The Greater Game of Rightist Establishment

What we are today witnessing is a completely de-politicized youth of Pakistan trying to define Pakistan’s politics in a haste and in black and white. There are many grey areas in politics too. Our youth today needs to understand the importance of those grey areas in our History and our Politics.

From 1977-1988 Pakistan’s youth was exploited in the name of “Allah” to fight an Un-Holy War against Communism. Unaware of it’s political and implications, we made our next door neighbors Afghanistan and Russia enemies. Where our Eastern Border was our only concern, we pushed ourselves against Russia unnecessarily. The de-politicized youth of Pakistan woke up to a Pakistan steeped in Drugs, Arms, Sectarian Violence and a Breaking Federation.

From 1988-1999 the Military Establishment and tools rigged Elections and divided the vote of the people of Pakistan time and again. Pushed the institutions into a tussle which benefited the GHQ and the US interests in the region to a greater extent. Pakistan’s youth again woke up to a Military Dictator taking over the reins of power in a Military Coup.

From 1999-2005 the Military Regime engaged Pakistan in a war that continues to haunt the Nation. Meanwhile drastic changes in world politics were taking place, Pakistan’s youth was continuously discouraged at all levels to indulge in politics and form opinions. Universities and Educational Institutions were infiltrated with Retired Military Officers strictly monitoring any apparent uprising against the injustices meted out to the youth of Pakistan in the backdrop of Global Political Swing after 9/11. Politics was seen as a crime and the word was manipulated with to secure a bright future for the GHQ-Mullah Colonies in Pakistan.

In 2005 things took a sharp turn and a Judicial Movement created a very volatile environment. The youth of Pakistan found a room for their voice and accepted the deposed Judiciary as a Messiah of change.

Benazir Bhutto. Nawaz Sharif. Altaf Hussain. Politics. Elections; were the names and terms so acutely targeted in the past 20 Years that the youth of Pakistan already had a wrong perception of them all. Pakistan’s youth seemed to view things in a canvas of the last 5-6 Years ignoring the Long 60 Years Political History of the country.

A very strange phenomenon was witnessed in Pakistan. Despite a raging propaganda against the Democratic Parties of Pakistan and their Leaders for the last many years, Pakistan’s Establishment was shocked to wake up to the truth of Benazir on 18th October. 3 Million supporters from all over Pakistan welcomed the Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Home. The Military Establishment was flabbergasted as Benazir chained the Federation around her moving from town to town. There was only one solution left to dismantle the struggle and pull out the soul of hope in the People. To kill Benazir Bhutto. 27th December. 2km from GHQ. Liaqat Bagh. 5:10 pm. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.

Again the expectation of GHQ were murdered by the people. PPP stood strong and undivided in the Leadership of the same man who the Military had tortured for 13 Years. Asif Ali Zardari led the PPP to a great success. Democracy in place despite Benazir’s assassination, rigging and propaganda of NRO. A disappointed GHQ.
So this is a new course that has been adopted by the GHQ. Rallying the youth on a blind one point agenda of rightists once again since the 1977. Once again people like Zaid Hamid are out as tools of the establishment to pollute the young minds of Pakistani youth against Political System and Democracy. Exploiting issues on Media every other day and creating rifts in institutions.

This is a difficult time for our youth. We have to understand the malicious designs of the rightists with a one point agenda to isolate Pakistan in the 21st Century.

Firstly everyone supported the Judges in the Movement including the lawyers and workers of the Pakistan Peoples Party Primarily for two reasons. The movement had gained enough momentum to destabilize a dictatorial government of Musharraf. It was an investment we had to make to reduce the dictator to his bare minimum. That is not a Party stand but my personal one. PPP was targeted in the judicial movement on several occasions. Benazir Bhutto openly questioned the CJ in a press conference. So as far as the PPP is concerned, it was a principle stand to oppose the unconstitutional measure of Musharraf while keeping in mind the reservations we already have had about judiciary in the past including prominent people in this judiciary. It was by no means meant to support Iftikhar Chaudhry as a Messiah of change.

Not only that, some of them were on the bench which validated Musharraf’s takeover. A few, including My Lord the Chief Justice, were on the bench which validated Musharraf’s takeover for the second time in the Zafar Ali Shah case (2005).

After the Feb elections, if we look at the constitution of Pakistan there is no such provision to “Reinstate” a judge but only to appoint judges. Of all the 60 deposed judges, almost 43 Judges took oath under the new Government of Pakistan and were thus appointed, not reinstated. The 17 Judges including Iftikhar Chaudhry had no claim to get reinstated. Constitution of Pakistan cannot be changed for a person. The only way was to appoint him in place of the sitting CJ once he retired. The Long March coincided with the 21st March date of retirement of Dogar. So as a matter of fact, Iftikhar Chaudhry was appointed CJ by the executive in place of Justice Dogar.
Benazir’s promise to reverse the Nov 3rd PCO was thus accommodated without doing something out of the boundaries of the constitution and the Law of Pakistan.

Now, the Charter of Democracy signed by the PML-N and the PPP has a very clear clause that the Judiciary must be free of all the PCO judges. So as a matter of fact, if COD is implemented in its real spirit, there shall be no room to accomodate any PCO Judiciary.
He is a Twice PCO Judge who has accommodated other PCO Judges in the decision he gave against Nov 3rd PCO and kicked out other non-PCO judges appointed by the Governemtn of Pakistan since Feb 18th Elections.

The amount everybody is so anxious to get back home is 1.5 Billion in those acounts and the amount used by the Military Govts to pursue and forge those cases exceeds 4 Billion !! What a mockery of Justice. Besides, there is no conviction in those cases. Only allegations. As per Law you are innocent until proven guilty so the Media Pundits must be careful before calling the President of Pakistan a criminal. That is as much an offense as the “Contempt” of a “Twice PCO Independent” Judiciary.

President of Pakistan was not even convicted in any of the cases he faced in the last 13 Years in confinement, but Nawaz Sharif was “Convicted” by the highest Courts of Pakistan in the “Tayaara Sazish Case”. The biggest NRO in the History of Pakistan is that Nawaz Sharif was given an apology to leave Pakistan for 10 Years by a Military Ruler despite the Court orders for Conviction. Why nobody talks about that?

Let this be very clear. Bhutto’s have been subjected to Military torture, Cold Blooded Assassinations among their lovers and fabricated Judicial Murders.

This time, the Army Boots are trying hard for a Judicial Coup.

This time a Judicial Coup against the Democratically Elected Government of Pakistan at the behest of Military will mean a division of Pakistan. Mark my words. This is a dangerous game the CJ is playing.



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