We condemn Javed Chaudhry’s indecent column against Salmaan Taseer and Najam Sethi

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In his recent jihad against politicians and columnists who are critical of Taliban and their apologists, the notorious pro-Taliban and pro-Sipah-e-Sahaba  journalist, Javed Chaudhary, has crossed all limits of decency.


Some Comments:

offstage Says:
November 22nd, 2008

OUR FUTURE Dr…..Yes….Yeh Bhashan dainay walay Javed Ch. sahib aik zamanay mein Nawaz Sharif kay sath Singapore Sarkari MUFTAY tour par gaay thay, aur wapis aa kar column Likha tha, ” AUR WAZIR A AZAM KI AANKHON MEIN CHAMAK THI”( I must request Javed Ch. that some time, he must include his that Column in his own programme) Javed Ch.Praised a lot Nawaz Sharif Vision and pain for poor Pakistani Nation.Even Javed told the readers, that Nawaz Sharif was CRYING, and he was having TEARS in his EYES….for POOR Pakistani Nation….Drop scene was !!! nawaz Sharif acquired the Railway lands, and Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro” Railway land was basically for flats for poor pakistanis,As Singaporean Prime Minister Build Flats for his poor salried people…I have No Idea, any one POOR Pakistani have that Flat in Singaporean Style.All that time This Javed Ch.was silent..Bhalla WHY ?Because of that TRIP and other Lifafas.No Question to Nawaz Sharif of taj Company Money and other scandles.Now he is giving Bhashan, anyone know on What Costs ????? yes this is a Question.I will tell you…. Lekin Dekhtay rahain pkpolitics”KAL TAKK”


Re: Anti-Pakistan Journalist & Experts

since most of the references and quotes are from ”Asia Times on line ” on this forum I would ask the members to see the other side of the picture as well , specially about the editor of this newspaper Mr.Najam sethi.It is in urdu


Re: Anti-Pakistan Journalist & Experts

Gondal, Najam Sethi is the editor of The Daily Times and not of the Asia Times. As for his biography, i’ve posted details in another thread. And as for the article you attached here by Javed Chaudhry, its trash journalism at its very worst. Such ad hominem attacks based on lies and jealousy have no place on a respectable, serious forum like this. Please discuss issues and not personalities.


Re: Anti-Pakistan Journalist & Experts
The issue is the credibility of the source which is quoted often.The serious thing is the alleged speech of Mr sathi in India which was said to be anti Pakistan.The issue can be his NGO which is funded by west however since the author never proved his allegations or believed that those facts need no further proves the benefit of doubt goes to Mr sethi.However there must be script of his speech somewhere and Mr javed chaudhary is reputed journalist but mr sethi was never liked around lahore press club for unknown reasons unlike other left wing journalists like Zafayab ahmmad, hussein naqi and so many others who had their respect from opponents for honesty and dedication to the cause.

Re: Anti-Pakistan Journalist & Experts

Gondal the ’97 incidence is an infamous one and the details are known widely. The speech which Sethi gave in India was not controversial and he had given the exact same speech at the Command and Staff College in Quetta a few weeks before. Nawaz had his goons and the local police pick Sethi up to settle some scores and claimed that the ISI had him in their custody. However ISI immediately denied this and gave public statements saying they absolutely did not consider him a security threat. If you search this forum you’ll find details of this case and some articles detailing how then ISI chief (Gen. Mehmood Ahmed I believe) helped secure his release and refused to bow to the political pressure to detain and ‘teach him a lesson’.


Re: Anti-Pakistan Journalist & Experts
i dont think it was 97, because i am sure that musharraf was asked by nawaz sharif to ‘lock him up and throw the keys away’ or something to that effect. musharraf politely refused, saying that he could not do such a thing. here’s the incident in sethi’s own words.


My case was quite bizarre. An armed posse of the Punjab Police and the IB [Intelligence Bureau] smashed its way into my bedroom at 2:30 am on May 8th, 1999, beat up my wife and me, gagged me, blindfolded me, handcuffed me and dragged me away. I was in their custody for many hours. Then I was handed over to the ISI. The ISI kept me in a safe house first in Lahore and then in Islamabad . It investigated everything, found that the treason charges against me were trumped up politically by the Prime Minister (PM) and then confidentially told me that it was under pressure from the PM to court martial me. But it said that Gen Mush [sic] was against the idea of any military involvement in my case and was telling the PM that the civilians should handle it.


Re: Anti-Pakistan Journalist & Experts
I think if something was wrong in speech the case should have been made open and open trial should have taken place instead of ”sena zori”.Tolerance is required which always lacked in our agencies who would cover their weakness in litigation by third degree.I don,t understand what happened to Musharaf once he was in power and same story was repeated with hundreds of people.However monitoring of funds transfer from abroad should be made fool proof and any transaction from out of the country to any NGO may it be of Najam sethi or Hafiz saeed should have record of donors which should be audited on regular basis and made public

Re: Anti-Pakistan Journalist & Experts

Gondal, the point is that the Javed Chaudhry article you posted is complete and absolute rubbish. Even for a lafafa journalist like him, this is about the very lowest you can stoop to, where you’re making ridiculous accusations against people in the hope that some of them will stick with some of the people and would thus destroy the other person’s repute.
Sethi is far from being a perfect man or even a very good one, however the brand of journalism he practices is far superior to what the likes of Javed Chaudhry (who incidentally, is a mouthpiece of the local Talibans as well) could ever aspire to. The purpose of this thread is to analyze the trends and motives behind these anti-Pakistan journalists and their nefarious output, and not to engage in rumor mongering, charactor assassination and certainly not to spread more anti-Pakistan & pro-Taliban propaganda.

