Najam Sethi parrots Deep State’s lies by equating Pashtuns with Taliban – by Salma Jafar

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Najam Sethi ki Pashtun dushmani!

A lot can be written in response to Najam Sethi’s recent diatribe on Pashtuns which is highly offensive to any Pashtun. So offended we challenge Najam Sethi:  Taliban represent an ideology of hate and violence; Najam Sethi by stating that Taliban represent Pashtuns has insulted the entire Pashtun nation be it in Pakistan or in Afghanistan.

Here is Najam Sethi’s  provocative and insulting tweet: “Taliban represent Pashtuns, NA Tajiks/Uzbeks of Afghanistan. MQM Muhajirs of KCHI, PMLN/PPP/PTIPunjab.”

Can this so called guru of Pakistani journalism tell us how he arrived at this conclusion? And why he is not telling us who the Punjabi Taliban represent?

Taliban representing Pashtuns means Pashtuns represent Taliban ideology. Evidently Sethi knows what Taliban ideology is so he has conformed to the Pashtun enmity by equating it with Pashtuns so recklessly. Only a month or so back Hamid Mir demonstrated the same and later apologized.

Najam Sethi, you in other words are propagating that:

  • The Pashtuns represent the largest single ethnic group in Afghanistan so are they all represented by Taliban. Right!
  • The Pashtuns in KP who have elected a progressive party like ANP and sacrificed thousands of lives fighting against the Taliban are represented by Taliban Right!
  • The Pashtuns of FATA who have sacrificed immensely for peace; 1000 tribal leaders have been killed by Taliban are represented by Taliban Right!
  • The Pashtuns of Karachi (largest Pashtun City in the world) who believe in a progressive Pakistan which is demonstrated through their work and businesses are represented by Taliban Right!
  • The Pashtuns of Balochistan who have not only cherished but safeguarded peace at all times are represented by the Taliban right!
  • The poor Pashtun workers in Middle East and elsewhere are also represented by Taliban Right!

The majority of Pashtuns have political affiliation with either ANP that believes and follows the non violent movement of Bacha Khan who himself remained in prison for 40 years but remained peaceful. Or the Pashtuns are a part of  PKMAP that again holds peace at its center; both non violent parties. Other Pashtuns support mainstream political parties like PPP and PMLN or now PTI also. There is a very small minority of Pashtuns that has any allegiance with Islamic parties and that is true of every ethnic group be it Pashtuns, Baloch, Punjabi or Sindhi.

Najam Sethi knows the election results in KP even of by elections and in Balochistan he is also aware that the nationalist party representing Pashtuns PKMAP had boycotted the elections. Therefore his antagonizing statement arising from his own ethnic prejudice and bigotry is intentional and is considered by us as a strike on Pashtun identity.

We can’t allow him to make such sweeping and demeaning statements to insult the entire Pashtun nation. This is not the first time as he has been humiliating Pashtuns he has done this before also; refer to his editorial in Daily Times: Say ‘yes’ to ‘naswar’!  


Aapas Ki Baat (Geo TV Najam Sethi and Muneeb) 30 November 2011:
NATO Attack, Pakistan and Taliban



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