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  • حضرت کبھی انسان اور انسانیت کا بھی سوچ لیا کریں – عمار کاظمی

    حضرت کبھی انسان اور انسانیت کا بھی سوچ لیا کریں – عمار کاظمی

      حضرت کبھی انسان اور انسانیت کا بھی سوچ لیا کریں مسلمان اگر مینار آسمان تک لیجانے، مساجد کو ماربل سے بھرنے اور دو دو حج کرنے کی بجائے غریبوں کو پانچ مرلے کی چھت مہیا کرنے لگیں تو شاید دنیا میں انھیں عزت کی نگاہ سے دیکھا جانے لگے۔ شیعہ اگر زیارت کو زیور […]

  • بس کر او یار- از عمار کاظمی

    بس کر او یار- از عمار کاظمی

    مینار آسمان تک لے جانے ہیں جیسے آخری منزل کی کھڑکی کھولتے ہی حور کے کمرے میں داخل ہو جائے گا۔ مگر کسی غریب کی ایک کمرے کی چھت نہیں ڈالنی کہ اس کے لیے اللہ ہی کافی ہے۔ اگر ویسلہ بے معنی تھا تو خدا سے کہتے کہ ہر انسان پر الگ الگ وحی […]

  • Why Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto loved us – by Ali Sher Mussali

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  • 229 Suicides left Unresolved Questions- by H.A Khan

    Three days before as I was reading newspapers online, Suddenly a news report made me so shocked and sad that During last 3 or 4 months 229 people of Pakistan had committed Suicide. The main reasons were the economic conditions and the hunger which these families were unable to cope with. My mind suddenly shocked […]

  • Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Children’s Hospital and Education Project, D.G.Khan – A welfare project by the LUBP Trust

    Photo created by: Maliha Javed Ali. It is to inform all our visitors that Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) has taken an initiative towards helping poor masses. This is the very first project of the Team LUBP named as ‘Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Chidren’s Hospital and Education Project’. We as a team of teachers, students, […]

  • Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme – by Saad Hassan

    Originally Published at THENEWS! Employees turn millionaires overnight; Govt gives 12pc of shareholding in PPL to employees SUI: Hundreds of junior-cadre workers of the state-run Pakistan Petroleum (PPL) became millionaires overnight after getting ownership certificates of their company under the Benazir Employees Stock Option scheme. Many of these employees belong to Dera Bugti district, where […]

  • The Constitutional Package vs Masses Miseries – by H.A. Khan

    Now a days if you switch on any news channel you will see a very deep and detailed discussion on the current work of the 27 members committee on the coming constitutional package. All anchors are confirming with their all sources that all has been agreed between all the members and now the final draft is underway and […]