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Once more —Zafar Hilaly: Source: Daily Times The reason why civilian governments and the army find themselves at odds on occasion is less their different perspectives on global or, for that matter, domestic developments and more because both are victims of their own
Floods’ management: A perfect script for a black comedy: Raza Rumi As I write these lines, millions are stranded and vulnerable to disease in the wake of perhaps the greatest natural disaster of recent times. Communities in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are stranded, Sindh is facing the wrath of gods and
The man who really matters in Pakistan – by Farzana Shaikh: Whatever David Cameron may say, looking both ways is by no means peculiar to Pakistan. For while Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari has looked the other way as his country drowns in the worst floods in living memory, the
The Difference Between 1955 and 2010 – by Shehrbano Taseer: Abraham Lincoln once remarked, “if you really want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Pakistan watched as Iskander Mirza gave his Army Commander at the time, the notorious General Ayub Khan, a tenure extension in 1955. Ayub
Redefining national interest: Raza Rumi The elusive quest for peace between India and Pakistan remains hostage to the military-industrial complex at both the global and regional levels. Such is the dynamic unleashed by two imagined “nations” that their existence as states is
Pakistan has its own battle to fight – by Syed Saleem Shahzad: Source: Asia Times ISLAMABAD – Some of the 92,000 American classified military documents released by WikiLeaks at the weekend point to Pakistan’s intelligence service backing the Taliban, an issue that has been seized on by the international media, although
Dawn News Reporter – Pakistan Military’s support for militants: Dawn News recently aired a very bold show discussing the Pakistan army’s support for militants. It examined the historical ties with groups such as Jaish-e-Muhammad, Jundullah and the Taliban and whether these ties still exist. Of special note is
Of establishment and its beneficiaries – by Dr Ayesha Siddiqa: Read Part 1 of this article here This article is part of the same article posted here with the title “Political Homosexuality“. I have posted it as a separate article for its comments on Establishment equations and understanding of
Command and control of war – by Ayesha Siddiqa: Published in the Tribune The writer is author of Military Inc and a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University, US Pakistan’s army chief has received the much-desired extension. The decision of the civilian government was applauded by all
General Kayani’s extension as army chief: A bad decision: Related post: Good riddance, General Pasha! Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani today (22 July 2010) extended the term of the country’s army chief General Ashfaq Kayani for three more years in a move to ensure continuity in the
Punjab and struggle for democracy – by Farrukh Sohail Goindi: Source: Awami Jamhoori Forum
I confess, I am a traitor- by Syed Nadir El Edroos: My name is Syed Nadir El-Edroos and I am a traitor. For my actions, deeds and words I should receive an exemplary punishment so that no one ever dares repeat the treachery that I am responsible for. I have
Contextualizing corruption in Pakistan – by Asad Sayeed: A report published by the Collective for Social Science Research [PDF Link] Here is the conclusion of the report The Way Forward That corruption is pervasive and endemic in Pakistan is without doubt. As we have seen not only
Aaj bhi Bhutto zinda hai – by Fawad Manzoor: Pakistan is passing through most critical time in its history. I would call it even worse than 1971. Pakistan in its 62 year history has gone through many turmoils. Founding fathers of the country passed away too soon after
Punjab govt’s inaction against militants irks GHQ; Contradicts Sharifs’ lack of intelligence sharing assertion: PML-N’s links to the Pakistan Army are well known. People supporting the Sharifs are at critical positions in the scheme of things in the Pakistan Army and the Intelligence. The brothers were protected for years by key people in
Self-serving narrative of military apologists: Every 10 years when a military ruler is discredited, we suddenly see a loud chorus of dyed in the wool pro-establishment voices attempting to cleanse the military’s reputation as an institution from the taint of the unpopular dictator. As
Pakistan and terror – by Anas Abbas: Cross posted from Anas Abbas’ blog Attacks reminiscent of DAATA DARBAR and Ahmedi bombings have been a norm in Afghanistan and Pakistani Tribal Areas since the last 20 years. One must not forget the sufferings of Afghans and Pashtuns
Is the Pakistan Army a security risk for Pakistan? A historical perspective: Here is thought provoking excerpt from a recent article written by Nazir Naji (in daily Jang, 28 June 2010). In the main, it is not politicians such as Feroz Khan Noon, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,
Asif Zardari ki kaun si baat samajh naheen aaye? – by Athar Masood: Source: Athar Masood’s article on Asif Zardari’s speech and analysis
Pakistan vs Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha: LUBP Exclusive Pakistan is a country of contradictions and conflicting identities. It is a country that is at war with itself. A vast majority of Pakistanis are confused and most of them have no clear sense of their place
Corrupt politicians and our saviours in army: I am providing below a news report without any comments or editing: Ex-governor’s son-in-law defaulted on Rs 1.8 bn loan Sunday, June 13, 2010 BoP scandal snowballs as NAB digs more dirt By Ansar Abbasi ISLAMABAD: The Bank of
