Internet Crime Unit Alert: Abidullah Jan and

Superintendent Charles Bordeleau and Abid Jan, NCLB Coordinator, making a presentation at Vanier Community Resource Centre on Janaury 23, 2006.

The so called Dictatorship Watch hate website ( is run by two dubious characters: the front man is a yellow journalist, a sympathizer and promoter of the Taliban and Al Qaeda; his name is Abidullah Jan who is based in Ottawa, Canada.

The other man (most probably a nickname of Abidullah Jan) calls himself as “International Professor” or “Earthman”, an alias that he usually shares with Dr Shahid Qureshi of The London Post.

Both of them (or one with both names?) are involved in spreading hate speech based on ethnic, religious and sectarian hatred, against Jews, Christians, Hindus, Barelvis, Shias, Qadianis etc.

According to some analysts, the site is used by rogue elements in Pakistan’s ISI to promote pro-Taliban, pro-radical Islam and pro-Wahhabi propaganda.

This website, its administrators and those linked with this website and these two persons must be continuously monitored.

It is quite possible that some of them might be involved in potentially heinous acts of terrorism in South Asia and also in North America and Europe.


Profile of Abid Ullah Jan
Abid Ullah Jan is the Editor of a notorious hate website Dictatorship Watch. According to Wikipedia,

Abid Ullah Jan is a prolific writer and community development specialist. He has conceptualized and implemented a model of crime prevention through social development in South East Ottawa, called No Community Left Behind (NCLB). The program won several Awards, including Community Builder of the Year Award from the United Way Ottawa. Mr. Jan is the author of seven books on international affairs, including: “The Ultimate Tragedy: Colonialists Rushing to Global War to Save the Crumbling Empire”, “Afghanistan: The Genesis of the Final Crusade”, “The Musharraf Factor: Leading Pakistan to its inevitable demise”, “From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment Continues” and “After Fascism: Muslims and the Struggle for Self-Determination”. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from Canada. Mr. Jan believes that Pakistan and Afghanistan was one state, which still doesn’t have a recognized border and the union of Pakistan and Afghanistan into a “Greater Afghanistan” is “inevitable and possible.”Mr. Jan also edits

Abdid Ullah Jan, the spreader of hate, alleges Newsweek of spreading hate:


Action by the Pakistan Government against this hate site:

Websites “harmful for the integrity of the country” banned in Pakistan…
PTA orders blockade….

Friday, January 02, 2009 (The News)
By Urooj Zia, Karachi

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued directives in the last week of December to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ordering them to block a list of six webpages on the grounds that they were “harmful for the integrity of the country.”

The directive came on the orders of the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) for the Evaluation of Websites. The IMC constitutes representatives of the Ministry of IT, PTA, Ministry of Interior and Cabinet Division. Its charter is to monitor and block blasphemous, pornographic, and anti-state or anti-Pakistan sites.

Three of the six webpages on the list issued by the PTA, however, are from, a website set up after November 3, 2007….. Most of the blocked webpages contained articles which claimed to provide information about Punjab Governor Salman Taseer’s “history”; others had pictures of members of Taseer’s family at lavish parties thrown recently at the Punjab Governor House…

….. involved in Dirty Propaganda against Zaid Hamid

Mr. Zaid Hamid writes:

They have accused me of gravest of sins, called me a Kafir and Murtid, follower of false prophets, running cults, doing khiyanat in wealth of orphans and widows, working for secret services against the State, and sponsoring my own program on News1 through secret funding of dubious agencies. Also, being a fraud by pretending to be a doctor or Professor !

Do I need to respond to these shameless slandering initiated by this site ??

There are four names we see: None of them know me despite their claims.

* Abid Ullah Jan — He has never met me in life.

Abidullah Jan has a fascist expansionist agenda

Mr. Jan believes that Pakistan and Afghanistan was one state, which still doesn’t have a recognized border and the union of Pakistan and Afghanistan into a “Greater Afghanistan” is “inevitable and possible.”[]

For a detailed account of specimens and charges of hate speech against Abidullah Jan and/or International Professor, please read:

Internet Crime Alert – Watch this man “Earthman, International Professor”. He is dangerous. Involved in hate speech and pro-terrorism propaganda.

