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Najam Sethi’s fog of deceit – by Chaudhry Naseer Aslam: In presenting the current Judiciary and hyper ventilating media as a counter to Pakistan’s military establishment, (Overreach and Miscalculation, Friday Times Editorial, February 17th-24th, 2012) Najam Sethi remains consistent in his intellectual dishonesty.  While presenting a token critique of
Najam Sethi, CIA agents and professional journalists: There are some points of merit in Mr. Najam Sethi’s editorial for The Friday Times (TFT, 6-12 Jan 2012). While there are some crucial omissions, one must give Mr. Sethi credit for stating a few bold things. The problem
Jang Group must stop harassing Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch: Related posts: HRW is concerned about the fear of judicial over-reach in Pakistan: Interview with Ali Dayan Hasan AHRC appeal: DG ISI Gen Shuja Pasha must be prosecuted for hatching conspiracy against democracy Critical readers of Pakistan’s politics are
Change: Imran Khan wants to reconcile with the almighty USA: In order to successfully carry out the fraudulent scheme of an election manipulation (pre poll and post poll), Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s Kaptaan is planning to gain support of the international establishment, with national establishment’s ‘trump card’ already in his
On Najam Sethi’s Punjabi ethnocentric, pro-establishment propaganda: Related Post: Najam Sethi parrots Deep State’s lies by equating Pashtuns with Taliban – by Salma Jafar A manufactured perspective about the Pakistani media is that the sauve English speaking types are somehow more objective in their reporting and
A Pakistani perspective: A series of unfortunate events – by Dr. Muhammad Taqi: Related posts: Husain Haqqani’s replacement with Sherry Rehman was jointly engineered by Uncle Sam and Pakistan Army – by Laibaah HRW and elite media must not misrepresent Sherry Rehman We are reassured to see that at least some writers
Najam Sethi parrots Deep State’s lies by equating Pashtuns with Taliban – by Salma Jafar: Related posts: Najam Sethi’s support for Pakistan army and their Haqqani Network – by Lakshmi Khatri Najam Shady ringing alarm bells – Dilshad Chandio LUBP must not consciously malign Najam Sethi On LUBP’s apology to Najam Sethi club: Why
Lifestyle Liberals and Political Liberals: Is LUBP a hurdle in the way of unity of liberals?: Related posts: Deconstructing Pakistani liberals: A response to Shashi Tharoor and Raza Rumi Censorship tactics and the ‘unity of liberals’ – by Alamdar Mengal The liberal fiasco in Pakistan – by Suleman Akhtar ****** I was motivated to write
Javid Naseer Rind, another Baloch journalist silenced by the Deep State – by Laibaah: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine Another Baloch journalist, Javid Naseer Rind, was killed today. His mutilated dead body was recovered from Khuzdar. Javid Naseer Rind, the former Deputy Editor of Daily Tawar, a leading anti-military-state Baloch newspaper published in Urdu
Kings and kingmakers: A comment on Najam Sethi’s article on Imran Khan: Here is a quick comment on Najam Sethi’s editorial on Imran Khan (TFT: “Prince who would be King“): It is possible to identify four key issues: An uncritical recycling of the Gallup poll data: Gallup Pakistan is utterly discredited
Reality check: How many in Imran Khan’s PTI rally in Lahore?: “Imran Khan’s Lahore rally was the biggest-ever show of political power in decades.” The above and similar discourse is currently being injected in Pakistani and international media in the aftermath of a PTI rally in Lahore (30 October 2011)
On LUBP’s apology to Najam Sethi club: Why can’t we respect free speech even if we disagree? – by Salma Jafar: The national media in Pakistan has become too sordid and boring despite the freedom it had to turn itself into credibility amongst its audience; apparently it has lost it. Because people like me no more watch the talk shows
LUBP must not consciously malign Najam Sethi – Comments by Shaheryar Ali and Mehmal Sarfraz: Editor’s note: LUBP has received some critical comments on Laibaah’s post titled “Najam Sethi’s role in the Baloch resistance movement of 1970s” and also via Twitter which suggest that the assertions in that post about Mr. Sethi’s role in
Najam Sethi’s role in the Baloch resistance movement of 1970s – by Laibaah: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine For a counter view, read this post: LUBP must not consciously malign Najam Sethi **** Najam Sethi, according to some of his “urban liberal” colleagues (some of whom are employees/columnists of The Friday Times or
Najam Sethi’s support for Pakistan army and their Haqqani Network – by Lakshmi Khatri: Since being flown around in a military helicopter in 1976, Mr. Najam Sethi’s relationship with the military establishment has always been cosy. If there is a consistent theme to Sethi’s journalism, its his soft critique for military dictators and
Najam Shady ringing alarm bells – Dilshad Chandio:    On wednesday night ( September 21st, 2011) in his show, Najam Sethi alluded to a joint ghairat brigade assault on the PPP govt given deteriorating relations with America on the Haqqani network issue. His analysis went thus: the US
