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27 March I celebrate or I cry with the Baloch? – by Salma Jafar: Today the Baloch nation is observing black day to mark its annexation to Pakistan. For me it is not a black day it is a day I want to celebrate. I want to celebrate because it gave me the
Balochistan and Pakistani media’s criminal silence – by Salma Jafar: This post is in support to the Baloch Students’ call to shut down the Pakistani news channels and Pakistani Media’s consistent bias towards Balochistan. Balochistan is in the midst of a ferocious insurgency; the fourth of its kind against
Balochistan: A story of discrimination – by Salma Jafar: A Human Rights Day Feature Prelude: Often I wonder how can the Pakistani rulers and civil society be happy and content as they are, when one integral part of the country not only bleeds but is pining to cut
Najam Sethi parrots Deep State’s lies by equating Pashtuns with Taliban – by Salma Jafar: Related posts: Najam Sethi’s support for Pakistan army and their Haqqani Network – by Lakshmi Khatri Najam Shady ringing alarm bells – Dilshad Chandio LUBP must not consciously malign Najam Sethi On LUBP’s apology to Najam Sethi club: Why
An open letter to LUBP – by Salma Jafar:         Dear LUBP editors, Just a few thoughts for what they are worth. Although I am not a part of LUBP team and you have every right to define the parameters of your debate and LUBP
Is PPP responsible for the Imran Khan Obsession? – by Salma Jafar: Imran Khan’s arrival at the much fraught political landscape of Pakistan should be a wakeup call to the slumbering and complacent PPP. But PPP will win the senate election with MQM support and all will be fine. PPP will
On LUBP’s apology to Najam Sethi club: Why can’t we respect free speech even if we disagree? – by Salma Jafar: The national media in Pakistan has become too sordid and boring despite the freedom it had to turn itself into credibility amongst its audience; apparently it has lost it. Because people like me no more watch the talk shows
I want the Baloch to get back the true Meaning of Life! Do you? – by Salma Jafar: Cross-posed from Pakistan Blogzine A topic so close to my heart that it’s hard to write on, but on Laibaah’s request here is a take on the issue of Balochistan and in particular the issue of missing persons which