Genocide of indigenous people of Parachinar, Kurram Agency in Pakistan by Taliban

Source: ZEEST Development Organisation

2008/5/11 18:19

Currently, over half a million of people residing in Kurram Agency of tribal areas of Pakistan are facing a catastrophic genocide due to the complicity or ineffectiveness of the Government of Pakistan to establish the rule of law in the Kurram Agency.

These people living in the Kurram Agency on the Pak-Afghan Border, are the indigenous population facing the wrath of the extremist militants known as Taliban across the region. The crime of these indigenous people is that they do not subscribe to the ideology of Taliban.

Parachinar is the headquarter of the Kurram Agency, one of the FATA agencies in the North Frontier areas of Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. This agency is surrounded by other tribal agencies where Taliban and their supporters have strong hold. But they still have to take over the headquarters of Kurram Agency to establish their complete rule in the region. Violence is their major tactic, including shooting down straight away, beheading or lynching to death. Most of their opponents either have left the areas or submitted to Taliban rule.

The world has become alive to the grave threat of the terrorism to the civilised world since the attacks on the twin towers of New York on 11 September, 2001. But the terrorism perpetrated by those very forces which are now identified as Al-Qaeda and Taliban, is not new to several areas of the tribal belt, known as Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). It has been playing havoc since the 1980s when the Western world had complicity colluded with the “Mujahideen” to wage a covert war against the Soviet forces that had occupied Afghanistan.

The Mujahideen, with their extremist Islamic worldview, continued to perpetuate in Afghanistan, as well as in Pakistani tribal areas even after the withdrawal of the Soviet forces from Afghanistan. Later, they surfaced in the form of the Taliban and took over the whole of Afghanistan. Their counterparts in Pakistani tribal areas also tried to impose the Taliban brand of Islam in these areas, but faced resistance from the local people of Parachinar Kurram Agency.

The Taliban have been killing and plundering the villages around Parachinar and pose a grave threat to the existence of its indigenous people. It’s only people of Parachinar who have been guarding their “Taliban-free” character, and that’s the main reason that the Taliban are bent upon destroying these local people. It’s Parachinar which has got the highest literacy rate in the tribal areas where girls also go to schools, something the Taliban do not tolerate!

These indigenous people of Parachinar had been subjected to many attacks since the 1960s, but now, since 2007, not only the people of Parachinar have been attacked by the Taliban several times, roads coming to this town have also been blockaded by Taliban and their supporters. The Pakistan Government has been complacent or actively complicit in the whole affair on the side of one party, the Taliban, who through violent means are trying to increase their control over the Kurram Agency.

In April 2007, 60 people were killed when Taliban attacked the Parachinar city. Later, the authorities imposed a curfew and no one was allowed to move in or out of the Parachinar town for over two months. This was the first indication of the Taliban infiltration in the Kurram Agency. The Taliban want to use the Kurram Agency like other bordering towns and areas to carry out their insurgency along with Afghan Taliban across the border against the Kabul Administration and NATO forces.

However, the peace loving people of Parachinar opposed the Taliban who had become infuriated and had started taking revenge for their failure by attacking, blockading, kidnapping and beheading innocent people to terrorize their opponents. Since then, there has not been a single day when violence has not struck the Parachinar valley. In November 2007, the Taliban and their supporters, again, attacked the people of Parachinar. This attack left 75 people dead and over 300 wounded. Since then, there has been no reprieve for the people of Parachinar.

Due to the complicity of the minion officials of the local security agencies, and ineffective policies at the higher level, the Taliban were so much emboldened that they started attacking in front of security forces. On 16 April 2008, a convoy of 20-25 vehicles accompanied by the security forces, including the Pakistani Army, was attacked by the Taliban at a town known as Sadda, which falls on the main road between Parachinar and Peshawar. Four people were killed of the convoy, but the security forces remained silent, perhaps they were not ordered to take any action against the Taliban.

Organized ambushes and attacks aside, the Taliban also carried out two suicide bomber attacks on the people of Parachinar, one on 14 August 2007 and the other on 16 February, 2008, killing 15 and 58 people respectively. It has also been ascertained by the local people of Parachinar that as much as 40 people were slaughtered on different occasions from the only main road link between Parachinar and Peshawar. The Taliban last year took over a contingent of Pakistan security forces spared all of them but beheaded one of them. His only crime was that he belonged to Parachinar.

