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سلمان تاثیر شہید کے قتل میں نواز شریف کا کردار: نواز شریف کا نمکخوار چیف جسٹس خواجہ شریف، گورنر سلمان تاثیر کے قاتل ملک ممتاز حسین کا وکیل صفائی ہے  نواز شریف کا امیدوار قومی اسمبلی عباد ڈوگر دیوبندی، جس نے تاثیر کو قتل کرنے والے کے لئے دو
سلمان تاثیر قتل کیس – ممتاز قادری کو کون بچانا چاہتا ہے اور کیوں ؟: ممتاز قادری کو کون اور کیوں بچانا چاہتے ہیں ؟ جنوری کے آخری ہفتے میں منگل کے روز اسلام آباد ہائی کورٹ میں سابق گورنر سلمان تاثیر کے قتل کے ملزم ممتاز قادری نے اپنے خلاف سزائے موت سنائے
Children of Lesser God: Early this January, liberal quarters of Pakistan’s civil society commemorated fourth death anniversary of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer, the slain Governor of the Punjab. He was assassinated in broad daylight four years ago because of his unrelenting support for a
Remembering Salman Taseer – by Pervez Hoodbhoy: Governor Salmaan Taseer died at the hands of a religious fanatic on January 4 last year. Fearlessly championing a deeply unpopular cause, this brave man had sought to revisit the country’s blasphemy law which, as he saw it, was
How Salman Taseer Inspires Us – by Team What the Sach: It was January of 2010, the new year had just set in, we like a majority of people were least concerned about what is happening in the country, we only heard that Salman Taseer was talking about blasphemy laws
Salman Taseer! we are ashamed: Salman Taseer Sahib! We are ashamed of By: Amir Hussaini I was sitting with my two friends in a resturant one was Azam Khan and other was Syed Musadiq Mehdi Jaffary both are progressive and have long record strugggle
Don’t Let Aasia Die – by Haris Ubaid: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer has been assassinated for speaking in support of a christian woman Aasia Bibi, a 45 year old Christian wife and mother who was sentenced to death by hanging in Pakistan for being a Christian on