LUBP’s links with ISI and conspiracy against Hamid Mir – by Earthman, International Professor

Readers of the LUBP have previously read a couple of articles that we posted in ‘appreciation’ of Earthman, International Professor (a pro-Taliban conspiracy theorist shrouded in mystery) in the last two years, which can be accessed at the following link:

Today, Earthman, International Professor has written a comprehensive review exposing the LUBP and its sinister agenda. Consistent with our principles of transparency and freedom of speech, we are posting below the said article without any editing:

A conspiracy against Hamid Mir and Mr. Ansar Abbasi
By: Earthman, International Professor

My mailbox is full with the emails against Mr. Hamid Mir, some are saying that he is spy of CIA or RAW, I am already aware of the fact that who is behind media journalists and from where there strings are being controlled.

But matter did not finish here and the main source of propaganda was later exposed as the owner of notorious website, the website is in direct control of pro-Iranian vigilantes and operating as Mahdi Army under direct command of Ministry of Defense and DG, ISPR. Website also poses as argon of Gay movement of Bilawal Zardari.

Video recording posted on many websites shows that it is work of ISI, MI or any other agency that is following peoples in FATA areas. IB a civil agency has no authority to interfere into works of army. It was suspicious from day one that who passed on the audio recording to” let us build Pakistan” website. It shows clear links of ISI with people’s party and a conspiracy against Mr. Hamid Mir.

It is part of campaign of Zardari against “pen” and as such Musharraf’s
organ “Dunya TV”, and Salman Taseer’s media is also running campaign against some journalists of GEO TV including Mr. Hamid Mir.

However GEO TV that is working under command of Super Chief Director, the brother of Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, the DG ISPR, and running whole army – NATO campaign devotedly. While another brother of Athar Abbas is fighting crusade being employee of ARY and think character of Pakistan’s Union of Journalists that Mazhar Abbas is Gen. Sec of PFUJ. Don’t go away the President of All Pakistan Newspaper’s Association is brother of Abdullah Haroon of Dawn group, the care giver of Zardari’s properties at New York. In such polluted environment how a person can expect that public would ever came to know about truth of war of terror, Zardari’s corruption and other scandals.

Please click for the links to the video posted on the websites:

Hamid mir busted big time

As mentioned above Salman Taseer Singh’s media, Dunya TV and above website is leading in propaganda against Hamid Mir. Whatever Mr. Hamid Mir says in video is not surprising because if you may explore websites, and try to read blogs represented in the real time about massacre of Jamia Hafsa, written by independent bloggers of Rawalpindi and
Islamabad who witnessed the barbaric acts of Pakistan army, army Commandos and Rangers observed the role of Khalid Khawaja at that time and since the killing of Mr. Ghazi and girls of Jamia Hafsa, the sadness of matter did not allow anyone to think about role of Khalid Khawaja, that is what Mr. Hamid Mir said in above video.

Another factor of propaganda against Mr. Hamid Mir is his views about
Mirzayees that is pinching for above networks, and Manzoor Ejaz, a known Mirzayee is a regular contributor or sleeping owner of the Daily Times, owned by Salman Taseer Singh, current Governor Punjab.
The real picture should have represented by Mr. Hamid Mir himself and
involvement of ISI in conspiracy by providing such video to fanatics is very dangerous trend against media and there is no doubt that Gen. Kiyani is a very mean person and he is licking feet of Zardari for extension in service.

However Salman Taseer Singh media has risen following comments on video as under: It also clearly shows motive of opponents against Mr. Hamid Mir.

*Points of interest in the conversation (posted by daily Times, 16-05-10)
* Hamid Mir’s disparaging attitude towards Qadianis (in his own words, he considers them worse than kaafirs)
His nonchalance when suicide bombings or the looting of NATO trucks are mentioned
Mir’s repeated references to occasions where Khawaja has personally
‘betrayed’ him (He holds Khawaja personally responsible for his departure from the daily Ausaf)
The high degree of reverence with which Mir refers to Ghazi Rasheed, Javed Paracha and other terrorists, including Abdul Rehman Kennedy.

*Second Target Mr. Ansar Abbasi:
* Today Fauzia Wahab served a legal notice to Mr. Ansar Abbasi worth Rs. 200 million of damages blaming him for his general comments in the presence of Fauzia Wahab many days ago in TV talk show. It is part of dirty campaign against journalists run by Zardari, and Dr. Shahid Masood and Shaheen Sehbai are also among other journalists under victimization of the Zardari mafia.

Peoples Party is a terrorist group against media and from Zulfiqar Bhutto to the current day its policies to silence opponents are open secret. Now the position is quiet different because everybody knows that Zardari is a thug and a mafia is deputed to shut mouths of journalists or any one that ask for return of looted money. He has a syndicate of criminals including Abidi, Isfahani, Farhat ullah Babar, Kaira, Satan Malik and Fauzia Wahab to silence peoples.

Whether is it not laughing that Fauzia Wahab is claiming Rs. 200 billion, does her personality have a worth of 100 rupees. A lower cadre street worker, while his ex husband was working for a PTV cheque of Rs. 25 per program. She is changing husbands regularly, some kicked her and to some she left, even an ex lover is running anti-Pakistan campaign for Jinnahpur sitting at France.

The killing of Benazir was a lottery for such third rated political workers who assured Zardari to protect his loot. Even her son threatened to kill Mr. Ansar Abbasi and that was reported in media.

Currently two major gangs of suckers are running Pakistan, army that is earning billions of U.S. dollars with both hands and Zardari mafia that is hiding at least two billion dollars in overseas banks.
*How nation could trace Zardari’s wealth:
* Handover Satan Malik current Interior Minister, Farahnaz Isfahani, Hussain Haqqani, Zulfiqar Mirza and Abdullah Hussain Haroon to public and get the results in a week. Tempo of current courts is very slow and there is no chance that courts would ever trace looted wealth of Pakistan.

We strongly condemn campaign against media to silence voices and request Chief Justice to arrange to trace culprits behind such audo video source for information of public and expose them openly.

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