LUBP exposed: Mahdi Army Terrorists – by International Professor

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Editor’s note: Our long-time friend Earthman also known as International Professor has written yet another critical article on LUBP “exposing” our editors and authors’ secret connections with Mahdi Army terrorists. LUBP readers will recall that previously this man wrote a critical article on LUBP in May 2010 in which he “exposed” our alleged links with the ISI and our involvement in conspiracies against Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi. International Professor and his affiliates and aliases have been critical of LUBP ever since we alerted cyber crime prevention agencies to the hate speech spread by this man on the internet. See our post published in November 2008.

While International Professor went underground temporarily, he has now resumed his activities on the internet. He is active on Twitter as @Intprofessor introducing himself as “Earthman Journalist, Freelance Journalist, Researcher, Author of 3 books, Cartonist, Bloger, Human Rights activist.” His latest hate speech articles are being published by a dubious website: Make Pakistan Better, i.e.,

International Professor’s latest critical article was published on 17 January 2012, which we are reproducing below for the entertainment of our readers and also as a specimen of the mindset that LUBP is currently dealing with within and outside Pakistan. (End note)


What a surprise? Mahdi Army Terrorists exposed, conspiracy against PTI and PML N

International Professor

Source: Make Pakistan Better

Amir Mughal who runs a blog site Chagtai Khan wrote tweet and declared Mian Nawaz Shariff as Kharji, in reply I sent him web link of my article published about discussion on Rafzi vs. Kharji (Link given below), soon after that a person that declare him off shoot of PTI and called PTI Nazariati started to distribute my some articles about Mr. Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi on tweet that were also published on the same website.

How they caught is very interesting that all such material against Hamid Mir and attempt to indict him in a terrorism case was initiated by www.letusbuildpakistan.comand , where as an audio against Hamid Mir was initiated by them, refer my article link given below. The sensitive information was provided by Intelligence Bureau and behind the scene Farahnaz Isfahani and Faisal Raza Abidi were speculated to provide this information to the above websites. Faisal Raza Abidi presented same information on a TV talk show next day as well.

Amir Mughal who declares him as ex Intelligence Officer of Intelligence Bureau is mastermind, behind the scene operator of above website. He is on pay role of some foreign agencies including Iranian Intelligence agency, his entire group is very active in USA. Since USA is going for war against Iran, so links of all such group require thorough investigation. A pseudo name Ali Nishapuri, believed to be operating from Mashhad, Iran who is publicized as editor of the website, falsely showing operating from Ankarah Turkey. And his another pseudo is “Laibaah” @Laibaah1 Phoenix, Airzona

Amir Mughal is believed to be commander of defunct Sipah e Mohammed or Tehreek e Jaffria, Mahdi Army, Pasdaran e Inqilab Pakistan, Hizbullah or Mukhtar Force involved in terrorism and at least 22 terrorists of those groups are on blue book, according to daily Ummat, Karachi many are operating from Iran. Same peoples are involved in suicide attacks on their own Shia community at Quetta, according to Express news one suicide bomber involved in killings of Hazara community was son of Shia Mullah of Quetta, later his dead body was recognized by his father and from the balloon Hazara killings propaganda was released, moreover one Hazara PPP’s MNA that remained protesting against killings of Hazara Brothers disappeared from the scene.

We have no doubt that some peoples from President House and Prime Minister House are involved to operate both websites. Their political target is to create rift between Imran Khan and Mian Nawaz Shariff, so that PML N and PTI may not join hands. PTI Nazariati is an example that is backed by www.letusbuildpakistan.comand

A list of web sites and peoples affiliated with both websites is given below, whereas same website declares it as a project of Pakistan People Party. According to their web site:

Abdul Nishapuri (pseudo name, Founding Editor), Ahmed Iqbalabadi (Blog Coordinator), Farhad Jarral (Expansion and Development Coordinator, Youth Leader), Humza Ikram (Development, Education, Minority Rights)
Junaid Qaiser (Media Watch, Minority Rights)
Maula Baksh Thadani (Political Critic), Sarah Khan (Critical Reflections)

LUBP Forum: Ahmer Asif (Forum Coordinator), Javed Sheikh (Forum Coordinator)

Advisory Board: Shaheryar Ali, Shiraz Paracha, Omar Khattab

And many websites or blog sites affiliated or working under same mentality are as under:

Pakistan Media Watch, Pak Tea House, Grand Trunk Road by Abdul Nishapuri, Views on Pakistani News, Chaudhary Ahmed Khan, Baynaampujabi etc.

Major writers are well known pro-Iranian like Ahsan Abbas Shah (Urdu Section), Anas Abbas (Counter-terrorism), Anas Muhammad, Ai Sher Mussali, Laila Ebadi, Aal-e-Hashmat, Agha Haider Raza, Ali Raja, Sikandar Mehdi etc. Ali Nishapuri and Ali Arqam are fake names and believed to be living in Iran.

Activities in North America and Europe:

During Iraq invasion large shia groups were hired by agencies and billions of dollar were paid, there are big names on record who received cash, even one Shia Mullah Khoi was sent to Iraq and when he was killed media confirmed that he was paid millions of dollar.

In all such game Pakistan’s Husain Haqani and Farahnaz Isfahani were also beneficiary of Iraq Invasion and later war of terror, their statements and Videos are available on this website, that is why for entire NRO sponsored current Government of Pakistan is shaking when same army generals that rectified NRO turned their back from Husain Haqani in Memogate.

Pakistan is unfortunate enough that 70% of its ambassadors at Washington, New York and London were Shia. Such as M H Isfahani, Abida Husain, Amjad Husian, Hussain Haroon and leading councilor offices are also under their control, such as Gardezi at Washington etc. A lot of Shia terrorists have reached North America and Europe. Now it is their business to propagate against Pakistan and commit terrorism against their own Shia community to pose their selves as victim to seek refugee status. Last month a lot of two dozen illegal persons died near Australia were all Shia’s.

The terrorists and criminals that have reached America, Australia or Europe are using the venue for cyber terrorism, propaganda for making room for new comers.

Since war against Iran is knocking on the door, so, all pro-Iranian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Pakistani terrorists must be watched carefully for cyber terrorism. Particularly some Pakistan’s ex Intelligence agents working at USA or posing living there.

Talk about new global terrorism or Iranian backed Shia Terrorists:

Poor apologists of Zardari and NRO’d agents of agencies are still trying to beat drum of Taliban and Wahabi, now time has changed and world is in danger from Shia Cyber Terrorists, Iranian state terrorism and export of Khomeinism. As such Syria, Bahrain, Saudi Arab, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Central Asia are burning in fire by agents and exported Iranian state terrorism.

Pakistan’s Shia Government:

Pakistan’s President, Prime Minister, Speaker and majority of institutional heads are Shia. On the name of religion 95% Sunni majority is forcefully imprisoned into their homes when Shia take out processions, bully Sunni’s and a tiny minority with the help of state try to confined peoples to their homes and even no one is allowed to see outside their windows. By hook by crook every month force to take out religious processions, peoples are restricted to homes and when any clash happens, propagandists pose them as minority under victimization.



Aftab Iqbal, Nawaiwaqt, 18 October 2008



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