The above links also provides excerpts from op-eds by Khalid Hasan, Aftab Iqbal. It also provides specimens of hate speech against Pakistani media including Goe, Jang, Dawn, ARY, Nawaiwaqt, Daily Times, and journalists association spread by


Example of hate material at Dictatorship Watch:

geog47 Says:

January 16th, 2009 at 3:04 pm

Very Interesting…..IV. Rehman Malik and Nariman House.

Some thing very interesting is happening in Pakistan. We will only reveal that can be made public here.

From these links on DW: Rehman Malik is not what he seems | Qadiani Prince Rehman Malik: Opium Trade | Qadiani King Musharraf Court in Full Bloom | Mush Rehman both Qadiani | Besides Musharraf, Two other Qadianis incharge of Pakistan: Rehman Malik and Tariq Aziz

you have seen who Rehman Malik is. He had a criminal record in Pakistan while for eight years in London he made money with the help of likes of Nariman House.(Any doubters check his companies’ work in London and Europe). He was to be Pakistan’s Chalabi!!

You have seen Very Intersting…one, two, three here.
However, Rehman Malik has decided as seen in this news:

that people in Pakistan should be arrested, schools closed etc.,……….under what Law?
He is not even an elected member of Assembly.
However he is a Qadiani and linked to Qadiani Center in Haifa, Israel. (Covered in DW… and here). He seems to have found a way to go after schools in Pakistan that expose Qadianis.


What do ordinary Westerners think?

Stygius writes (5 August 2004):

I meant to post this article last week, but the blog was already getting too weighted down. This 27 July “article” is by Abid Ullah Jan, a…. hack who basically writes paint-by-numbers paranoia screeds, anti-American hate, the inevitable triumph of Islam over the West and that sort of thing.

See this page for a list of informative articles such as “Arab Holocaust in the Making”. He is essentialy an apologist for Islamofascism as well as for Saddam Hussein’s regime, and saw the Taliban regime as “five years of relative peace and stability.” He is part of the loathsome, US-based Media Monitors organization, which is a propaganda front for distributing Islamist apology. (He’s apparently seeking political asylum in Canda too.)

I wanted to direct people to this article, “Fascism goes mainstream”, in particular because it shows both the intellectual bankruptcy of many educated Arab commentators, as well as some interesting and distortive tactics where he tries to adopt many Western arguments against islamofascism and redirect them. Also see his equally strange follow up piece. Most of his writing, as far as I can tell, inevitably relies on either changing the subject and the tu quoque fallacy. This bit here is Jan at his most subtle:


“….. Interestingly no one asks how a party (BNP), whose leaders call Islam a “wicked, vicious faith,” goes on to secure 800,000 or so votes. “Status decline” from working class to underclass and moving from poor white man to the status of “white trash” are not the reasons for the spreading of Islamophobic-fascism as Jeremy Seabrook would attempt to make us believe (Guardian, July 23, 2004). The reason is very clear. There are the fascist underpinnings, bolstered by the Western societies’ cult of personalities, the glorification of violence, and ability to tap into the “crowd phenomenon” or social groupthink which seems to have some deep psychological roots in the human brain. Muslims have to face the curse of a mindset shaped very carefully by persons such as Samuel Huntington and Bernard Lewis and then skilfully ignited by an army of Pipeses, Perles and Friedmans.”


The BNP (which few have ever heard of yet obviously represents Western societies in general) is Britain’s most marginal and despised fringe party. It has managed to win a couple of local council seats in the past couple of years, but little else. The idea of BNP goons reading Bernard Lewis and Thomas Friedman is actually quite funny. Thus, there is but one example of Jan’s self-serving hyperbole. In light of such propaganda, there is a column by Sheikh Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari criticizing Arab conspiracy theories about 9/11 that attempted to blame the Mossad, the US, the Michigan Militia, the Serbs, the . . . well, anyone but Osama bin Laden:


“One of the absurdities is that while Al-Qa’ida and its supporters are proud of their deeds, calling them the ‘Manhattan Raid,’ and even printing advertisements in London in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks, with pictures of the ‘magnificent 19’ – our religious, cultural, and political elite [are] struggling to deny that [the Arabs] could have had anything to do with it….Do we have the courage to criticize ourselves, to admit to our fault, and to apologize as many people do, or is it one of our hidden qualities that we are a people that are incapable of apologizing? Why won’t we take the opportunity of the appearance of the 9-11 Commission’s report to ponder why destructive violence and a culture of destruction have taken root in our society? Why won’t we take this opportunity to reconsider our educational system, our curricula, including the religious, media, and cultural discourse that causes our youth to live in a constant tension with the world?”


