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False comparison of Tahir ul Qadri with Taliban: Ayaz Amir exposes Hamid Mir’s hypocrisy: In Nasim Zehra’s August 9th segment of Hum Sub (Part 2), Hamid Mir made the horrendous and utterly dishonest comparison between Lal Masjid’s heavily armed terrorists and Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s peaceful protest against the PML-N government. As per
Ahmadi massacre in Gujranwala: The odor of dead burnt unborn baby wishes you Eid Mubarak Pakistan: Source and Author: Naeem Shamim’s facebook The Saudi backed Punjab govt. does it again …. Gujranwala is another Gojra! #Ahmadis #Christians. Three female members of the Ahmadi community, including two minors, were killed late Sunday and four others were
As expected, Jang Group backtracks while Najam Sethi, Nasim Zehra and Zaid Hamid attack Hamid Mir’s charges against ISI: Jang Group back tracks on its charges against ISI: ============ Sethi’s cocern, as is clear towards the end of this clip (see 1:45 onwards), is not the attack on Hamid Mir, by TTP-ASWJ or their alleged masters in Aabpara,
Saudi Iran proxy war is one of key reasons for Pakistan’s unending terrorism – by Nasim Zehra: On 8 July 2013, Pakistan’s senior journalist Nasim Zehra who also happens to be a regular speaker at Sherry Rehman / Raza Rumi’s Jinnah Institute and Beena Sarwar’s Citizens for Democracy stated that Saudi-Iran proxy was was one of
The archaeology of how Saudi Arabia subcontracted Punjab to Najam Sethi – by Mahpara Qalandar: Since his youth, Najam Sethi has meant everything to everybody. He began his political career as a ‘rebel’ supporting the Baloch freedom-fighter against the Pakistan army. Through his own bragging and a cabal of courtiers like Ejaz Haider and
After the massacre of 20,000 Shias, Nasim Zehra denies existence of Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Ali Aqeel: Related post: Name and Remind: Nasim Zehra’s silence on Shia massacres in Pakistan – by Mustafa – See more at: As I write these lines, dozens of Shia families in Lahore, Jhang, Multan and other parts of Pakistan are
Talking Heads, Grand Standing – by Banda-e-Khuda: Nasim Zehra claims she came back to clean up Dunnya TV. I wish her well in her efforts. Mango man (aam admi, commoner) needs to see results of her claims. By returning there is a bigger responsibility to make sure there is noticeable difference
Nasim Zehra’s resignation: Rind ke rind rahey hath se jannat na gai – by Danial Lakhnavi: Related post: Nasim Zehra’s resignation, a proper class act نیوز چینلز پر ٹاک شوز کی میزبانی کے لئے ٹی وی کیمرے کے سامنے بیٹھنے والے فن کاروں کو کئی طرح کے فرائض انجام دینے ہوتے ہیں، جیسے اٹھارہ کروڑ
Nasim Zehra’s resignation, a proper class act: Related posts: LUBP archive on Nasim Zehra Context June 14, 2012: The upheaval at Dunya TV continued Thursday as Nasim Zehra, the channel’s Director Current Affairs resigned over a leaked video of behind the scene conversations of a special
Name and Remind: Nasim Zehra’s silence on Shia massacres in Pakistan – by Mustafa: [poll id=”9″] The present post is the first in LUBP’s series of Name and Remind articles aimed at encouraging and reminding progressive media persons to pay attention to the ongoing, silent genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Realistically, we
This is how we self-congratulate us: A comment on Nasim Zehra’s article in Express Tribune: Traditionally lifestyle liberals in Pakistan use an 80-20 mixture formula, i.e., they inject the 20% pro-military establishment discourses within the 80% objective facts or neutral assessments in their articles. Of course we agree with the 80% of their content,
This is the scum of Pakistan who call themselves liberals – by Imran Khan: Editor’s note: Here is an interesting excerpt from Imran Khan’s recent interview with India’s NDTV. Three noteworthy things in this excerpts are: (1) Imran Khan’s utter contempt for those who disagree with his world-view and politics, (2) his distinction
Psych Ops: The Role of the Media in Taseer’s murder – by Abdul Basit: The following tweet by a Pakistan’s leading lawyer and rights champion provides the basis for understanding the dynamics of Pakistan and how the PPP has been and is at the wrong end of this trifecta.  @Asma_Jahangir: Pakistan kaa masala
Liberal fascists launch an attack on Imran Khan’s financial credibility – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji:     About the author As the tail wind of the Hazrat Imran Khan Tsunami, I want to inform you, my millions of readers, of the latest media attacks by the liberal fascists on Imran Khan.  We all know
Maligning Shaheed Benazir Bhutto on Nusrat Bhutto’s death: My attention to Murtaza Razvi’s piece on Begum Nusrat Bhutto was drawn by a fellow Tweep (@Darveshh) who referred to the article (A remarkable life story) published in Indian Express with the following comment: “No, it’s not Ansar Abbasi,
The Kufi Shia sellouts of the military establishment – by Laibaah: Syed Mushahid Hussain, Nasim Zehra, Ejaz Haider, Mosharraf Zaidi, Syed Talat Hussain, Shireen Mazari, Meher Bokhari and Abbas brothers: Take a bow in front of your Yazid Masters! While the massacre of Shias in Pakistan continues unabated, these establishment apologists
Salmaan Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti and Fake Civil Society – by Shakeel Arain: Related post: PPP is on the same left-liberal footing even today. FCS, Please take note Pakistan’s urban chatterers (also known as Fake Civil Society FCS) deliberately refused to accept Mumtaz Qadri (assassin of Salmaan Taseer) as a product of