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لاہور کے شاہی قلعہ کا پوچڑ خانہ – از حیدر جاوید سید:
نیوذ الرٹ: پنجاب پولیس نرسوں پر ٹوٹ پڑی، حاملہ نرس سمیت درجنوں زخمی: پنجاب حکومت جہاں ایک طرف سینکڑوں نرسوں کو نوکری سے فارغ کرنے کے منصوبے پر عمل کررہی ہے وہیں پر پنجاب حکومت کے محنت کش اقدامات کے خلاف احتجاج کرنے والی نرسوں کے خلاف پنجاب پولیس کو غنڈا گردی
نواز شریف کا تیسرا دور حکومت اور خوف کی پرچھائیں: خوف کی پرچھائیں میرے سامنے لیپ ٹاپ کی سکرین پر پانچ اردو اور انگریزی اخباروں کی سائٹس پانچ ٹیبز میں کھلی ہوئی ہیں-ہر اخبار میں چیختی چنگھاڑتی ایک ہی شہ سرخی فرنٹ پیج پر میرا منہ چڑا رہی ہے
Loadshedding riots in Faisalabad: Shahbaz Sharif doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine – by Mahpara Qalandar: Editor’s note: The Media-Judiciary-PML N-Fake Civil Society nexus has played a horrible role in misinforming the public about the crippling power crisis facing Pakistan. In the short-lived PPP government lead by Benazir Bhutto from 1993-96, a number of power
Power riots erupt in Punjab towns: Police storm houses to arrest protesters: From the Newspaper FAISALABAD: A large number of people from villages around Khurrianwala town vented their anger against power outages on Tuesday and attacked a grid station and offices of the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Fesco). They blocked traffic
Frenzied mob mentality, By Farahnaz Ispahani: All Pakistanis should have their heads lowered in shame. We appear to be still medieval rather than part of the 21st century. At a time when we reach out to the international community for aid to help our citizens
Ilyas Gujjar, a PML politician from Punjab, caught on camera: Politicians of Pakistan Muslim League (including all of its various factions, N, Q, F etc) usually claim to be guardians of Islam and Pakistan. It is however a known fact that most of the PML politicians are as hypocritical
Culture of police torture in Pakistan – by Qudrat Ullah: Although the police flogging are not an uncommon arcane in Pakistan, yet the shocking telecast of flout police torture of some hapless accused, in the presence of flabbergasted on-lookers, in a remote Punjab locality by the acerbic media, has
To be dashing, keep bashing! – by Mian Saifur Rehman: PML-N leaders in various cities of Punjab have taken out rallies and resorted to public display of arms and firing to express their (shameless) support for the police chitrol (bashing). Here is an article on this topic by Mian