Although in the US many see this election in almost eschatological terms, there is an ideological clash within Islamic civilization and societies that is even more profound.

What do ordinary Pakistanis think? 


Ghost Of TK Says:

January 16th, 2009

Dictatorship “Watch” is an ISI run website.

See Here, Here, and HERE.

Jana says:
9 August 2006

ISI’s desperate bid to save Musharraf

So much so for the credibility of Mr Abidullah

I am copying my post from another thread ….

i knew why you were twisting illogical argument again and again and i also knew that you will come up with this link of Abiduallah uncle.

Due you even know who he is and from where he is operating now and with who’s funding ???

I bet you dont know him.

But let me tell you who this man is.

Its such a pity that this man has out of his hate just like Nawaz Sharif and you had dragged everyone into blam game who has any praise for Musharraf.

This man was a rag tag journalist who’s column used to appear in a local English newspaper of Peshawar. He was interogated by intellegence agencis for something (guess what that something could be) after which he ran away to USA.

currently he is in USA and is running a web portal from there, guess what who is funding this propaganda site

and do you think sitting in the US Mr abidullah has the guts to speak against CIA and expose the assests of CIA ?????

ahh my dear as soon as Zaid sahab started exposing the CIA game plan to harm ISI, Army leading to capturing our nukes, this abiduallh got alarmed and started the propaganda that too sitting in the US.


Muse says:

9 August 2008

Abid Ullah Jan – many Taliban and Al-Qaida supporters are persuaded his writings.


taimoor Says:
September 23rd, 2008

This is totally baseless ……………we should do our own research rather than belieaving on some trash article published in Dictatorship watch………There is no evedince or strong prove these shameless alegation on Zahid Hamid………..any body can come on internet and post such an article


netengr says:

Dictatorship watch is base less ,no authentic source,..

This shows that Ziaulhaq Mafia is still in the media


econfused Says:
January 20th, 2008 at 7:23 pm

It is the most incoherent article I have ever read any where. Abid Ullah Jan is just too much in to conspiracy theories. I generally try to find out about the author himself before reading anything written by him.

Look at his following conclusion:

“which shows that Union of Pakistan and Afghanistan is both necessary, inevitable and possible.’


taban.khamosh Says:
January 20th, 2008

mushie doesn’t have to be a Mossad agent to do the Zionist bidding. I am not familiar with Abid Ullah Jan, but I didn’t find his article to be too coherent. IMO focusing on conspiracy theories is counter productive. Let us just focus on what we see and the analysis we do should be based on facts available.

nota Says:
May 5th, 2008

Speaking of Abid Ullah Jan, I can claim he happens to be a friend but I am concerned for him as two of the sites he ran ( and and both dead and his email addresses (both recently changed) are giving me “This account has been disabled or discontinued” delivery failures.

nota Says:

September 20th, 2008 at 5:07 am

A different perspective (by Abid Ullah Jan) on the Hamid Mir report that I might consider abit more seriously:

Here is an interesting report by one of Pakistan’s prominent journalist from the tribal areas. The journalist is Hamid Mir. The man who played his role in facilitating the US war of aggression on Afghanistan by lying through one of his reports that Osama had told him AFTER 9/11 that he had nuclear weapons and will use them against the US forces. He also lied that Osama abducted him and tried to force him into writing his biography.

Anyway, now he reports from the Tribal areas, at least, after four years of war of terrorism by the US and Pakistani forces. He reports that both the US and Pakistani forces have not killed even a single Taliban or al-Qaeda member. The question is, where was he sleeping for the past four years? If he could see the truth after four years, where are the rest of the army of journalists who cannot move their bottoms from chairs in their comfortable office. This much report from him is neither news, nor a surprise. If you read reports on this and other sites, you would find the same contention that there are no Taliban as such and the war is simply a genocide of the innocent, helpless people.

Where report of this dubious personality starts facilitating a full scale war on Pakistan is where he starts consolidating lies of the warlords in the US – that al-Qaeda is there. That Pakistani forces are scared of them. That the army deliberately doesn’t attack them. That the army is only interested in dollars from US not the war on al-Qaeda. That his heart cries to see that Pakistan has lost the tribal areas. With journalists like these, who needs Thomas Friedman and company.

Munir Solangi Says:
September 20th, 2008

Mr.Nota, {a supporter of Abid Ullah Jan?)

Hamid Mir is speaking truth.He is openly challenging you (and Abidullah Jan) to prove him wrong.

