Internet Crime Alert: Watch Dr. Shahid Qureshi of The London Post

Update: Part 2 of this post: IP trail of Dr Shahid Qureshi

“Dr. Shahid Qureshi” is probably another alias of the notorious cyberspace terrorist who calls himself “Earthman, International Professor”. Syed Adeeb and Moin Ansari are two of of his affiliates in the USA.

Most probably another nick name used by the international cyberspace terrorist Abidullah Jan, the chief editor of the notorious hate site:

According to Mr. Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abid ullah Jan, half of Pakistan is Shia or Qadiyani or Jew or Christian or the agents of RAW, Mossad, CIA, KGB etc.

This person claims that “Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London . He has written his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Khomeini and visited Tehran University”.

On another website, he introduces himself in these words: “Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London . E mail : ”

Can Pakistan help Obama avoid his ‘Vietnam’ in Afghanistan?, News from Bangladesh, Monday February 16 2009 22:28:27 PM BDT

It seems that Shahid Qureshi/Earthman/Abidullah Jan are helping sectarian and jihadi terrorists in Pakistan by providing lead to the leading secualr, left-wing presons or those from religious or ethnic minorities, so that their field operators could hit and kill left-wing, secular or minority leaders in Pakistan.

Therefore, we urgently appeal to the Governments of Pakistan, the USA, the UK, and whereever these criminals are spreading their venom from, to closely monitor sinister activities of these individuals. They may be involved in acts of terror against innocent citizens in any part of the world.

Here is a smaple of hate speech spread by “Dr.” Shahid Qureshi:

“No one knows if too compromised lame duck President Zardari is part of the problem or part of the solution keeping in view the challenges Pakistan facing at the moment? Murder of Benazir Bhutto changed the political scene of Pakistan. Her launching and removal from the scene was part of a plot because a dead Bhutto is far more effective then alive? Some people say Bhutto’s are cursed like Ghandi’s and Kennedys? But it is not as simple as it seems, all of them were used and removed with perfect timings?

Re-launching of Benazir Bhutto (and now Zardari) has another dimension which was about to be aired soon. Wikipedia encyclopedia wrote, “Bhutto was the eldest child of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a Pakistani of Sindhi descent and Shia Muslim by faith, and Begum Nusrat Bhutto, a Pakistani of Iranian-Kurdish descent, of similarly Shia Muslim by faith.” Her husband Mr. Asif Zardari also belongs to Shia faith. “Indo-US lobby is more strong in Pakistan then pro Pakistan lobby in Pakistan”

Benazir Bhutto a half-Iranian, Shia Prime Minister of a 90% Sunni Pakistan and now Zardari Inc, and others are chosen for many reasons? Ms Bhutto might be aware of with some reasons but not all of them? Benazir and Zardari’s links with Zionist lobby and complete reliance on foreign actors is a sign of mistrust on Pakistani institutions especially ISI and Army?

To demolish/undermine a country one does not need hammers? Some times removing a competent official and replacing with untrained, ignorant, uneducated, uniformed official or leaving the post vacant at time of crisis serves the purpose? For example when Zardari replaced a well trained professional Ambassador Munir Akram from Pakistan’s UN mission with a crony Haroon Hussein who deliberately failed himself in representing the case of Pakistan at the time of passing of UN Security Council Resolution without a debate after Mumbai Bombings is sign of treachery?”According a senior analyst the game plan being followed seems to be: (a) Installation of a Government surrounded by people from apparently ‘Shia’ minority, President Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, Sherry Rehman, Hussein Haqani his wife Farah Isphani, Abida Hussein (General Musharaf’s National Security Advisor (Qadiyani) Tariq Aziz sold his horses in a rush to Abida Husain and took millions in foreign accounts) and various others inner golden circle of the regime are either Shias or Qadiyani influenced like Rehman Malik relative of Tariq Aziz and Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. (b) Appointments and postings of hand picked Shia officers/cronies irrelevant of political affiliations in the embassies, important missions, provincial, federal departments, police and intelligence services. (That helps Rehman Malik to keep his foreign job and money safe?). The policy of divide and rule is in practice for long time and still in practice all needed is to see through it?

