Time for Sunni-Shia unity: An interesting debate between a tolerant Musilm and a sectarian Taliban apologist

Traffic Says:

i bet this molvi (Hamid Saeed Kazimi) is shia, like that other munafiq aamir liaqat hussain who has keeps his faith hidden on his tv-show but gets filmed cursing the sahabah in a shia majlis. shame on these sarkari molvis.

though this is a political forum and i shudnt discuss religious issues here, but seeing this hypocrite i just had to.

we_are_nuts Says:

Maybe your parents didn’t teach you manners because if somebody is not talking the way you want them to talk, that doesn’t mean they are shia. You are not suppose to say everything you are thinking, you need to think a little more before speaking. What’s wrong with being shia?

“…this is a political forum and i shudnt discuss religious issues here, but seeing this hypocrite i just had to.”

By your post, it appears that shia’s are hypocrite? Care to explain?

Zealots like you is what is wrong with Pakistan, however, my parents taught me that Pakistan exists for everybody who lives there PEACEFULLY and does NOT want to IMPLEMENT their way of living on others. So if you are living in any part of this world and hate shias, i would recommend that you sure talk about it, write about it and say whatever you feel like, but don’t blame people because they are shia. Shah Iran Reza Shah Pehlvi was shia and so was Ayatullah Khomeni.

For your kind information, Syed Kazmi sahib is not a shia. If you use Syed and Kazmi in your name, that doesn’t mean you are shia. Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani is not a shia either. Syed Mushi generalismo is not shia either neither is Syed Mustufa Kamal.

However who is shia:

Mushahid Hussein Syed – Babbler
Syed Kurshid Shah – Alay Maast – local sharabi
Syed Naveed Qamar – Johnie Walker Mooch Wala sharabi.

I would also recommend that you judge a person based on what she/he says rather than where she/he is from, however, you cannot seperate the two, but it’s best to base your decision on the prior rather than latter.

Traffic Says:

@ we are nuts

woah chill out man. i dont hate this syed “sahab” because he doesnt say what i want him to. i hate him cos he’s pretending to be a religious scholar and at the same time lying through his teeth, and also defending a corrupt thug and he’s saying its ok to break agreements. is this what Islam taught him?

no need to get touchy about it. i thought he might be shia cos he reminded me of that other hypocrite aamir liaqat hussain, who claims to be a promoter of inter-sectarian harmony but i saw a video where he’s sitting in a shia majlis and abusing the sahaba of the Holy Prophet (saw). i presume you are shia, you would probably know that shias say that it is ok to lie, they call it takiah, its an important part of their religion, so i thought thats why this guy has no qualms about lying on national tv. anyways i dont want to start a religious debate here. tc

oh and add that wh0re Aunty Shamim to your list of dirty shias as well lol. she was also a lying b*tch-a$$ p!mp.

“Shah Iran Reza Shah Pehlvi was shia and so was Ayatullah Khomeni.”

both no-good. 🙂

we_are_nuts Says:


Well smart as* dumbo fu**er. You are a bigger idiot than i thought. Bias mofos like you don’t deserve an inch on the face of this earth but unfortunately i was taught that free speech is an integral part of a free society and any attempt to muzzle it will be futile as is just creates more chaos and mofos like you. However, free speech doesn’t condone hate speech, which is what you practice. People like you are what is wrong with Pakistan.

Dumbo idiot f**ker, the real shia in the show is actually the PML-N guy, you know Syed Zafar Ali Shah (this is not the PPP Zafar Ali Shah, but actually the PML-N Zafar Ali Shah). That’s what happens to idiot zealots like you who shoot from the hip and maintain biases in their minds which have no place in a civil society. Now are you going to criticize Zafar Ali Shah from PML-N because he is a shia? Btw, I have no love lost for Zardaro and Syed Mullah Kazim either.

“oh and add that wh0re Aunty Shamim to your list of dirty shias”
WTF? What kind of logic is this? Have you ever heard of Heera Mandi in Lahore. Should i blame all sunnis or shias because there are wh*res in Heera Mandi who might or might not belong to a particular sect? Oh let me guess, no logic can be used it’s against Islam.

“i presume you are shia….”

No mofo, i am a facist sent by Hazrat Umar (RA) from the 6th century with instructions to wipe mofos like you from the face of this earth because the good Sahabi (RA) is sick and tired of you mofos leveraging the fault lines in Islam to advance your agenda. However, i counseled to the Sahabi (RA) that the world has changed and we need have more tolerance now in the 21st century. But then Hazrat Umar (RA) gave me a copy of this:


Go pound sand mofo with your Bull Sh*t about inter-sectarian harmony and Amir Liaqat Hussein Bull Sh*t. Mofos like you have one point agenda, ride on the fault lines in Islam and feel some sort vile nasty pleasure from it. You guys seem to enjoy this for some reason.