It is clear in this clip that he was coming from North WAZIRASTAN and he was caught by Mr.Klasra on telephone when he was near Bannu.Hamid Mir spoke to Klasra from Bannu not from Islamabad.He is so brave that he is speaking against Army Generals,Zardari,Al Qaeda and Taliban.What does it mean?He was concerned only and only about Pakistan.

You people …hate Hamid Mir because he exposed the situation created by Musharraf in FATA.

Few months ago he visited Khyber and exposed that government have no writ in Barra which is only 2 kilometers from Peshawar.He tried to open our eyes BUT some people are acusing and abusing him that he projected Mangal Bagh as hero.M angal Bagh is not Taliban he is a criminal and Hamid Mir entered in his den.Hamid Mir actually investigated that there was no development in a tribal area which was only few kilometers away from Peshawar.His theme was that government is spending nothing on the development of FATA.

Mr.Nota you are trying to say that Hamid Mir helped America to bomb Afghanistan?

…Down with dictatorship.

nota Says:
January 19th, 2008 at 6:36 am

You might also find interesting the following articles from the same guy (Abid Ullah Jan’s) site:

Night of The General
How military rulers intensified Zionist influence in Pakistan


nota Says:
January 19th, 2008 at 5:54 pm


If you are going to post most articles originally from, please provide links to them at instead of to Or do you see no ethical problem with that?

Ghost Of TK Says:
December 10th, 2008 at 7:05 pm

@geog47: We also know a site called exists. If we wanted to read so much of that site we’d go there, so you can save on your cutting and pasting.

Unless of course you just want free publicity for your site, in which case, carry on! Don’t mind the “Visitor Views” part 😉

nota Says:
May 14th, 2008 at 1:07 pm

Harvard??? As far as I know, it was Boston University. Even if it was Harvard, that doesn’t make you a saint.”

Harvard’s got Alan Dershowitz, Cal Berkeley has John Yoo

By the way came across this article in WSJ in support of Daniel Pipes by our friend Haqqani for his being appointed to head Institute of Peace and featured on Pipes home page (And here is Abid Jan’s take on the same)


mbokhari says:

April 8th, 2008 at 4:31 pm

Why was this article (by Abidullah Jan’s friend) published which goes against the very creation of Pakistan? Was Jinnah an Islamist? Islamists rejected Pakistan.

But this is not the issue. The issue is, this Tauseef Zahid guy is geog47=Revivalist OR, the Khali Lifafah brigade is busy regurgitating (juGaali) by first posting its own propaganda and than responding to it. (Mind numbing) (or Abid ullah Jan?)


1. The first message posted by our Lifafah turtle is from here. (What Pakistan should do.)

2. The Turtle credits his post with “Naveed Butt” but it is clearly written by Tauseef Zahid as in the above link.

3. This troll geog47 has nothing original to contribute. He has been copy pasting long articles from other websites, including (Abidullah Jan)

4. When asked a question, these trolls reply, “I would not bother wasting my breath on few rejectors of system of Allah (swt) at the end khilafah will be back”…Oh yea? What about das Kapital? Clearly Karl Marx prophesied that communism shall come. It did. Nobody liked it. It killed millions and now its dead. This is no way of debating anything.

Posting your beliefs and then saying, you won’t waste your breath discussing them because they are TRUE, is not a very convincing argument.


Upbeat Says:
September 9th, 2008 at 11:01 pm

I think this entire ‘Memri’ b.s article is just to show how ignorant we pakistanis are. This is high quality crap. And gets the top slot on a site that until now made some sense.

Hello . we read urdu, urdu press. What are you talking about? We know the crap that passes as journalism too.

Jews are your enemy? Hindus are your enemy?
Let me tell you this.. You are your own worst enemy.

Was Zia-ul-Haq a Jew? Or Pervez Musharaff?
and this list can be long.

Learn to take responsibility for yourself.

In a country where half of the people can not read and write, is this a Jewish conspiracy.

Does jews stop Pakistani parents from sending their childern to school?

The above article is obviously written by a nutcase ,a paranoid individual. This is not research this is trash journalism.

If you don’t know your real enemies you have already lost the war.

mbokhari Says:
September 9th, 2008 at 11:32 pm


Bravo. Head of Nail, meet Upbeat. You have hit it hard.

