Saudi Iran proxy war is one of key reasons for Pakistan’s unending terrorism – by Nasim Zehra


On 8 July 2013, Pakistan’s senior journalist Nasim Zehra who also happens to be a regular speaker at Sherry Rehman / Raza Rumi’s Jinnah Institute and Beena Sarwar’s Citizens for Democracy stated that Saudi-Iran proxy was was one of four key reasons for unending terrorism in Pakistan.

This is what Nasim Zehra said:

Pakistan’s unending terrorism is because of: 1.Pakistan’s 1980s Afghan policy, 2. using militants as tools to achieve foreign policy goals, 3. Saudi Iran proxy war, 4. political expediency.

I said in 2012 on record that Hazara genocide in Quetta was underway. Proxy war there,but Saudis tentacles spread wider thn Iran.

Proxy war not about shias & sunnis-it is abt 2 antagonistic powers Iran/SArabia with SA battle-mode more aggressive/deadly.

Shia targeting in Pk got accentuated after the Afghan war/Iranian rev but Iranian proxies were far fewer/less deadly

To frame a proxy war between two States as one between shias and sunnis is analytical incorrect and effectively dangerous & self-implicating

Historical fact post-1979 witnesed beginnings of a proxy war btween SArabia which felt threatened as monarchy from a rev Iran-Iran responded

SArabia-funded & some Pk-patronised mujahideen of Afghan war were indirectly involved in this roxy war, as Saudi allies.Iran’s allies v ltd

The deadly grps that rose up to kill shias were from the Punjab-most of these groups had their arms/off-shoots involved in Kashmir ‘jihad’

Criminally State opted to remain blind to the dark consequences,of sectarian grps that “help” the State in Kash while killing shias at home


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