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Hafta-e-Wahdat: All divides pulled down as Shias, Sunnis celebrate the birth of Prophet (pbuh) as the ‘Week of Unity’: Editor’s note: The Hafta-e-Wahdat (Week of Unity) is celebrated from 12 to 17 Rabi-ul-Awal by moderate Shias and Sunnis in Pakistan, Iran, India and other countries in order to jointly celebrate the birthday (Milad) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace
Who are these people attacking Eid Milad-un-Nabi processions in Pakistan?: Multiple attacks have been reported on 5 February 2012 on the Eid Milad-un-Nabi (12 Rabi-ul-Awal) processions in various cities in Pakistan including Mansehra, Gujranwala, Gojar Khan, Mirpur, Khairpur and Karachi. Eid Milad-un-Nabi (birthday of the Prophet Muhammad pbub) is
Shia killing: If we tolerate this, our children will be next – by Absar Ul Hasan: Related posts: Dr. Jafar Mohsin, yet another Shia doctor, target killed in Karachi Dr Jaffer Mohsin Rizvi, Shia doctor in Karachi, becomes new target of sectarian violence – by Hassan Naqvi Last week, I heard the news of the
Qila Bhatianwala: A tiny oasis of Sunni-Shia unity in Pakistan – by Karamat Bhatty: LAHORE: A small village near Lahore has achieved what most of the country has failed to forge: religious tolerance. In Qila Bhatianwala village, Shia and Sunnis live, pray, celebrate and mourn together, while the rest of the country sinks
Ali Khel, where Sunnis and Shias were massacred by TTP-LeJ-SSP proxies – by Farhat Taj: Farha Taj’s article in Daily Times today is a challenge to those who project Pashtuns = Taliban and those who project TTP-LeJ-SSP = Sunnis. The article shows that Pakistani Shias & Sunnis, Pakhtuns & non-Pakhtuns are a victim of
The fabrication of Bahrain’s Shiite-Sunni divide – by Shirin Sadeghi: Related articles: The Shia genocide in Bahrain shows Islam’s replacement by Wahhabism – by Omar Khattab Sectarianism and racism: The dishonest narratives on Bahrain – by Hasnain Magsi LUBP Archive on Bahrain Saudi Arabia’s army enters Bahrain to crush
A cautious celebration of the Shia-Sunni agreement in Kurram Agency: Celebration I know many Pakistanis particularly those belonging to Kurram Agency are celebrating the recent peace agreement between the Shia and Sunni factions of Kurram Agency which guarantees safe passage of Shias on the Thall-Parachinar Road lifting almost 4
Pakistan, not a lost case: An example of sectarian harmony and tolerance – by Amna Imam: The following article suggests that religious fanatics (belonging to Deobandi, Ahl-e-Hadith, Shia and Barelvi sects) are a tiny minority in Pakistan. The dominant majority of Muslims and non-Muslims of Pakistan are a peace loving, tolerant nation. Unfortunately, our enemies
Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC): Peaceful Sunni Barelvis rise against Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Taliban: Cross-posted from LUBP old website: Related article: Will the Barelvi majority in Pakistan stand against terrorism? – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid Related posts: Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC): Peaceful Barelvis rise against the Taliban-SSP criminals Sunni Barelvi (Sufi Muslims) Struggle with
A tribute to Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi: Most eminent representative of Deobandi Islam – by Abdul Nishapuri: Currently while there is a dearth of visionary, committed and selfless Muslim scholars who could lead the disillusioned and misguided Muslim youth to serving Islam, Pakistan and overall humanity in a constructive manner, it is pertinent to present a
Religious tolerance in Islam: an excellent lecture by Maulana Muhammad Ishaq: For a brief introduction of Maulana Muhammad Ishaq, refer to the following post: Link to Maulana’s book: Wahdat-e-Ummat – Maulana Ishaq- part 1 Wahdat-e-Ummat – Maulana Ishaq part 2 The LUBP is pleased to post a daring, critical, honest
Maulana Muhammad Ishaq – an eminent Ahle Hadith scholar: Related article: Religious tolerance in Islam: an excellent lecture by Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Link to Maulana’s book on unity: Wahdat-e-Ummat – Maulana Ishaq- part 1 Wahdat-e-Ummat – Maulana Ishaq part 2 In these times when sectarian and faith based
Sadullah Jan Barq: Shia Sunni Unity – The Unity Week (Hafta-e-Wahdat):
The Sunni Shia Unity Week (Hafta-e-Wahdat): A noble tradition – by Sadullah Jan Barq: The Unity Week (Hafta-e-Wahdat) is celebrated in Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and other countries from 12 to 17 Rabiul Awal every year (Islamic calendar) to foster between Sunni and Shia Muslims as well as with followers of other sects
A song dedicated to Islamic Brotherhood Week: By peitha ….. what we are missing in all this chatter is a modern version of someone like Tom Lehrer, producing songs like National Brotherhood Week about these conflicts – though I’m not really sure one wants to go
Countering extremism and Imam Abu Hanifa’s advice – Syed Mansoor Hussain: Countering extremism – Syed Mansoor Hussain If the coalition in the Punjab can survive then perhaps there is hope that these two parties will develop some sort of an understanding at the centre to mobilise Pakistanis against the real
Struggling against sectarianism: Shia-Sunni ecumenism: Views of Dr Israr Ahmed and Allama Kalbe Sadiq: Struggling against sectarianism: Shia-Sunni ecumenism By Yoginder Sikand In an unprecedented move, last week thousands of Sunni and Shia Muslims gathered together in Lucknow to collectively offer prayers to mark the festival of Eid at the end of the
Shia Sunni Dialogue in Pakistan: Why and How: By Abdul Malik Mujahid When in a Karachi Shia masjid a suicide bomber killed worshipers on a recent Friday, the first people who rushed to the rescue were worshipers from the nearby Sunni mosque in the Sindh Madrasah. They
Time for Sunni-Shia unity: An interesting debate between a tolerant Musilm and a sectarian Taliban apologist: Traffic Says: i bet this molvi (Hamid Saeed Kazimi) is shia, like that other munafiq aamir liaqat hussain who has keeps his faith hidden on his tv-show but gets filmed cursing the sahabah in a shia majlis. shame on