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Real culprits behind LUBP liberal fascist hate site exposed – by Earthman Journalist International Professor: Editor’s note: We are publishing yet another toxic and misleading article by our long-time friend Earthman International Professor. Presently a concerted campaign has been launched against LUBP on Twitter and also via email groups to misrepresent LUBP’s editors and
LUBP exposed: Mahdi Army Terrorists – by International Professor: Related post: Who is international professor? Editor’s note: Our long-time friend Earthman also known as International Professor has written yet another critical article on LUBP “exposing” our editors and authors’ secret connections with Mahdi Army terrorists. LUBP readers will recall that previously
Internet Crime Alert: The IP trail of Dr Shahid Qureshi (aka Earthman International Professor) of The London Post: Update: Watch this man: Part 1 of this post Dr Shahid Qureshi aka International Professor is a dangerous man. He is a secret member of the Hizbut-Tahrir (writers’ cell of the Al-Qaeda), an affiliate of the Sipah-e-Sahaba and Taliban,
Sirhanay Hamid Mir kay ahista bolo – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: On behalf of the LUBP, Ahsan Abbas Shah’s rebuttal to Hamid Mir and his spokesman Earthman, International Professor (both of them work for the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists):
LUBP’s links with ISI and conspiracy against Hamid Mir – by Earthman, International Professor: Readers of the LUBP have previously read a couple of articles that we posted in ‘appreciation’ of Earthman, International Professor (a pro-Taliban conspiracy theorist shrouded in mystery) in the last two years, which can be accessed at the following
Internet Crime Alert: Watch Dr. Shahid Qureshi of The London Post: Update: Part 2 of this post: IP trail of Dr Shahid Qureshi “Dr. Shahid Qureshi” is probably another alias of the notorious cyberspace terrorist who calls himself “Earthman, International Professor”. Syed Adeeb and Moin Ansari are two of of
Internet Crime Unit Alert: Abidullah Jan and The so called Dictatorship Watch hate website ( is run by two dubious characters: the front man is a yellow journalist, a sympathizer and promoter of the Taliban and Al Qaeda; his name is Abidullah Jan who is based
Internet Crime Alert – Al Qaeda’s cyber terrorist: Earthman, International Professor: Earthman International Professor is a pen-name used by a dangerous Deobandi Wahhabi cyber terrorists spreading hate speech against Sunni Sufi Muslims (Barlevis), Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, Jews and other non-Wahhabi and non-Deobandi groups. His hate articles have been published