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Chairman Bilawal, President Zardari and PM Gillani wish ‘Merry Christmas’: President Asif Ali Zardari, Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani have felicitated Christian community on the eve of Christmas falling today. The president said, “Christmas is a time for festivity, celebration and rejoicing as
Joy to the World, Merry Christmas: Dear Friends, Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for all the support you extended towards Let Us Build Pakistan in 2010. In Solidarity LUBP Team
His Holiness Pope Benedict’s message on Christmas: Pope Benedict’s Christmas message for the UK has been broadcast as Thought For The Day on the Today programme on Radio 4. It is the first time that the Pontiff has addressed a Christmas message especially for one of
Christians will observe Christmas as a ‘protest day’, Sandul prays for Aasia Bibi: President Asif Ali Zardari yesterday said that his government would not allow the blasphemy law to be used for the settling personal scores. “The government,” he insisted, “will take all appropriate measures, whether administrative, procedural or legislative to stop
Prayer of the Penitent: My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good, I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with your
Sunnis and Shias unite to harass religious minorities on the Christman Eve:
Kiran’s foetus is malformed, the pregnant Christian girl who was raped: Related Article: Rape and murder of Christian girls The foetus suffers from a severe form of hydrocephalus; no higher or lower limbs are present. It is destined for certain death due to miscarriage, or, should it come to light,
‘President wants blasphemy law reviewed’: Related Articles: Now the whole world demands: repeal Pakistan’s blasphemy law Asia Bibi likely to be pardoned by President Asif Ali Zardari Shia physician charged with blasphemy in Hyderabad Sindh The impact of blasphemy laws on human rights KARACHI:
Laws that insult reason and justice -by Peter Jacob: The point that our religious parties seem to ignore is that the fault lies within the content and intent of the blasphemy laws themselves. The assumptions and the very scheme of these laws are manifested to be at cross-purposes
AHCR campaigns to prosecute Maulana Yousaf Qureshi: Related News Stories: “No one will let her live. The mullahs are saying they will kill her when she comes out.” And Chief Justice Justice Khwaja Sharif of the Lahore High Court barred the government from introducing any change
“No one will let her live, the mullahs are saying they will kill her when she comes out”, a BBC report on Asia Bibi: “No one will let her live. The mullahs are saying they will kill her when she comes out.” And Chief Justice Justice Khwaja Sharif of the Lahore High Court barred the government from introducing any change in the blasphemy
Christmas in jail for Asia Bibi, as Khawaja Sharif bars govt from amending blasphemy law: Related Articles: Nawaz Sharif’s sectarian poodle in Lahore High Court stays Aasia bibi’s release LHC overstepped in barring Zardari from pardoning blasphemy-accused Christian: HRW Chief Justice Justice Khwaja Sharif of the Lahore High Court barred the government from introducing
In Pakistan, Christianity Earns a Death Sentence -by Omar Waraich: It all began a year and a half ago, with a quarrel over a bowl of water. A group of women farm workers were suffering in the heat near a village in Pakistans Punjab province. Aasia Noreen, an illiterate
Mubarak ho!: Related articles: Christian boy Muslim girl marriage forcing Christians to flee Karachi It’s ok if a Muslim boy loves a Christian girl but…. جملہ اہل اسلام کو مبارک ہو – لڑکے نے اسلام قبول کر لیا امیرالمومنین آف افغانستان
Asia Bibi, lawyers working to expose the false testimonies: To expose the false witnesses, highlighting the “castle of liars” that accuses Asia Bibi; to demonstrate the failures of the police and the conditions suffered by the judge who in the first instance issued the death sentence. Lawyers of
Our lovely image – by Kamran Shafi: JUST back from a trip to lovely old England — oh how I love England! — and the usual experiences: the immigration officer at Heathrow falling off her chair at the mere sight of my green passport, then getting
Christian teen boy convicted of ‘blasphemy’ nearly stoned to death in prison: Pakistan has not yet executed anyone for blasphemy, but dozens are imprisoned on blasphemy charges, which many right activists and lawyers said are levelled to settle personal disputes. Pressure is growing on Pakistan to amend its blasphemy laws, but
Christian boy Muslim girl marriage forcing Christians to flee Karachi: Related Article: It’s ok if a Muslim boy loves a Christian girl but…. Several Christian families at Saeedabad in Karachi have fled their homes while many others have sent their women to safer grounds, following threats issued by the
It’s ok if a Muslim boy loves a Christian girl but….: ’محبت کا معاملہ‘، مسیحی برادری میں خوف بلدیہ ٹاؤن میں ایک اندازے کے مطابق تین ہزار کے قریب مسیحی آبادی ہے کراچی کے علاقے بلدیہ ٹاؤن میں ایک مسیحی لڑکے اور مسلم لڑکی کے گھر سے نکل جانے کے
No to blasphemy laws — by Marvi Sirmed: One is amazed at the audacity of the advocates of blasphemy laws, who think of themselves as vigilant guards of not only the Almighty, but religious personages as well, thereby creating an illusion that God and the Prophet (PBUH)
Time to repeal the blasphemy law -by Nasim Zehra: In June 2008, Asiya Bibi, a Pakistani farm worker and mother of five, fetched water for others working on the farm. Many refused the water because Asiya was Christian. The situation got ugly. Reports indicate Asiya was harassed because
