The Constitutional Package vs Masses Miseries – by H.A. Khan

Now a days if you switch on any news channel you will see a very deep and detailed discussion on the current work of the 27 members committee on the coming constitutional package. All anchors are confirming with their all sources that all has been agreed between all the members and now the final draft is underway and the nation will hear soon a very good news.

As a student of politics i wonder that we are always wasting our time for making the non-issues to the only issues of our country. I have not heard any masses voice either for or against the coming miracle of the constitutional package.

Here i would like to mention one important point that you can see that all parties are unanimous on the package and its miracles with democratic blessings, but i feel so sad and upset as i didnt see these members sitting together for working to oversome the misseries and hardships of our people whom are confronting on so many things from price hikes to loadshedding and many more.

These members are enjoying their lives in limousines and discussing the draft in the most lavish meeting rooms drinking the mineral water but have no feeling that their countrymen have no access to simple water in many places.These people are happy on package but cannot produce the miracle for joy an happiness for our people.

As our more population is going under the poverty line but our parliamantarians are enjoying the heaven of the ParliamentClub with the Class collaboration and not able to deliver for our people. It is very shameful for me when i see that 02 Top Leaders are among the 10 richest persons in Pakistan but their loyal workers are standing with the same poor conditionsyet showing their loyalities for them.

Time is coming very near when people will take things in their hands to finish all these miseries. It is just a false democratic musical chair continues and what people are getting is as follows(Also Described By Great MarxistTeacher Mr.Allan Woods).

1. Democratic hunger.

2. Democratic thirst.

3. Democratic loadshedding.

4. Democratic price hikes.

5. Democratic wage cuts.

6. Democratic people & private limited.

7. Democratic medical problems.

It is so pity that PPP’s richest right wing class has managed to take U Turn from the PPP of the poor workers and peasants whom are indeed the real force of true PPP; and they are just working like the right wing party whom agendais always to serve the interests of the rich, businessmen, army and the corporate.

I don’t loose hope and i find that the real poweris with the poor working class of PPP and time is coming near when they will show of to all toend these miseries.