Pakistan and terror – by Anas Abbas

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Attacks reminiscent of DAATA DARBAR and Ahmedi bombings have been a norm in Afghanistan and Pakistani Tribal Areas since the last 20 years.

One must not forget the sufferings of Afghans and Pashtuns in tribal areas due to Pakistan army supported militant groups such as Taliban and Hekmatyaar

Pakistan projects sympathetic image as a victim of terror, even as it is, in fact, the creator of terrorism.

Pakistan boldly holds the Western world to ransom. It garners generous financial aid and military supplies from the US and has successfully projected itself as recourse of last resort in its geographical theatre. It runs circles around international sanctions and bans by nurturing a large number of home-grown terrorist outfits forever changing nomenclature. In addition, it maintains seemingly freelance non-state actors that allow it the fig-leaf of plausible deniability.

And in a masterful demonstration of how to manage chaos, Pakistan keeps its domestic situation in destabilized ferment and flux by stoking sectarian, that is, Sunni versus Shiite violence, and religious tensions between Islamic progressives and fundamentalists, rent-collecting on such issues from the oil-rich Islamic world as well.

For the further bamboozling of the West, Pakistan uses its blow-hot-blow-cold relationship with the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban and its hosting of the Al Qaeda as adroit bargaining chips.

It flaunts its strategic relationship with China with the latter’s tacit support. This enables Pakistan to be muscular about its armed nuclear options and hint menacingly about the possibility of its nuclear weapons falling to the Taliban as well.

Famous terror personalities currently associated with Pakistan are:

Haqqani Network (Unknown Safe Location by ISI)

Hekmatyaar/Bin Laden and Omer (Unknown Safe Location by ISI)

Dawood Ibrahim (Various locations in Karachi and Dubai)

Tiger Memon (Defence Karachi Phase 6)

Masood Azhar (Garrison Town Rawalpindi)

Maulana Fazlullah (Somewhere in Swat or Tribal Areas)

Hafiz Saeed (Murid K)



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