Iftikhar Chaudhry has eaten his bread – by Amjad Rashid

It is a fact that almost every human in this world, especially in Pakistan, thinks that:

1) He (or she) is the wisest person with heroic qualities; and

2) He (or she) is the most beautiful person.

Although it is human nature but it is also a mental disease. But as the 21st century is progressing towards its climax, the scientific and medical education too is progressing day by day. However, judiciary in Pakistan seems to prove this progress totally wrong.

Are Pakistani judges living in the 21st century?

If yes, then why are they not worried to get their illness treated?

Why are they proving themselves as the modern day “SHEIKH CHILLIES” of the land of the pure?

There is a question in the mind of every sensible Pakistani that why is not the person, who is dispensing the so called justice in Pakistan, himself accountable to the same judicial procedure that he wishes to apply one everyone else?

Is he free to make fun of every respectable authority in our country?

Is there a code of conduct for judges?

One thing is clear, and every person in this whole world will agree that the man giving JUSTICE to people should be a MAN OF PRINCIPLES. He himself should be a FAIR and HONEST man in his whole career. There should not be a single blame on that person.

But the funniest thing is that judges in Pakistan consider themselves to be the wisest. They think that:




If we go back to the time of BABA FAREED GANJ SHAKAR, there was a very famous MOLVI (Mullah) in PAKPATTAN SHAREEF. He used to make fun of BABA FAREED. Once he asked BABA FAREED:

How many bases (fundamentals) Islam have?

Baba Fareed answered:

There are 6 bases in Islam.

Molvi made fun of Baba FAREED and said that there are only 5 bases in Islam. He asked BABA FAREED to tell his 6 bases.


1) Oneness of God and the final Prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.A.W)

2) Namaz (prayers)

3) Roza (fasting)

4) Zakat (charity)

5) Hajj (pilgrimage), and

6) Roti (Bread)…………………

Molvi made a lot of fun of BABA FAREED but BABA FAREED kept quiet.

After some time, the Molvi went to offer Hajj. During this journey, he lost his way to Makkah. The days were scorching hot. He was very thirsty and hungry. He wandered all the day till night when he saw a sole cottage.

Molvi entered the cottage and desperately begged for water.

The man in the cottage presented him a glass of water.

Then Molvi the asked for BREAD.

The man said: “I have no bread.”

Molvi said: “please give me some bread otherwise I shall die.”

The man said: “you will get BREAD only when you will donate all of your PRAYERS, FASTS, NAFALZ and every VIRTUE to me.”

Molvi at once agreed and wrote on a paper the agreement to exchange the whole virtues of his life for a loaf of bread.

Molvi ate the BREAD, thanked ALLAH and carried on to perform his HAJJ.

After 2 years of his HAJJ, he again met with BABA FAREED to make fun of Baba Ji, and asked him to tell the bases of Islam.

Baba Fareed said: “My bases of Islam are not changed; they are still 6 and BREAD is still included in that.”

Molvi again tried to make fun of BABA FAREED but BABA FAREED told him that YOU HAVE AGREED YOURSELF ON MY 6 BASES.

Molvi asked: “how?”

Baba Fareed asked one of his pupils to bring out a specific page in his book.

When the page was brought it was the same page that was the agreement of the MOVI that he had sold all prayers and virtues of his life for a piece of bread.


In the 21st century Chief Justice IFTIKHAR CHAUDHARY resembles the same Molvi, but he is not ASHAMED.

IFTIKHAR CHAUDHRY was the judge who most favored the dictator General MUSHARRAF. The PCO 1 was issued and IFTIKHAR Chaudhry was in favor of the PCO 1.

He himself gave the illegal right to General MUSHARRAF to rule PAKISTAN for three years.

The PCO 2 JUDGES are declared illegal then why not the PCO 1 JUDGES are declared illegal?

Have they secured a legality certificate from heavens?

The comparison of BABA FAREED and MOLVI affair with present time shows that:


He has given away all his virtues for a loaf of bread (i.e., PCO 1).

But only one thing is different in this comparison, i.e.,




Video report: Iftikhar Chaudhry taking oath under PCO – 30 June 2005

5 responses to “Iftikhar Chaudhry has eaten his bread – by Amjad Rashid”

  1. Is Pakistan a just society? No. Is there good governance, however vaguely defined? Not really. Do all institutions of the state have a duty to nudge society towards becoming more just and state institutions towards delivering better governance?

    Yes. So what Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry had to say on these matters on Tuesday cannot really be quibbled with in substance.

    But context is everything sometimes, and the chief justice’s claim that state institutions other than the judiciary “have started feeling relaxed as a result whereof good governance is being compromised” will be interpreted as yet another shot across the bow of the executive in the ongoing ‘tussle’ between the government and the judiciary.

    A section of the media, political class and legal community has already decided who is at fault for that tussle: the government. The Supreme Court Bar Association president Qazi Anwar went as far as to claim that the prime minister’s assertion that President Zardari has constitutional immunity amounts to a “serious threat to the system” and that by publicly disagreeing with certain judicial nominations of the chief justice the government is ‘violating’ the constitution.

    It is unfortunate that the entire edifice of justice has once again been made contingent on the fate of certain individuals.

    The NRO posed some challenge to the letter and spirit of the constitution and therefore deserved serious scrutiny. And the ability to apply the law scrupulously (with no pre-judgments) to the head of the state, President Zardari, would demonstrate that the rule of law is indeed being revived.

    But the focus, obsession in some quarters, on these narrower concerns threatens to overshadow the other things that are vital to the creation of a more just society and an executive that is held to account.

    Where, for example, is the debate about the desperately needed overhaul of the criminal justice system? It’s become well known that the state secures convictions in less than 10 per cent of cases, but there has been no movement towards addressing the issue.

    From training the police to become better investigators and evidence collectors to pouring more resources into the judiciary to having a better prosecution service, change is needed at every level. And while corruption appears to be on the minds of many, systemic solutions are not.

    Occasional lip service is paid to a new accountability law, but there has been no serious debate in the media or civil society. The same applies to amending the rules whereby state contracts are handed out. It should be obvious: unless root causes are addressed, the situation on the corruption and good governance fronts will not improve significantly.

    Good Governance
    Dawn Editorial

  2. IFTIKHAR CHAUDHRY, a big hypocrite, corrupt and selfish man. He followed, everything was dictated to him by Gen. Musharaf but when he was asked to resign he made a drama. He would have given Musharaf another 30 years term, if Musharaf would not have asked him to resign. The time will prove that, he is a big danger for the stability of democratic system in Pakistan. Judges are playing in the hands of Punjabi politicians and in this dirty game they will loose Pakistan.

  3. I hope all kind hearted people will raise voice against CJ corruption.Land mafia is working under the shelter of judiciary and CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.Bahria Town suo motu action by chief justice is lingered by SC due to corruption by judges and as son of CJ has been alloted plots in Bahria Town.It is very painful to mention that Iftikhar Chaudhry has laid down the foundation of Kangroo Court and is the main supporter of land mafia due to his personal interests.
    No action taken on Inquiry report and CJ is behaving like a kangroo judge who thinks that he can make people fool but its not the age of blind justice.He never conducted proccedings on inquiry facts in order to protect land grabbers