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میڈیا میں طالبان پرست دیوبندی لابی نے شہباز تاثیر اور علی حیدر گیلانی کے خلاف غلیظ پراپیگنڈا شروع کر دیا:   ہوشیار، میڈیا اور سوشل میڈیا میں طالبان اور القاعدہ کے حامی تکفیری دیوبندی خوارج جن میں عامر ہاشم خاکوانی، شمس الدین امجد، رعایت الله فاروقی، فیض الله دیوبندی، سبوخ سید دیوبندی، انصار عباسی، سلیم صافی دیوبندی، اوریا مقبول،
What made Shahbaz Taseer’s release possible: Shahbaz Taseer’s release was made possible due to payment of a hefty sum of Rs2 billion to radical Deobandi outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, an affiliate of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The mediatory role was played by Javed Ibrahim Paracha, a local
Why can’t we bring back Ali Haider Gilani or Shahbaz Taseer? – Sabeet Raza: Ali Haider Gilani, son of former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, was abducted on May 2, 2013 during an election rally from his hometown, Multan. His secretary and bodyguard were both killed, and soon after that, the election campaign of Pakistan People’s
Bravery has no place where it can avail nothing – by Syed Salman: Though I wrote this blog last year when daring Salmaan Taseer was assassinated, hoping his death would not be just another to increase tally, but unfortunately things didn’t move an inch towards improvement, rather further deteriorated;  Shahbaz Bhatti was
Why Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped? -by Watson Gill: شہباز تاثیر کے اغواہ کیا مقصد؟۔ کیا شہباز تاثیر کو اس لئے اغواہ کیا ہے کہ اس کے خاندان کو پریشرایئز کر کے قصاص لینے پر مجبور کیا جائے اور ممتاز قادری کو باعزت بری کرا لیا جائے۔ ممتاز
Kidnappers of Taseer’s son want release of Mumtaz Qadri – by Amir Mir: Related posts:  Bold statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Shia massacres in Pakistan under the patronage by Pakistan army In support of Shahbaz Taseer ****** Expressing grave concern over the release of Malik Mohammad Ishaq, one of
Let’s wipe out the PPP: On Daily Times’ editorial on Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping: Related post: PSF activists support Mumtaz Qadri? Poor reporting by the Daily Times: A plea to Shaheed Taseer’s family – by Shahid Khakwani There are a number of key problems in Daily Times’ Editorial on Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping: 1.
Death can not kill a character – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
In support of Shahbaz Taseer: We are extremely perturbed to hear the news of the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer and our thoughts, prayers and wishes are with his family in this trying hour. In trying to make sense of this disturbing and depressing event,