2. It was not the ‘agencies’ in this case who were engaging in these practices but rather the democratically elected PM using the regular police force to settle personal and political scores.

3. While many (including myself) may differ from what people like Sethi believe in and their vision of of our country, to accuse them of being “foreign agents” is simply ridiculous and leads to a further fragmentation of our society and promotes intolerance and narrow-minded rigidity. The purpose of having a free media is to engage in debates about differing visions of our country’s future that diferent people have.

4. The very same Islamists who today are riling against ‘liberals’ like Sethi, were in the forefront of opposition to the establishment of Pakistan. Today, they’ve somehow become custodians of our ‘ideology’ (invented in the ’80s) and are quick to accuse all their opponents of being traitors or ‘foreign agents.’ We must move beyond this.


Abbas Ather’s Letter to the Taliban lover Javed Chaudhry


Tanveer Qaiser Shahid – 28 Feb 2009


Anonymous said…
I have read many columns of Najam Sethi and Javed Chaudhry. As far as I know, Najam Sethi very openly speaks against ideology of Pakistan and creation of Pakistan. Similarly he tries to divide the people of Pakistan also. He coined a term “Punjabi Establishment” and all the problems that are created in Pakistan by foreign sponsored previlidged aristocracy, feudal lords and some military leaders, he attributes them to Punjabi Establishment to protect real culprits and make people of Pakistan fight each other. It is why he is very much liked by India and other enemies of Pakistan. As far as Javed Chaudhry is concerned, despite some mistakes, after all he is patriotic and loves Pakistan. I think one who names his blog “lets make Pakistan better” must be sensible and not support an anti Pakistan journalist against a patriot.

30 OCTOBER 2008 08:31
Abdul said…
Anonymous… This might help you.


30 OCTOBER 2008 11:50
Irfan said…
Read all Javed Chaudhry Columns from Jan 2003 till today at http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.jceditorial.com

So keep reading and share with others. 🙂


8 JANUARY 2009 07:40
Anonymous said…
i have read all,both Najam Sethi and Javed Chaudhry.as far as it concerns the only thing really does matter,is are they being able to reach the common man? are those people who are suffering ,are getting to know who is the bad guy behind all this ? NO … i dont ,but i am only more confused now and also depressed ,,,and this depression is causing alot of troube in pakistan as more fair to say it is making people more suicidal !there is no one out there who actully gives a damm about them !is it ? i would like to request to the media that please stick to the appropraite journalism .yes, it is important to make people aware of the circumstances but its other thing to make them horrified ,people are actuly more scared if anything else, is that the purpose behind all these articles? NO i dont think so …you can convey the message without scaring them off too , its the another kind of terror is out there now , people are scared of eaving their houses, mothers are scared of sending their kids to school and graduates are scared to make a career in pakistan , people with little bit of knoweledge are leaving the country and others cant wait to do so … we need pakistani people to love pakistan again , we want them to stay and nourish their own country but the way these news are coming out its spreading terror in them and i think this is another way of killing the AWWAM ! FOR GOD SAKE ..please help these people , they are depressed if you want to help them cheer them up , incourge them if they want to do something tell them a right path to follow, you can publish new ways to over come the war of terror by not being scared of terror .

28 APRIL 2009 14:38
Anonymous said…

Pakistani Film Star Shahid’s son Kamran Shahid [Earlier he was with General Musharraf special Program for PTV and then GEO] who is a host of Frontline Show of Expressnews TV has openly passed very contemptuous comment against Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary, watch the show and then read about Lakhani Group [owners of Expressnews]’s Story of Corruption and Plundering. Earlier this Host didn’t even allow Munawwar Hasan – Chief of Jamat-e-Islami to defend his point of view.

Watch fresh episode of Express News programme Front Line. Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan is today’s guest.Front Line – 31 May 2009


Sultan Ali Lakhani & family Pakistan


Ranking: 9 (tied at 9) Worth: £400m ($800) Industry: Businessman

The Lakhanis are currently having a hard time at the hands of NAB. Sultan Lakhani and his three brothers run this prestigious group and the chain of McDonald’s restaurants in Pakistan. NAB has alleged the Lakhanis of having created phoney companies through worthless directors and raised massive loans from various banks and financial institutions. Sultan is currently abroad after having served a jail term with younger sibling Amin, though the latter was released much earlier. NAB had reportedly demanded Rs 7 billion from Lakhanis, but later agreed they pay only Rs 1.5 billion over a 10-year period. Lakhanis, like their arch-rivals Hashwanis, are the most well-known of all Ismaeli tycoons. Their stakes range from media, tobacco, paper, chemicals and surgical equipment to cotton, packaging, insurance, detergents and other house-hold items, many of which are joint ventures with leading international conglomerates. Though Lakhanis are in turbulent waters currently, the success that greeted them during the last 25 years especially has been tremendous. They have rifts with large business empires despite being known fur their genteel nature. Whether it is any government in Sindh or at the Federal level, Lakhanis have had trusted friends everywhere, though the present era has proved a painful exception.

6 JUNE 2009 02:26
Anonymous said…

NAB in tight corner as businessmen refuse to pay dues By Kamran Khan


Legal notice to Sultan Lakhani for publishing concocted stories

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 News Desk


Lakhani brothers in NAB hands


6 JUNE 2009 02:29

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