The three (anti-ISI) musketeers and their D’Artagnan – by Mahvish Afridi:       One must commend Omar Waraich on his alleged sense of humour when he wrote: “When Pakistani Journalists Take On the ISI“ in The Time in order to present his friends and collegues as being under pressure from the ISI
Recommending Aatish Taseer – by Alamdar Mengal: It was interesting to come across some Twitter reactions to Mr. Aatish Taseer’s boldly written article, “Why My Father Hated India” that was published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, which poses some tough questions about the historical and
Aapas Ki Baat: Geo’s dilemma: Related Articles: Geo TV gets censored…by Geo TV: Najam Sethi’s show and the out of bound topics – by Maula Bux Thadani Najam Sethi: Geo’s Catch-22? – by Noha Beig We are living in the Age of media abundance,
Najam Sethi: Geo’s Catch-22? – by Noha Beig: Last night (Tue, 19 April 2011) Najam Sethi’s show, Aapas Ki Baat, on Geo-News went off the air when Sethi was talking about agencies propping up Imran Khan. It returned after almost 10 minutes of ads. Its host said
PPP is pro-establishment? A response to Najam Sethi’s editorial – by Fawad Manzoor: Related Post : IJI for 2013 Fake criticism of military establishment Aapas Ki Baat: ISI plays a major role in the Raymond Davis release Najam Sethi’s liberal anarchy against politicians and democracy LUBP archive on Najam Sethi Mr. Liberal
Najam Sethi’s ongoing campaign against politicians and democracy: Related posts: Najam Sethi against Najam Sethi Geo TV gets censored…by Geo TV: Najam Sethi’s show and the out of bound topics LUBP Archive on Najam Sethi While not unlike other liberal Pakistanis, I too appreciate Najam Sethi’s (carefully
Geo TV gets censored…by Geo TV: Najam Sethi’s show and the out of bound topics – by Maula Bux Thadani: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Najam Sethi GEO TV often paints itself as the underdog, the scrapper that is crusading against the “all-powerful” President and Prime Minister.  Even if this image is laughable in the light of the billions of
Najam Sethi’s shameful role in undermining Benazir Bhutto’s democratic government: Najam Sethi is an interesting character of Pakistani media who has carefully and opportunistically attempted to construct his image as a liberal journalist while not compromising his links with the real stakeholders in Pakistan, i.e., GHQ. Sethi is known
Shah Mahmood Qureshi: Jang Group’s new found hero – by M Usama Kabbir: Related article: In defense of Shah Mahmood Qureshi – by Javed Fazal Pakistan’s (military establishment-free) media has found an overnight ‘HERO’ roughly a month after they found ‘Ghazi’ Mumtaz Qadri. Surprisingly, this time around he is from the ‘krupt’
Hamid Mir criticizes Najam Sethi and Khaled Ahmed: میڈیا کے خلاف میڈیا کا جھوٹ حامد میر پاکستان کا میڈیا چاروں سے حملے کی زد میں ہے۔ پاکستانی میڈیا کے وہ تمام ادارے اور شخصیات جو اپنے عوام میں مقبول ہیں انہیں امریکہ اور بھارت کی حکومتوں کی
Lahore shooting by Raymond Davis and “the legal issues to settle”: Some questions for Ejaz Haider: Once again, Ejaz Haider’s choice of topic and narrative is strikingly similar to the topic and narrative chosen by Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir etc, something which has forced me to write this post. First of all, I must thank
Blasphemy law is not God-given, but man-made: Salmaan Taseer: Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer has said Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law is man-made and not God-given, and that his meeting with blasphemy accused Pak-Christian woman- Aasia Bibi- is being politicised, a private TV channel reported. During an interview with the channel,
Money Talks: Jang group to beg American support: Guess who was spotted on November 9 in Washington D.C. at a reception for American and Pakistani media personnel thrown by US AfPak ambassador Richard Holbrooke‘s media assistant Ashley Bommer? Mir Ibrahim Rehman, scion of the house of Jang
Of establishment and its beneficiaries – by Dr Ayesha Siddiqa: Read Part 1 of this article here This article is part of the same article posted here with the title “Political Homosexuality“. I have posted it as a separate article for its comments on Establishment equations and understanding of
Geo TV hand in glove with a spy agency in derailing the democratic government: In his popular talk show (Najam Sethi Special 5 December 2009), Najam Sethi suggests that Geo TV is being supported by a spy agency (anti-politicians establishment) in order to derail democracy in Pakistan, e.g. the Swiss case documents’ removal
Sharia "Justice" comes to Swat again? Two divergent perspectives: Here are two divergent perspectives; the first one by Najam Sethi, a progressive, secular journalist, and the second one by Ansar Abbasi, a conservative, pro-Taliban journalist. Sharia “justice” comes to Swat again? Shara’i Nizam-e-Adl Regulation is about to be
We condemn Javed Chaudhry’s indecent column against Salmaan Taseer and Najam Sethi: Related articles on LUBP: Javed Chaudhry, the mouth piece of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba compares Taliban with Hazrat Imam Hussain  After dirty propaganda against Taseer family, Rana Sanaullah declares them as his blood relations Dirty propaganda against Salman Taseer and