicipal scolde him.His father killed principle and it was the beginning of yet another 40 days war in which estimated 1000 people were killed.Although in newspapers it was reported as usual that few hundred were killed.
The main hands behind the whole conflict is :


1.Supported Heavily by Iran / financially & militarily. Tehreek Jafria is creation of iran;

2.Northern Alliance in Afghanistan(Under the Umbrella of NATO)


Supported heavily by saudis to promote Wahabism, Sapa Sahaba ,Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were creation of Saudis & Kuwaitis

Unless and until we do the operation like it was done in Nawaz Sharif 2nd term,when all the criminals were terminated.We would see this getting played over and over.The sad thing is outsiders are playing their politics on pakistanis.Its pakistanis who are getting killed over some one’s politics.

KhanBaba Says:

I am some how agree with diamondcut about the problem Parachinar ,Kurram Agency. I belonged to Sunni Qiqihar, and lived with my parents there for a lot of time. I will tell you here that fact that majority of shia are educated but unfortunately majority of Sunni are uneducated. they are more doing business there. Some shia who are less educated are may be involved to say some thing bad about Sahaba, But not all the shia. But on the other hand there are some Sunni fundamentalist who are defending Yazeed rather Hussein. there are two fighting on the slogans of Yazeediat and Hussaniat. Here i dont know why some Sunni( Sepah e sahaba) are in favor of Yazeed, Yazeed who was enemy of family of prophet. This last fighting is because of this that some Sunni there were shouting Shahadat Hussein murda Abad. and the person who did this was named some how EID Nazar who are also telling him self Yazeed Nazar. why? and this Guy is most responsible for this fighting.

Your this comment is i think unfair rather. as NATO is helping. But I have witnessed Taliban and Alqaeda elements in that elements and its was told me by one Intelligence captain who was my colleague.

God bless Pakistan and its should get rid of this terrorist(Taliban) who are working for international agenda …

diamondcut Says:

Regarding NATO,I said Northern Alliance(Under the Umbrella of Nato).
In last operation heavy Arms were caught (Made in USA).So who has the access to US weapons?Plus they are being deployed around border region to stop infiltration.And we all know how Pro Indian Northern Alliance is.8 Indian Consulates around the border region fueling this situation further.

KhanBaba Says:

Dear diamondcut,

I am sorry to disagree with you. You should agree on one point that in lower kurram there are elements so called taliban. These elements are made by America and are still used by America. You allegation may not be true, It may be that those people has not got support from other areas that is why bought some weapons from Afghanistan for the sake of safety .but about taliban type people, its true that they don’t want Pakistani stability, if not then why they are targeting common people of Pakistan rather than America.

One thing more You are from that area then What do you think as We as sunni should say any thing about Shahadat e hussain or some thing in favore of Yazeed.?.. I am Sunni Muslim But fact is fact. All of my shia friends are against those who say bad against Ashab e rasool. They think that these type of shia are anti muslim peoples.

diamondcut Says:


US has got into this place after 9/11.This abuse against Sahaba(rta) was happening way before US invasion on Afghanistan.I know main parachinar people are educated but its surrounding areas full of people(shia &sunni) who have very little knowledge about islam.And over the years they have been brain washed by 2 groups

1 Shia group lead by Iran,tehreek jafria fudamentalists mullas
2sunni group lead by saudis,uae ,sapah sahab and lashkar-e-jhangvi

And now question about twist to this conflict is Taliban Factor….
There word “Taliban” has been abused so much that now a days there are atleast 15-20 groups in fata & pata.

Taliban is not organized force and hence therefore open to infiltration.
They are filled with most wanted criminals from all over pakistan and afghanistan.And uzbak taliban specially most notorious faction under the umbrella of “Taliban”.And then as usual there is different sect of taliban groups pro devbandi,pro brelvi and so on…..

The most difficult thing these days in fata & pta is, to find out who’s working for whom or is it just a criminal group…

Parachinar & hungu have same issue,the conflict starts from its surrounding areas and they are the one who bring the conflict to the city.

To me the only solution is:
To start full military operation in the whole area,and completely disarm the whole area.Seal the border…and support the locals against talibans.

Because after operation,military abandons that place and then those talibans come and kill those people who help govt cleaning them up in the first instance.
Off course there will be a bloodshed.But as one PA said,in order to make omelette you have to break some eggs.

But this will never happen,because Pakistani govt won’t want to weaken their baby “Pro Govt Taliban,fighting in Afghanistan”.Thats why they are creating hurdles in the way of ANP.ANP will never be given access to FATA.

KhanBaba Says:

@ diamondcut

You are right that this area was very best as compare to other agencies of FATA. I am from south of NWFP and i have traveled all of the fata. But this area was the best as i have not seen any person with weapon. People were going to schools as in Islamabad.

The best thing is for you people of that area to find out the bads why not from your side. The same from other side of the sect. There should be good link and understanding between the educated society. There should be societies which are from educated people and people who wants peace. These people should work to find those who don’t want peace.

Its not ok to blame other rather should pinpoint those who are being used by external forces and we should not back those culprits even they are from our own sects. The incident of Convoy was really shame for Muslims even those are not human being ..they are beast…we should stop this type of beast.

Best regards
Best of luck



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