Also read this piece spreading hate speech:

PPP was formed in the house of a Shia, Dr Mubshar Hassan, Bhutto’s finance minister according to reports. MQM also formed and overly represented in leadership by the mostly leftist Shias like John Elia, Raees Emrovhee, Shanshaha Hussain, Abbas Kumeli, Haider Abbas Rizivi and many others. Both the above parties are in complete patronage of India and US! Senator Mushahid Husain the brain of former ruling party PMLQ, Faisal Salah Hayat former interior minister, SM Zafar former law minister, lawyer Naeem Bukhari (reportedly used by Gen Mushraf to sack CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry), Dr Shireen Mazari, spokesperson of Imran Khan’s PTI, Prof Mehdi Hassan, Naseem Zahra, Hasan Askri Rizvi also come from Shia background.

Hate speech against Muhajir and Qadiyanis/Ahmadis:

MQM & Qadiyanis’ Israel Connection

By Dr Shahid Qureshi in The London Post, 1st October 2008

More Qadiyanis serve in the Israeli Armed Forces than in Pakistan.
On 15th February 1987, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Sahibzada Yakub Khan
stated in an answer to a question in the National Assembly that there were
328 Qadiyani officers of different ranks in the Pakistan Armed Forces. He
said, there were one Lt. General and five Brigadiers in the Army, one
Commodore in the Navy and six of equivalent rank in the Air Force. The
number of Colonels or equivalent was 10 in the Army, two in the Navy and
three in the Air Force (total- 15). The number of Lt. Colonels or similar
ranks was 56 in the Army, 6 in the Navy, and 11 in the Air Force (total-73).
The number of Major or equivalent ranks was 135 in the Army, 5 in the Navy
and 16 in the Air Force (total- 156). The numbers of Captain or equivalents
were 58 in the Army, 5 in the Navy, and 14 in the Air Force (total -77).
Grand Total =328.

Now the question is: after 20 years where are these officers? How far up
the ladder have they gone? What is their current status in the armed forces
and intelligence agencies? “Qadiyanis were created for political reasons and
also to confuse the Muslims especially on the matter of ‘Jihad”, said a
senior analyst.

Of late, Altaf Hussain has emerged as the champion of the Qadiyanis even
though the Shia (the sect to which he belongs) have been stronger in
condemnation of the Qadiyani heresy than the other sects. On 8th September
2008, Mr Altaf Hussain said, there was “a widespread conspiracy against the
MQM of sending fax letters and emails to individuals and to Imam Bargahs and
Mosques domestically and internationally inciting hatred and provoking
attacks against Shiite and the Qadiyani sects maligning the image of the MQM
and falsely portraying it to be against the Shiite and Ahmadi sects”.

A critical analysis of mad man Dr. Shahid Qureshi by B. D. Gupta:

Most convoluted argument for nuclear bombs ever

The argument by Dr Shahid Qureshi is one of the most novel arguments in favour of a nuclear bomb in Pakistan. The idea that there are organised minorities which are somehow out to get Pakistan is deeply engrained in so many minds that its not funny. Some priceless gems:

In cricket when a player scores a hundred, nobody asks how many catches were dropped. When nations survive wars and conspiracies, no one in history asks what they were living on or what they were eating.
Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent has reduced chances of a war in the region and there is a greater chance of peace flourishing in the subcontinent. One doesn’t count the costs involved in survival.

The author has obviously forgotten Kargil and the many times India Pakistan nearly went to war. And here’s another classic conspiracy theory, it was not our fault, my lord, it was the enemy who dunnit.

What happened in 1948, 1965 and 1971 wars and then in Kargil is part of military history but what really happened in the world’s leading capitals is an ugly story of betrayal, treachery and selfishness. There is, no doubt, that the 1971 war and separation of East Pakistan was an international conspiracy and more of stabbing in the back by friends, like the US, both in 1965 and 1971.

But this line is the best one: However, treachery is also telepathic. Hehehe, how amusing, telepathic treachery, hehehe. Very nice indeed. And this book’s review was given by a certain Brigadier Khalid. His LISA has collected together the most amusing and funny collection of “experts”, bunch of clowns. He comes up with the most wonderful ideas, provides a laugh a minute. Fascinating, and to think he actually has a readership. But then, there is an idiot born every minute. Here, read his review and giggle:

Book Review

War on Terror & Siege of Pakistan

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Freemedia Publishers, Lahore

ISBN 9781 42599 5454

Price: £15

Conspiracies Against Pakistan

Most books about Pakistan are written and published abroad are either by Western authors who need to justify their angle on Islam or Pakistan or by Pakistani academics seeking to fit in with the Western academics. It is rare to see a book reflecting the point of view of a mainstream Pakistani about Pakistan particularly in the English language. This book is indeed the views and fears of a mainstream patriotic Pakistani.

