Aaj bhi Bhutto zinda hai – by Fawad Manzoor

Pakistan is passing through most critical time in its history. I would call it even worse than 1971. Pakistan in its 62 year history has gone through many turmoils. Founding fathers of the country passed away too soon after its creation. The slogan which was used for the creation Pakistan was changed according to the personal whims of religious and nationalist parties. The entities which were non existent during the movement for independence became stronger after independence.

First was the sad departure of Quaid e Azam. He was touring the newly born country which was bleeding from it’s seems and was setting the agenda for how will Pakistan proceed in future and who will hold the reigns of running the affairs of the country. Some of his documented historical speeches are testament to that. After his demise Pakistan became a free for all to set its course. Liaqat Ali Khan with some of his friends lacked the charisma enough to do this Himalayan task. His departure was another blow to this nation.

In 1956 first constitution was passed by the constituent assembly but that constitution also brought in despicable low lifers like Ayub Khan to the fore front and it ended up with 1958 martial Law. The constitution was one again rewritten by Ayub and then finally in 1973 by the another constituent assembly. The founding fathers had passed away by then and the next generation was setting the tone for the country which had bloody nose with fall of Dhaka. The constitution written by the second generation of Pakistanis might have different outlook on Pakistan than what the fathers had in their mind.

Constitution of 1973 was the result of Bhutto revolution. This revolution took the country from the destruction of war and insult of separation of One Pakistan into two countries to once again a country respected in the comity of nations.

Bhutto revolution was headed by ZAB himself, had started setting the tones in light with what forefathers might have wanted. ZAB himself got swept in his own revolution. His revolution came to screeching halt with the arrival of one eyed general Zia Ul Haq favorite of ZAB himself. This mistake of ZAB came to bite him which led to his judicial murder. Judiciary and Army worked hand in hand for his murder. Their act was to be covered up by the new coat of Islam.

Our public is not even sure what they want. Their demands for a change start taking turns every few months. One day they will want democracy next day they will want dictatorship to some believing that all ills can be solved if khilafat is restored or sharia is enforced. Muslims all over the world have this problem and that they bite the hand that feeds them. The army in 1971 had ruled more than half of the life of Pakistan lost the war badly. It was so insulting to see the pictures of General Niazi handing over his gun in surrender and signing the surrender documents. (I wish Gen Niazi had shot himself before he picked up the pen to sign the surrender document.)

Till the fall of Dhaka Pakistan was run by military dictator Gen Yahya Khan who took reigns after Ayub resigned. Lost of east Pakistan was fair and square responsibility of Pakistan Army. They were the ones who decided the war strategy they are the ones who implemented the strategy and they are the ones who were at the helm of decision makers instead of civilians. The war left Pakistan in shambles and had finished any respect Pak army had. The surrender of over ninety thousand soldiers in Dhaka left no doubt about the integrity of Pak army. Till this day India has war museum in which Pak army uniforms hang in shame.

Bhutto with his sharp mind and command on international affairs signed Shimla Pact and brought home ninety thousand disgraced Pak army soldiers. That disgraced army which was single handily resurrected by ZAB took sweet revenge and send its benefactor to the gallows.
What ZAB gave to general public was not something ordinary. He gave people voice, he gave them rights which was not only a viable political move but it was in just accordance with Islamic teachings. People who were given rights by Islam were brought to people of Pakistan by ZAB and in return they started turning against him.

Bhutto revolution brought respect to the Pakistan and its people. His reforms which were started were left unfinished and taken over by illegitimate general. That illegitimate general took a u turn of ZAB’s policies and reforms. Illegitimate ruler un-did all what ZAB did. His efforts brought people of all walks of life in Pakistan to one united constitution passed unanimously. Even though in order to achieve that ZAB gave into some of the undue demands of Religious and Nationalist parties. But all in all it was a magnanimous task by ZAB.

What Bhutto followed was Chinese socialist economic model and if it is seem in comparison we can see where China is now and where Pakistan is standing. If Bhutto’s policies were so misguided and out of tune then China should have been destroyed by now because it was following same socialist policies. It was the sharpness of Bhutto’s intellect that 1971 war which was lost on the ground by Pak army was won by him on the table. Bhutto had the guts to sit in UN security council and challenge their dictation after 1965 war.

When Bhutto ws sent packing on July 5th, 1977 there was no accusation of corruption in his government. Bhutto was overthrown purely by Islamic militant general. PNA (Pakistan National Alliance, 1977) was the by product of US dollars. US money flowed freely to fund anti Bhutto campaign and then the accusations of fraud in the elections. We need not forget the warning of Henry Kissinger. Bhutto was too tall of a person to have been born to serve the people of Pakistan. His passion his intellect, his work, his cry for poor people speaks of his calibre. ZAB himself a land lord, during his tenure abolished “Saradari Nizam” under which big land lords could keep bonded labor (Slavery). Genera; Zia re-established the Saradri Nizam to please anti Bhutto Saradars of Balochistan and Sindh.

The services of Bhutto to this nation are no less than what Abraham Lincoln did for his country by abolishing slavery. What Bhutto did if followed without interruption by illegitimate General things would have been much rosier. Pakistan would have been a power to be reckon with militarily and economically. The brightest stars of capitalism then and now are sucking the blood of poor man. Even if capitalism practiced with due rules and honesty ends up in destruction like we see in US.

Establishment with the help of army could never produce national leader. All they could ever produce were the likes of Junejo, Nawaz Sharif and Choudhries of Punjab. But this unfortunate country and its awam produced not one but two Bhutto’s but both were murdered by Islamic extremist under the illegitimate rules of Zia and Musharraf.
We as nation are not sure what we want. One thing we want and that is free lunch. No one wants to pay taxes but they want government to build roads and do all social development work.

Our country with capitalist outlook introduced by Shaukat Aziz and Musharraf has only brought cartels. Fertilizers cartels are setting fertilizers prices, Automobile manufacturing cartels are selling cars in black market, cement industry cartels are raising cement prices everyday, Oil companies cartels are setting prices of petroleum products and list goes on and on. Can you imagine we have cartels of people who buys newly printed currency notes from State Bank and sell them to business concerns at higher prices. The price of Capitalism is being paid very dearly by poor people of Pakistan.

That is why Bhutto still lives in the hearts of poor and that Bhutto can never be murdered.




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