229 Suicides left Unresolved Questions- by H.A Khan

Three days before as I was reading newspapers online, Suddenly a news report made me so shocked and sad that During last 3 or 4 months 229 people of Pakistan had committed Suicide. The main reasons were the economic conditions and the hunger which these families were unable to cope with.

My mind suddenly shocked and a deep thinking captured my heart and mind that where we are moving to? I have seen the Islamic forces compromising of the religious School with the resistance on streets against the caricatures and against all their Islamic traditions, but its so pity that this religious Class of almost all the sects practising in Pakistan had a deep silence on this worst human atrocity.

Even our political parties didn’t agitate on this worst Human incident rather than to waste their some words of mercy as to continue their worst status quo. Indeed these 229 families had suffered the worst crisis which had bound them sadly to commit the suicide. These 229 unfortunate deaths have left with some unresolved questions to be asked from all of us.

1-They should definitely ask God that if we had to die this way and in these Conditions why u had sent us on this world?

2-Why we were so unfortunate to die of hunger?

3. Why it’s so unfortunate that they were even not blessed with some Manosalwa from the upwards heaven?

4. Why it’s so that people here pray 5 times Namaz with tahajuds and making So much Zakat, Reciting the Holy book, keeping fast and even then a single piece of Bread was not given to them as a mercy by majority of practising Muslims.

5. Why its so that on caricatures and on burning the pages of the Holy Book our Faith gets So sentiment but on the deaths of 229 unfortunate people our great religious faith Gets long warmth sleep of silence.

6-Why it’s so that in society all emphasis is on all Islamic traditions but there’s no care for the people whom had died in this worst way?

7-Why it’s so that we fight on the issue of whether Hazrat Eesa (A.S) will come again or not, but the people whom are living and then committing suicide of hunger gets no attention in any aspect of life.

Many more questions can be raised, I personally feel so much ashamed and I really ask the families of these 229 people to forgive us as we had done a worst crime and still We are waiting and planning to enjoy the coming Ramadan after 2 months with all the so called religious feelings but I feel so sorry for us as a society that we had done a heinous inhuman Crime with all these 229 families and we should apologize.