PML-N leader and supporters bulldoze a Church:     Lahore:  Hundreds of Christians protestors block Raiwind-Lahore Road when staged protest in front of Chief Minister Punjab Farmhouse in Raiwind on bulldozing a Church was bulldozed by an influential Muslim[leagues] to grab Church land on November 15,
Now the whole world demands: repeal Pakistan’s blasphemy law: The whole world  is deeply shocked and concerned over Asia Bibi’s death sentence for blasphemy, issued by a local court in Pakistan. Concerned citizens and human rights activists say the case of Asia Bibi – the first woman to
A review of Christian-Muslim conflict and a modest proposal to counter it: If outside experts could help disentangle religion from the other issues, the argument goes, that could help neutralise religion’s capacity to mobilise and inflame, in the hope of leading to a de-escalation of the crisis. Is this idealistic? Maybe………
Christians ask Obama to condemn violent Hindu extremism: Christians in India are asking U.S. President Barack Obama to stand up for issues such as human rights, peace, justice, and dialogue, says Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay and Chairman of the Bishops’ Conference of India, in an
Punjab Police stop mass in front of Gordon College chapel: Related Posts: Christians protest chapel violently taken over by Muslims; pastor says “The local parliamentarians of the PML-N do not want a church here.” Anti Minorities Campaign in Punjab Wake up Shabaz Sharif! Christians fearful and fleeing Punjab And
Rape and murder of Christian girls: Islamabad – Brutal violence has been committed against two Christian girls: Lubna Masih, age 12, was raped and murdered by a group of Muslims in Rawalpindi and Kiran Nayyaz of Faisalabad, a 13-year-old Catholic, was raped by a Muslim
Christian lawyer, his wife and their five children killed: Religious extremists killed a Christian lawyer, his wife and their five children in northwestern Pakistan this week for mounting a legal challenge against a Muslim who was charging a Christian exorbitant interest, local sources said. According to a story
Fear and apprehension among Christians: There is fear and apprehension among Christians in Pakistan as the country celebrates the end of the Muslim observance of Ramadan.News of Holly Quran Burning Day in the U.S. by a Pentecostal priest  in Florida has led to tension,
Rehman Malik, who do you represent? – by Imtiaz Baloch: While Rehman Malik statements regarding the peace process in Balochistan of threatening aggrieved Baloch elements of using more force was responded by the sensible Baloch political leadership as Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal and Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo,  Newspaper
Triple Blasts in Youm-e-Ali (a.s.) Procession: Karbala attacked in Lahore – by Ch. Ahmad Khan: As the death toll from today’s gruesome attacks on a Shiite procession commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, probably the most venerated muslim saint after the Holy Prophet rises, few if any are addressing the core issues that have
Three Christian humanitarian workers killed by Taliban: Three humanitarian workers operating in the Swat Valley, in the northern part of the country, have been killed by Pakistani Taliban while working to bring aid to flood victims. The attack of the fundamentalists, which has also caused several
Denialistan: DAWN’s romance with jihadis exposed – by Nasima Zehra Awan: Nasima Zehra Awan laments the media romances with sectarian Islamists while the country drowns The August 21st editorial by DAWN is a good example of what is wrong with the media in Pakistan. “Hardliners and Flood Relief” is precisely
Floods and Minorities in Pakistan: Fr. Emmanuel Asi, President of the Lahore Biblical Theological Institute and a member of the directive committee of the Theological Institute for Laity in Pakistan, as well as expert in interreligious dialogue, was recently interviewed by the press office
Rewarding hate – by Nadeem F. Paracha: The more mischievous among us even prayed to the Almighty to let the Saudis fall in love with this eminent ‘Islamic scholar’ and fund his outlandish theories, leaving television viewers ever so grateful for keeping him there. But, alas,
Pervez Masih: Unsung Hero of Pakistan – by Ali Abbas Zaidi: I have written on him before, but I want to write more. [click here to read: Daewoo Gang-rape and Pervez Masih] — To the unsung hero of Pakistan! Heroes come in different types, heroics vary with the impact they
Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists kill two blasphemy accused Christians in Faisalabad: Adapted from Pakistan Christian Post Children of General Zia-ul-Haq, i.e., terrorists of the Sipah-e-Sahaba, under the patronage of Pakistan’s ISI and Shahbaz Sharif’s government in the Punjab province, are back in action once again. Today (19 July 2010), Muslim
Wake up Shabaz Sharif! Christians fearful and fleeing Punjab -by Junaid Qaiser: Violence against minorities is on the increase-and religious minority groups in Pakistan remain vulnerable due to the continued misuse and abuse of blasphemy laws. According to the, Annual Report on Religious Minorities in Pakistan, presented by the Justice and
An Open letter to the CJ LHC- by Nimer Ahmed: Nimer Ahmed has written an open letter to Chief Justice Lahore High Court in daily Aajkal…
Christians’ fears piqued over blasphemy accusations: Since the penal code of the country was amended, during General Zia’s regime  in 1986, religious minorities in the country have been living in a state of fear and terror. Under the Blasphemy Law false cases have been brought