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Qabil-e-rehm hai wo qom – by Zafar Naqvi:
Justice rushed for PCO judges, delayed for army generals: Related articles: Will Pakistan’s FREE judiciary try army generals for treason? Justice Jehanzeb Rahim of Peshawar High Court challenges contempt notice by the Supreme Court Adalat ho gi ma kay jaisi – by Honest People ‘Generals can be served
Will Pakistan’s FREE judiciary try army generals for treason?: Here is a classic case of the selective morality of Pakistan’s urban, pro-establishment class. Where are Imran Khan, Munawar Hassan and Nawaz Sharif? Were are Aitzaz Ahsan, Hamid Khan and Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed? Where are Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi,
Justice Jehanzeb Rahim of Peshawar High Court challenges contempt notice by the Supreme Court: Peshawar PCO judge asks SC to recall contempt notices Monday, May 10, 2010 ISLAMABAD: Justice Jehanzeb Rahim, Judge of the Peshawar High Court, asked the Supreme Court to recall contempt notices issued to various judges of the Supreme Court
Narcissism, vanity, selective memory loss and Pakistan’s judiciary – by Aamir Mughal: Does the present democracy owe its existence to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry? At least that is what Justice Javed Iqbal thinks: ISLAMABAD: Senior judge of the Supreme Court Justice Javed Iqbal on Thursday said the present democracy owed
The Greater Game of Rightist Establishment: What we are today witnessing is a completely de-politicized youth of Pakistan trying to define Pakistan’s politics in a haste and in black and white. There are many grey areas in politics too. Our youth today needs to understand
A critical perspective on Geo News – by Usama Bhutto: Every one likes the concept of freedom of media. Yes media should be free but at the same time responsible. Jang group is one of the leading group of news papers in Pakistan. But some time they behave in
Iftikhar Chaudhry has eaten his bread – by Amjad Rashid: It is a fact that almost every human in this world, especially in Pakistan, thinks that: 1) He (or she) is the wisest person with heroic qualities; and 2) He (or she) is the most beautiful person. Although it
Laptop Warriors: Ayaz Amir presents two pressing challenges to the Supreme Court of Pakistan: < strong>While disregarding pawns of ‘the anti-democracy establishment’ (e.g. Dr Shahid Masood and Ansar Abbasi and other members of the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ)) as “laptop warriors” and “media samurais — of whom there are not a