Recently secondary school examinations were postponed by the Pakistan government because the authorities were not able to maintain law and order situation in Kurram agency. But students in a very unusual way came out on the road and demanded for the holding of exams because they did not want to waste their academic year. Pakistan authorities later restored the examination schedule. But during the examination, two students of village Alizai of the Kurram Agency, were kidnapped by the Taliban. One of them was shot dead straight away, while the other was slaughtered by them at a grave of one of their dead collaborators near village Bagzai.

Moreover, during the same period, the Pakistan Army also killed two local people who were returning to their home. An ambulance carrying patients to a Peshawar from Parachinar was attacked with a rocket-propelled gun by Taliban on a main road. This resulted in the death of seven people including several women. Nowadays Taliban have started target killing of the people of Parachinar who are living, studying and working in Peshawar and other cities of the country. The Pakistani government, as well as its army failed to take any action against Taliban to stop the killings of innocent people. Locals say that the Taliban are being supported by Pakistani government which has given them a free hand for some other gains best known to the authorities.


There is only one road that links Parachinar and the Kurram Agency to Peshawar which stands blockaded by Taliban and their supporters since April 2007. There is no other land route which can be used to travel to Parachinar from other parts of the country. This blockade has caused numerous calamities which are discussed briefly below:

Basic commodities and food items such as flour, sugar, oil have become almost extinct. If available they cost five to six times higher than the normal rates.

Resultantly people are now starving; Medicines and relief items, which are extremely important at this stage as region was engulfed by the deadliest war by Taliban for the one year, are vanishing fast. Resultantly the death toll is increasing day by day; Students stranded in Parachinar cannot travel to their colleges or universities for their education. This would cost them their education and loss of academic year(s). Their education and career are adversely affected by the blockade;

The employees who are working in different parts of the country, the prospective students, who want to get admissions in other cities and attend interviews, the businessmen who have businesses in other parts of the country and many more are suffering very badly from economic as well as educational loss;
More than 10,000 people from the Kurram Agency are working in United Arab Emirates, about 8000 are employed in other Persian Gulf States, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Several hundreds are working in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and European countries. Most of these people get their holidays after a long time, sometimes, after five or six years to see their relatives in their home town in Kurram Agency. But unfortunately they cannot go back to their home towns, as the only road to the Kurram Agency is blocked by the Taliban while the government seems to have become either non-existence or a silent spectator.

The blockade of Parachinar, Kurram Agency, has made it look like a Gaza in Pakistan’s tribal areas. It is seriously feared that the Taliban are employing tactics to carry out genocide of the indigenous people of Parachinar and any one who does not subscribe to their worldview, and all that is happening in the presence of Pakistan Army!


Having stated above, we, who belong to Parachinar, Kurram Agency of Pakistan Tribal Areas, and their supporters, urge the Amnesty International in the name humanity and justice, to
· raise its voice for stopping this genocide;

· pressurize the Government of Pakistan to ensure ending the blockade of the Kurram Agency;

· inquire into the complicity of Pakistani authorities with the Taliban;

· send an independent delegation/commission to ascertain facts and the damages caused to the people of the Kurram Agency by the Taliban.

An immediate and effective action from Amnesty International could save the lives and property of hundreds of thousands of people of the Kurram Agency.

I am, on behalf of ZEEST (Life) Development Organization, who launched a “Peace Movement”, for the people of the Kurram Agency, FATA, Pakistan.

@The above text is in fact the letter of the ZEEST Evelpment Organization to Amnesty International’s International Secretariat in London.

End /110

Your Opinion

2008/10/2 20:31

my dear, give complete detail of violance inside parachinar. the shia are very good people of pakistantan, but the govt; of pakistan does not take any action against taliban in kurram agency. so my opinion is to give my massage to govt; to crash taliban in kurram agency.

2008/6/29 15:46

my dear islamic brethren, as u already know about the complete history of our area parachinar. it is one of the beautiful area in pakistan. its boundry attached with afghanastan. the people living in this area are the turi, banghash, mangal and other mohajir came from afghanastan. The Parachinari people are very social and honest.
the main problem to this area since 1947 is the political stability. all the rules and regulation are made in an unsuitable way which is dangerous for the whole society. recently the talaban have been entered the region, but the government dose not say any thing to them. so we deamnd the government to crush the Taliban.

M.K.from Parachinar


sleepingnation Says: (in reference to Talat Hussain’s TV program on Parachinar)

First of all salute to talat for rasisng such an important issue . Talat is trying hard to awake this sleepingnation… Musharraf destroyed pakistan and this nation realized after 8 years these fanatic mullas will turn NWFP into Afganistan and we will keep on sleeping by saying..No, it is reaction of USA etc etc.. there is no US army in Mardan and Peshawar..these extremist Mullas wanna impose Afganistan style Shariat There and want to push pakistan into a big disaster and its so sad that no politician or media take notice of this situation.. indeed that stupid Hamid Mir promote these Mullas in his programmes..Hamid Mir also visited tribal areas and said “Mukammal Aman o Amman Qain Kia Hay molvion nay” …..It is so strange that even ANP CM Hoti does not come to his hometown mardan due to fear of talibans…..well if this continue and we keep our eyes and ears close then soon these Mullas will take over NWFP and then there will be real battle between Mullas and Govt. …..

