Parachinar and Kurram Agency: A human disaster

A human disaster

As the electronic media intensely debates issues like probable candidates for the presidency and restoration of judges, the people of Kurram agency continue to be besieged by Taliban and Al Qaeda militants who want nothing short of genocide. Hundreds of innocent civilians have fallen victim to these aggressors; they invade, pillage and then burn the houses. These unending clashes began last year when a Pro-Taliban outfit took out a procession in which extremely objectionable slogans were raised. These miscreants, in the garb of civilians, uttered profanity. The Elders of Parachinar informed authorities of this blasphemous act but no action was taken, which prompted a bloody fight. The roads leading to Parachinar have been blocked for last 10 months and life in the area has become almost unbearable. Civil society is vocal in condemning the economic blockade of Kashmiri Muslims, but is criminally quiet when it comes to the suffering of the people of Parachinar. In the last 15 days of fierce clashes, a number of lashkars have been formed by the Taliban, which have attacked Parachinar and burnt down villages and killed innocent civilians. Telephone and electricity cables have been cut. Still, no one seems interested in resolving this extremely critical issue. Electronic media is loath to give any coverage to what is potentially a major human disaster. Who should these helpless people look to?


Letters to the Editor, Daily Times, 23 Sep 2008