Ilyas Gujjar, a PML politician from Punjab, caught on camera

Politicians of Pakistan Muslim League (including all of its various factions, N, Q, F etc) usually claim to be guardians of Islam and Pakistan.

It is however a known fact that most of the PML politicians are as hypocritical as were their ideological forefathers (e.g., General Ayub Khan and General Zia-ul-Haq).

In this post, we present to our viewers yet another specimen of the ‘character’ and ‘integrity’ of a PML politician, Chaudhry Muhammad Ilyas Gujjar. Once he used to be a loyalist to Nawaz Sharif, now he is a loyalist to Chaudharies of Gujrat; this change of heart however had little effect on that person’s integrity and character.

In 1988-90 and 1990-93, Ilyas Gujjar served as Advisor to Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif respectively during these periods.

Mubashir Lucman, in his talk-show, Point Blank, shows a video where a young student is brutally beaten by a policeman while Chaudhry Ilyas Gujjar (MPA from Kasur at that time) and his brother DSP Abbas Gujjar are ‘enjoying the show’.

The only crime of that innocent boy was that he was a class-fellow of Chaudhry Ilyas Gujjar’s son in Lahore’s FC college and tried to compete Gujjar’s son in college athletic competition. This obviously infuriated Ilyas Gujjar who decided to teach a lesson to the poor student.

While we may at times disagree with the political analysis or style of Mubashir Lucman, we believe that journalists such as him deserve our appreciation because of their bold stance in revealing such menaces in our society.

You can watch full episode of Point Blank (15 March 2010) at the following link:



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