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An open letter to Talat Hussain: Will you lead a Freedom Flotilla to stranded Shias in Pakistan’s Gaza, Parachinar?: While most of Pakistani bloggers and national and international journalists have turned a blind eye to the blockade, sectarian genocide and persecution facing Shia Muslims of Parachinar, we at the LUBP have been consistently highlighting this issue. However, despite
Parachinar: Pakistan’s Gaza Strip remains under siege by Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba: The following news item in Dawn today (27 March 2010) forced me to post this rather lengthy compilation of events. First the news item: Six kidnapped truckers found dead in Thal Dawn, 27 Mar, 2010 PESHAWAR: Police on Saturday
Almost one million people of Parachinar remain stranded for more than a year by the criminals of Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba & Al-Qaeda: Appeal for help to the international community PESHAWAR: Delay in reopening road delays return of peace to Kurram By Zulfiqar Ali PESHAWAR, Oct 23: Delay in reopening of Thall-Parachinar Road despite an agreement, reached between the warring tribes of
Parachinar Massacre of Innocent Shias and Sunnis: Designed and Implemented by Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba: Parachinar Massacre Warning: Graphic Images By: Ali Imran (July 2008) So I was waiting for months (considering this has been going on for months now) to see if someone will start a thread on this issue or not as
Taliban-backed Bangash tribesmen attack Toori tribe in Parachinar: 95 killed in Kurram Agency clashes * More than 200 injured as Taliban-backed Bangash tribesmen attack Toori tribe * Tooris retaliate with support of local tribal militia, capture opponent headquarters in Bugzai * Taliban launch suicide attacks on tribal
Parachinar and Kurram Agency: A human disaster: A human disaster As the electronic media intensely debates issues like probable candidates for the presidency and restoration of judges, the people of Kurram agency continue to be besieged by Taliban and Al Qaeda militants who want nothing short