Extremists will take over NWFP very soon: Take it serious

Few days ago there was a news on PKPOLITICS also that extremists will soon take over NWFP capital Peshawar. Most of the people said that it is wrong, everything is ok…

I just wanna get your attention that Khyber Agency which is adjacent to Peshawar is under control of an extremists group named Lashkar e Islam and if people remeber that when Hamid Mir visited Khyber agency he tried to promote this group by saying “Yahan lashkar e Islam nay Mukamal Aman Kaim Kar Rakha hay ” wagerya wagerya…then are media reports that another extremist group Ansar Islam is incharge of some other parts adjacent to khyber agencies and now these two groups are fifgting with each other to get control of maximum area so that they can impose their Sharia there…..

There are everyday reports in media that woman have been kidnapped by extremists nearby peshawar coz these extremist groups send their warning and if someone do not act on their sharia..then they deal with force…..

Latest news is that Taliban has encircle Tank District and sever fighting is going on……

It is also a daily routine of blasts in video shops, internet shops even in settle ares like mardan, kohat etc and extremists send their warnings to close these otherwise we will destroy that..some media reports also suggested attacks on girls schools…..

In some areas where taliban are incharge they have put banned on womens going to school or to fields for work and even attending a marriage party……

Talat Hussain conducted two programmes on this issue and he said that it is very serious issue and even todays live with talat from Muhmand agency he mentioned that some forces are in control and people are afraid from mentioning their names on camera……

well what is the motive of there groups…..

1) take control of the areas and impose Sharia

2) step by step go ahead run a state within state

I request all readers that please put emotions on side and think seriously on this matter… is serious issue and please do not mix it with war against terror and USA etc. it is our internal problem and without going to blame game , there are some questions:

1) do these extremist have right to kidnap people, kill them, make blasts and force the people to obey their sharia?

2) is taliban style of Govt. is ok?

3) what Govt. can do to stop them or Govt. should not stop them and let them bring their sharia and impose it?

4) if force is used then in retaliation these extremists send suicide bombers that kill people in whole country?

I request you once again that please put emotions on one side and just think that what will be the end result of all whats happeneing in NWFP…..

Shia Sunni killings are going in D.I.Khan city of Munafik fazlu molvi…..

These talibanm mullas will destroy every brick and stone of NWFP in order to impose their ideology…..and if you remember Taliban Slaugheterd Shias and hazra tribe in afganistan ……they are absolutely out of brain people and it is gift from pak army generals like hamid gul who supports taliban and media anchor mulla hamid mir who promotes them…..

P.S: I swear , that I do not belong to Ahle tashee (shia) ..because some taliban support here will accuse me that I am shia thats why I am against taliban…

everyone talks bout Muzakarat Muzakarat and Mullas are ready for battle…Senior police officers in NWFP said that we dont have force to protect citizens and taliban can take over anytime…same think happen in swat when Mulla fazal and his co mullas occupy the swat and then army has to fight a battle with them and lives were lost from both side..why Govt. does not control the matter before it become worst…..Imagine 2000-300 taliban with Rocket launchers and other weapons enter Mardan and occupy important buildings and points and i am sure this corrupt police will run away and then Army has to deal the situation and then everyone will cry Force use Ho gai hay…….

why in this Jirga and Muzakarat ANP and Govtz. do not ask Taliban that please keep your sharia inyour areas and do not try to occupy pakistan…..

zenith Says:

Taliban is the creation of pakistan army. Back in the eighties, the army was trainning these dolts and had the entire nation under the spell of jihad, while the army top brass was roistering and making hay. But now it has come back to them .In the words of an indian commander, ” The chickens are coming home to roost.”
Its amazing how the army has a made a fool out of the entire nation. The thing bothers me the most is that everyone abroad holds pakistani people responsible because of the policies pursued by pakistan, but may be they don’t know extent of involvement of our brave army that owns everything in pakistan. The army is just getting what it deserves.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya Says:


With all respect my dear friend you have no clue to what is going on in your country…who owns Saudia Arabia ?

Taliban are a “creation” an fantastical character out of the fake stories of the holy sahaba’ radiallah anhhum wa ajmaaeen.