This dictatorshipwatch guy is a paranoid android loony UFO hunter. He sees conspiracies everywhere. While I like his anti-dictatorship stance, he has written practically zilch against the Taliban or religious fanatics, or even indeed traitors like Aitzaz.

His focus on MEMRI/jews/Israel/Shias/Qadianis/Hindus and avoiding our own failures is an escapist rage-filled masturbation session. I am sorry to be so harsh, but its a fact. Losers like this guy tell us: “There is nothing wrong with us, we are A-OK. Its the XYZ that has conspired and beaten us”…So, no reform, no revival and no improvement is called for. Only a rudderless, impotent and helpless feeling of rage and revenge is encouraged.

If you ask me, thats the real Israeli conspiracy.

Abid ullah Jan is a windbag. So, Israel is our enemy. Is that news? India is our enemy. Is that news? Should we cry and whine about how much they hate us? Can Abidullah Jan “shame” the Israelis by writing about them? Or, does he think many Pakistanis are influenced by MEMRI? WTF was the point of this article? It merely says: “Those Israelis are bad and they hate us.”

Thanks but no thanks. We already KNOW that. What do you think Hussain Haqqani is doing here?

Language: This board is indeed in English. Find me a single featured article/post or topic by adm_in in Urdu. You can’t speak good english? Fine. Write in Roman Urdu.

If you think someone can throw random words in the air like: Condi Rice, Taliban, Secular Fabric, India, Nagaland, Israeli Tycoons, 52 states, and hope they somehow make a pattern when they fall to the ground, YOU ARE RETARDED.

nota Says:
November 21st, 2007 at 7:35 pm


MUST SEE: Democracy in Pakistan is a very fluid thing

We would hold elections on schedule

great.1975 Says:
August 28th, 2008 at 12:36 am

I agree with the first comment. he is probably worse than Zardari because Zardari, at least, is not doing all his nafarious deeds in the name of Islam.
Pakistan is very unfortunate though. Mulla diesel is not alone. There are so many enemies of Pakistan under freindly faces. See this for example:

Post-mortem of Farahnaz Isphahani and Hussain Haqqani


mbokhari Says:
March 21st, 2008 at 1:07 am

@geog47 (promoter of like nota)

Shame on you. What does a person’s religion got to do with how they behave? Was Zia acceptable because he prayed 5 times a day? Now, personally, I find the qadiani faith very amusing, pathetic and lame but that does not evoke homicidal hatred in me for them. Same for the Shiites or other faiths/sects.

Leave people’s religion alone. You bring down the collective IQ of this board with your asinine insinuations about X being secretly of Y faith. You are no better then the Mullahs who go on and on about the Jews.

Its people like you who have made Islam a _gaali_. I used to think that religion has a place in public life but then I got to study some classical political science and seen the shenanigans of people like you and the Mullahs like Fazloo, Qazi, Maududi and Bin Laden.

I can safely say people like you have turned moderates like me into militant secularists. Stop polluting the public sphere with your hatred. Go back to the woods from whence you came.

Saqib Says:
March 24th, 2008 at 12:34 pm


The Khilafah (Fatimi) of Egypt invited the crusaders for protection. The plot failed thanks the great Salahuddin otherwise the Crusaders would have been the “protectors” of the Khilafah.

If not Ataturk had fought the West then Turkey would have been biting the dust thanks to the Khalifah. I am not a fan of Ataturk, but there is no doubt that he saved Turkey with immense sacrifices. They didn’t like our “bahadur protectors” in Bangladesh.

We have only had four righteous Khalifahs – all the other with the exception of yet another Umar has had nothing to do with Khilafat. They have rather been kings of their ages. Apart from that we should not focus on words. What is important is we have governments which work for the prosperity to people, humanity and actions according to Qur’anic teachings.

Ghost Of TK Says:
January 16th, 2009 at 9:00 pm



This is the most self referential site ever.

I have no soft corner for Rehman Chacha but way to accuse someone! ….

Rehman Malik is Qadiani (claims DW)
See HERE, HERE and HERE (all DW links!)

When you look at HERE, HERE and HERE, it is another bunch of fvkcing pages sending you to OTHER… you guess it… Dictater Watch Pages.

I HAVE NOT COME ACROSS A SINGLE FVCKING NEWSSTORY from an OUTSIDE source just trying to validate your claim that Rehman Malik is Qadiani.

@admain: Why are you allowing this kind of pseudo crap? the guy is getting free publicity for his hokey site which doesn’t even bother to provide evidence.





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