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Removing the only good thing Zia-ul Haq added to the Constitution!: Yasser Latif Hamdani at Pak Tea House blog has pointed out a terrible omission in the 18th Amendment Bill [PDF]. If you look on page 93 of the document, you can see that Article 91 is being amended back
All Praise for The General – by A.H. Amin: Source Pakistani analysts have a tendency to view US as a demi God and frequently assess US intentions when it engages or disengages the Pakistani military. Analyst generally find little or no fault in the sitting army chief whose
Appeal for a victim of the blasphemy law: This letter in Daily Times is an appeal for the release of Professor Zahid Hussain Mirza who has been in detention since June 1999 after he was accused of blasphemy for writing an academic book on Islam: Human rights
What did Nawaz Sharif say on March 1?: Given the huge amount of media attention being given to the PML-N’s use of stolen electricity on the night of March 1, it might be useful to take a look at the contents of Nawaz Sharif’s speech:
Lashkar-e-Taiba in Perspective – Stephen Tenkel: In 2006, the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba entered the Afghan theater, necessitating its increased presence in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The group is often mentioned during discussions of the Punjabi Taliban, militants from Punjabi
Pakistan army: the struggle within – Praveen Swami: “India,” Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari famously said in an October 2008 interview, “has never been a threat to Pakistan.” In his first major interview, given just a month after taking office, he described jihadists in Jammu and Kashmir
Assessing Zardari: On November 22 2008, Zardari, addressing the Hindustan Times leadership summit, talked of reconciliation and promised a no-first use nuclear policy – the first time any Pakistani head of state has done so. He said, in response to a
Politically motived FIR against PPP workers: The Lahore police have lodged an FIR against 250 PPP workers for protesting the Supreme Court ruling against President Zardari’s executive order and for burning effigies of Nawaz Sharif and Iftikhar Chaudhry. PPP Punjab president Rana Aftab Ahmed Khan
Rana Sanaullah has ties with sectarian terrorists? Shame on you, PML-N: PML-Q MNA Waqas Akram of Jhang has accused Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah of having ties with the leader of Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunna (formerly Sipah-e-Sahaba) and of touring Jhang with this militant in an attempt to gain some votes. Waqas
Was Jinnah Secular? Facts about the creation of Pakistan compiled by Aamir Mughal: I. Ideology Drama was a farce rather hoodwinking the whole Muslim Population The strength of the Muslim League in the Muslim-majority provinces was going to be put to the test during the 1945-46 election campaign. Consequently in the public
Islamists campaigning against Basant: (Photo taken from this excellent blog post) This year, like before, self-righteous individuals and organizations have taken it upon themselves to cleanse and purify Pakistani society of pernicious and Satanic influences of Western and Hindu culture. This movement has
This is what young Pakistanis are learning: Activists of the JuD hold aloft weapons during an anti-India protest rally in Lahore on Friday
MQM’s form of political protest is unjustified.: The fact remains that it is the right of the provincial government to decide what the local government system is in any province. It’s unfortunate that the local government system preferred by many PPP leaders would not be as
Wali Khan: The Frontier Liberal – by Dr. Muhammad Taqi: Originally published in the Peshawar Statesman: The Frontier Liberal: a tribute to Wali Khan By Dr. Mohammad Taqi January 25, 2010 گریزد از صف ما ہر کہ مرد غوغا نیست کسے کہ کشتہ نہ شد از قبیلہ ما نیست
accounts of family members of jihadis: From BBC Urdu جہادی کہانیاں یہ بات اب کسی سے ڈھکی چھپی نہیں رہی کہ ماضی میں جہادِ افغانستان اور جہاد کشمیر میں شریک کئی شدت پسند تنظیموں کو پاکستان کے ریاستی اداروں کی مکمل سرپرستی حاصل رہی ہے۔
A shameful decision: The recently announced decision to suspend Dr. Israr Shah from the PPP CEC is a terrible one. Dr. Israr Shah has given an unimaginable sacrifice for his party and his country and should be honoured as a hero, not
Article 227 and the NRO verdict short order: Here is article 227 of the Pakistani constitution: 227. Provisions relating to the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. (1) All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the Injunctions
Ayub Khan’s actions against politicians under EBDO or how to wipe out an entire political class: Facts about Elected Bodies Disqualification Order (EBDO) of 1959, compiled from “The Separation of East Pakistan” by Hasan Zaheer and “Bangladesh Past and Present” by Salahuddin Ahmed When Ayub Khan took power in 1958 one of his main priorities
Shameful statement by Balochistan Chief Minister: This Baloch Hal Editorial discusses the shameful statement made by Chief Minister Raisani regarding the missing persons of Balochistan: Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the chief minister, astounded everyone in Khuzdar during a press-talk by saying that most of the