Dr Shahid Qureshi has collected a vast amount of documents that are often ignored or sidelined because they do not support the subjective point of view that the author holds. In this book all relevant material on difficult subjects is compiled that is useful for further research or in support of facts for which references are not easily available. This book is particularly useful for students who need fact to draw their own conclusions or for writing a pro-Pakistan narrative as a part of their course of study.

Many analysts believes that ‘the so called ‘War on Terror ‘ was planned long before the 9/11 terrorist attacks and regime change in Pakistan from Nazwaz Sharif to General Musharaf in October 1999 was some how part of the plan’? Is it a mere coincidence that military rule was in place in Pakistan on both Soviet and US invasion of Afghanistan? This book provides information and analysis of the events as well as role of the players within the power circles of Pakistan.

One often wonder why is it so easy to install puppet regimes – civil or military – in a country like Pakistan that has a clear polity enjoying wide and strong public support! I admire the author of this book – Dr Shahid Qureshi – for his courage and patriotism to have attempted to provide an answer. In few words, the answer is the existence of ‘organised minorities’.

Organised minorities find it easy to infiltrate the establishment and influence the people because Pakistan is an open society. The core of the society is fair, generous, and hospitable. They are fair to the point of giving preference to the ‘other’ point of view over their own. They are generous – ever eager to forgive and forget. These characteristics provide for ease in maintaining social harmony. But they also make infiltration very easy.

Pre-independence politics saw the creation of two powerful elements to influence and control the Muslim core – Qadiaynis and the feudal. The Qadiaynis remained the sole subversive element who continued to flourish until they were declared non-Muslims in Pakistan by Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Thereafter, those who wanted to influence Pakistan’s policies found it easier to consort with the Army Chiefs who emerged as powerbrokers. The foreign powers seeking to determine policy infiltrated the military as well as the political system to influence promotions in the armed forces as well nominations of ministers in the cabinet as allegedly happened after February 2008 elections.

The major foreign influence on Pakistan is of US. During the Cold War, when the objectives of Pakistan as well as the USA in South Asia were identical or complementary, this influence was benign, even helpful. But India has worked its way into favour and has become the principal US ally in the region. The watershed moment was the betrayal of Pakistan when USA supported Indian invasion of East Pakistan in 1971.

American CIA carried out a study how the vote of the rural majority elects a government and the urban discontent removes it from power. They found that the political inclinations of the population in rural as well as urban areas of Pakistan were similar except in Karachi. They concluded that even a popular government could be removed by agitation in Karachi. That is the raison d’etre of the MQM.

The fear of the Qadiaynis and the MQM is widespread in Pakistan. Like the backlash against Qadiaynis in the seventies, there is every likelihood of a backlash against the MQM in the coming decade. But it is avoidable. The identity of the MQM is ethnic, not sectarian. It is books like this, which help limit the damage they can do and create a space for them to return to the mainstream. Pakistan was split into two when a conspirator (an Indian agent) was able to gain the trust of the Bengali people. That may be happening again. The leaders of all the main political parties are leaders for life, and General Musharraf wants to be one. All of them depend on foreign support largely. In such an environment, the two organised minorities – Mirzais (Qadiaynis) and MQM can operate freely to subvert Pakistan from within.

The people trust the military but not Musharraf. Could the military support patriots among politicians to frustrate the subversives? I believe that disclosures and analysis like in this book improve the prospects of that to happen. Each one of us has a duty to come forward and call a spade a spade. It is only through such courage and patriotism that ‘robust unity’ of the core of the nation will be mobilised to frustrate the subversives in our country ‘under siege from within’.

Moreover, It is always dangerous for anyone to criticise politicians because they tend to be vindictive. However, it is safer to comment on military rulers and their surrogates. This book is written during the Musharraf era when Internet opened the lines of communication and information became freely available. The book compiles useful information on all the important events of the last decade with references included to link past events. Tabooed subjects like the MQM and its links with India; the Qadianis and their patrons; insurrection in Baluchistan and the role of India, Russia, and America in it; co-operation between Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad; the accusation of nuclear proliferation against Pakistan, are all covered.

This is a book providing information that is hard to obtain; it is a book that helps understand complex events linked to and surrounding Pakistan; and it is a rich source of themes and ideas. I commend it to readers.

Usman Khalid


London Institute of South Asia

Conspiracy theory galore…But if a book has been recommended by this clown, it immediately means that the book is destined to the never to be read pile…




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