I assure you, if you are willing to, in a sensible manner, brother to brother in an honorable manner to debate this issue with proof please come to the discuss section and lets hammer it out there…cause Allah, Islam, Muhammad saw, holy sahaba is one thing and what is going on in front of our eyes in their name is another thing…maazAllah maazAllah , if someone gets the wrong idea that in my criticisism I have wronged the holy name of Islam…nope not at all….

I assure you, 100 % I will give you clues for yourself to investigate, names of people who will provide you with ample proof that, Swati Islam, Kandahari Islam and 99% of the current Pathan leadership in support of Sharia is on the pay roll of Saudia via Jews of Medina now living in Britian and Florida…I will give you one proof and hint right now…

When our Holy nabi s.a.w, deported a group of Jews from Medina, where did they go….if possible ask any islamic historian who has read Islamic history comparatively meaning from other sources as well and you will get a hint….then another whole basti of jews was deported by syeduna Hz Abu Bakr, then Hz Omar al Farooq too…where did these jews of Medina go ? meri jan, these are getting back at us…….

Molana Sufi Muhammad is a dajjal, his son in law is a dajjal, Molana Fazulu is a munafiq who will sell your mother and daughter for 500 dollars…he sold two sons of a pakistani who works in usa and who has files a complaint against fazlu in peshawar that he sold his kids to Military intelligence of Pakistan.

Please for the sake of Allah do not allow you pure emotions to be fooled by sufi muhammad if he was such a great Mehdi, how come he couldnt come out of the jail…..? think think think….how come he is being brought back now to play the same game again…by saudia ?

so please come over to the discussion session and start a topic I will join you there inshallah!


Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya Says:

@# sleepingnation

Shia Sunni issue is external to Pakistan, its roots are physically in Saudia and Iran..both are our greatest enemies……Iran played a vital role in destroying the Indian subcontinents freedom back in the colonial rule, and Saudia helped destroy Khilafat e Usmania from inside out…..

We the people of the ummah of Islam shall not listen to or lend ears to Dajjali fitna…..

Shia & Sunni all childern of the same khanwada e Rasool e Hashmi Madni s.a.w
We are ONE and we will not divide InshaAllah! just watch the kafir paid agent ulema who create issues….just close your ears….

(I am of sunni aqeeda)

Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya Says:

To all the people of Pakistan!

Shariat e Sufi Muhammad or Shariat e Kandhari paid by petro dollars is not a valid solution to our ills as a society!

Democracy on the footprints of the western colonial super powers is not a valid solution to our ills as a society.

We are Pakistani and we need to deliver a homogenous original new idea of governance to our nation which will have goods of all systems and that might be a way for all the other nations of the world…this is what we need to think…we need to think out side of the box of fake Islam and fake democracies…

our situation is a faliure cause we are trying to fit a square in a triangle!

Do you get my hint……koi new system “IJAAD” karna paray ga, puranay puranay ho gaye hain!


Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya Says:


No, you are mis understanding my point, Pathans have nothing to do with jews, I am saying that, the people who were killed by Sahaba in Medina and later on deported , from the villages of Khyber in medina, and two other locations one called bani Qainuqah and some loosely associated tribes of Ous and Khazra-ij of Medina are now coming back under the banners of European and American armed forces….and trying to circularly capture the entire peninsula by createing reasons for their forces to be in those areas by using pathans and thier ugly leaders to do injustices in the name of Islam which will be presented as Islam to the world as a demonic and inhuman religion….giving the childern of Ous and Khazra-ji tribes along with medinan jews of khyber the oppurtunity to get back to their original lands!
Medina before sahaba was jews territory! only the area of Masjid Ul Nabawi s.a.w was purchased from two twins who were orphaned…the rest of Medina was never purchased it was occupied via ansar and mahajreen jirga pacts…read Islamic history and you will see this…

The pathans and their ugly leaders are at this moment in the greed of money are being used to display Islam’s punishment model only, to these idots Islam seems to be “enforceable” while Islam is not enforceable, its adoptable entitiy, Islam dillon mein utara jata hai nafiz naheen kiya jata!

Sufi Muhammad is an agent of the Medina Jews….I love Pashtoons and I am of arayana afghan origin but I am not a nationalist I am an ummati of Aqa Muhammad s.a.w…to me pathans are wonderful people , its their current leadership which I have a problem with…….

Na mein shia na mein Sunni, dono se mein dukhi…..

Ummati Ummati Ummati!



Please consider signing this petition.

SOS from Pakistan – Save Pakistani Shias Petition



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