Truth is the greatest revenge – by Duane Baughman and Mark Siegel: Dear LUBP readers, I wanted to let you know about a new article by Duane Baughman and Mark Siegel about the documentary film they have produced about the life of Benazir Bhutto. The film, Bhutto: You Can’t Murder a
Ex-major’s loyalties embody jihad woes: evidence of the mullah military alliance: LAHORE: A former major who trained fighters for war in Afghanistan and occupied Kashmir keeps cropping up in terrorism investigations in Pakistan. But police say the grey-haired grandfather is shielded by his links to the army and powerful intelligence
Where is my military coup? – by S Gulbadan: I wrote this for the Express Tribune’s sunday magazine and they published a much shorter (“mutilated”, according to the editor dude) version. General sahab, I have been a silent admirer of you and your methods for a long time
Lahore terrorist attacks, military actions and future prospects – by Dr Omar Ali: Terrorists (Punjabi Taliban) simultaneously attacked two Ahmedi sect mosques in Lahore during Friday prayers and killed over 80 people. First thoughts on this evil attack: 1. The choice of target is easy to understand. Ahmedis are a persecuted and
Hamid Mir’s letter: The tape drama was organized by an intelligence agency after I wrote an article against a serving general of the Pakistan Army, General Nadeem Ejaz, who was involved in Benazir Bhutto’s assassination: Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, who has been linked by several Pakistani websites to the killing of a former intelligence official by the Taliban, refutes the accusations in this e-mail sent to The Washington Times in response to an article
Pakistan, terrorism and our combined failure – by Ardeshir Cowasjee: Our combined failure A common reaction to the almost universal conclusion that one of Pakistan’s main exports is terrorism — bolstered by the latest would-be hero of Times Square who fortunately failed — is that the larger majority of
Strategic mess — by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur: “A people living under the perpetual menace of war and invasion is very easy to govern. It demands no social reforms. It does not haggle over expenditures on armaments and military equipment. It pays without discussion. It ruins itself;
Whats Up in the GHQ? – by Ayesha Siddiqa: Source: Ayesha Siddiqa Blog One Karachi based Mr Seagul has been writing on the issue of higher defense management especially the comparative powers of the army chief versus that of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staffs Committee. In a
The terrorist question: Faisal Shahzad and the Pakistani establishment — by Dr Manzur Ejaz: The terrorist question No other Muslim country sponsors private religious and sectarian militias for domestic use or to achieve strategic goals. Probably, every state, other than Pakistan, knows fully well that the rise of private militias is bound to
Shaheen Sehbai: A champion of Pakistan Army’s interests: Here is Shaheen Sehbai’s most recent article in support of GHQ’s interests at the cost of the democratic government. The article is being presented on this blog to archive Sehabi’s dark role in the democratic history of Pakistan. ……….
They killed Benazir Bhutto and this is how it happened – by Anas Abbas: Anas Abbas is a co-editor of Critical PPP/LUBP who also administers his own blog at: “Targeted assassination is a necessity of this modern world”. Those were the words of former MOSSAAD official in a recent BBC documentary programme
Lengthening shadows of spy agencies’ rule in Pakistan – by Babar Sattar: Lengthening shadows Legal eye We will never know for certain whether or not Maj Gen Nadeem Ijaz, the former head of Military Intelligence (MI), ordered that the crime scene be hosed down following Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. The three-member fact-finding
Investigation of Benazir Bhutto’s murder by a committee and a half – By Kamran Shafi: A committee and a half The committee set up to fix responsibility for the hosing down of the site of Benazir Bhutto’s dastardly assassination is something to behold: a federal secretary, a provincial additional secretary and the vice chief
In Support of BBC: Lift the Ban Immediately: BBC ‘concern’ over Urdu FM news ban in Pakistan The BBC World Service has expressed concern that 24 out of its 34 FM partner stations in Pakistan have been told to halt BBC Urdu news broadcasts. The decision was
Who murdered Benazir Bhutto? – by Christina Lamb: Bhutto was transformed when reunited with her supporters (Paul Rogers/The Times) Benazir Bhutto was brought back to Pakistan from exile as part of an international deal. Then she was killed — and all traces of evidence were immediately swept
Tirah massacre: insensitive state response — by Farhat Taj: The Pakistan army simply does not have the tradition to punish its rank and file, unless the aggrieved party is also from within the army Recently, Pakistan Air Force fighter planes bombed Sra Vella area in the Tirah Valley
Democracy versus ‘the establishment’ in Pakistan: The shadow of the Establishment At independence, Pakistan inherited an over-developed colonial state structure, a relatively weak political class, and a fragmented society from the British. Rather than sparing efforts for nation-building, the colonial state structure, designed to maintain
Questions, more questions about the ISI’s involvement in Benazir Bhutto’s murder – by Kamran Shafi: Is Benazir Bhutto’s dupatta missing because it has a bullet hole in it? –File Photo So then, the UN report is out, setting many cats on many dovecotes (or is it mongooses on snake pits?), even hitherto forbidden dovecotes.
Who if not Baitullah? By Amir Mir: The United Nations Inquiry Commission report into Bhutto’s murder has put Musharraf regime in the dock The three-member United Nations Inquiry Commission has almost absolved the slain Ameer of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Commander Baitullah Mehsud of the Bhutto murder